The King of Blues, guitarist B.B. King Returns to Prague

The third best guitarist of all times, 83 yo bluesman B.B. King visits withing his reportedly last European tour Prague. For how many times is this ‘International Farewell Tour’ going to repeat? During the last tour of this name got B.B. King a question from a journalist, if it is really his last tour, and he answered: “My favorite actor Sean Connery … made a movie called Never Say Never”

Maybe the last tour would really be the last, but thanks to the miracle in the form of King’s new album One Kind Favor. Most of the critics run out of stars while evaluating it, and the fans were ecstatic.

BB King have performed for a few times in the Czech Republic, and it was always a success. The tickets start at 700 czk and go up to 2500, the pre-sale start on 16th February at Ticketpro. B.B. King performs with his group in Prague Tesla Arena on 15 June 2009.

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