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A "hunt" for raccoon

... leave the tree and got down and escaped into near bush where firemen lost him. It is expected ... · Jun 20, 10:20 AM

To the USA without visa by January 2009

... could be abolished before the end of President Bush administration. If Czech people want to ... · Mar 12, 11:33 AM

Budejovicky Budvar scored in battle for 'Bud' label

... in the dispute among Budvar and American Anheuser-Bush. ... · Dec 16, 07:53 AM

American Visa Abolished for Czechs. Now What?

... American President George W. Bush has announced Czechs do not need visas ... · Oct 22, 03:35 PM

Prague hosts tens of dissidents now

... be addressed by the American president George W. Bush. ... · Jun 5, 12:45 PM

Topolanek's unexpected visit to Afghanistan

... so common for the American President George Bush; to show up unexpected at a military base ... · May 9, 09:54 AM

Czech people like Tony Blair and the Slovaks

... Putin (31%) and American President George W. Bush (29%). ... · Apr 25, 05:45 PM

17th November - the national holiday in the CR

... with a letter from the President George W. Bush. Novakova, who build up the system of ... · Nov 17, 05:30 AM

BUSH - High Contrast in Roxy Club, Prague · Feb 6, 08:12 AM

NATO discuss about the USA radar. · Oct 25, 04:01 PM

Harlem Gospel Singers & Band show in Prague

... by American presidents Reagan, Clinton and Bush and the British Royal family. She considers the ... · Nov 15, 10:15 AM

Russia welcomes warming negotiations with USA

... Obama is going to, as the opposite to the G.W. Bush government, cooperate more with their western ... · Feb 9, 01:56 PM

Russian TV: American radar was already built in Czech Republic · Dec 10, 04:10 PM

Havel gained German prize Point-Alpha

... Helmut Kohl and American ex-president Sr. George Bush. They all contributed to the end of the Cold war. ... · Sep 30, 03:35 PM

Havel and Navratilova among the world's elite

... about Charles de Gaulle and ex president George Bush about Helmut Kohl. ... · Nov 10, 10:32 AM

Restrictions during the visit of the American President

... due to the visit of American president George W. Bush the passengers travelling by train and later by ... · Jun 1, 02:39 PM

London Elektricity in Prague Tomorrow · Jun 20, 02:44 PM

Member of parliament was attacked

... of Communistic Party Bohemia and Moravia was ambushed by three men when he was returning home. ... · Apr 27, 05:49 PM

Prague Main station will be strongly changed

... Sherwood will become a park with English grass, bushes disappear and flower beds will flank paths. ... · May 17, 06:06 PM