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Is Bem going to Big league politics?

... Prague Mayor would be probably Blazek, with Bem as the ... · 3983 days ago

News from Wenceslas Square

... deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated: “There is a huge problem with hygiene ... were the only option for tourists. Rudolf Blazek also commented those stances were significant 25 ... · 4302 days ago

1st May in Prague – 56 Events!

... Power’ The deputy of the Mayor Rudolf Blazek informed they intended to appeal for limitation ... · 4156 days ago

Radotin firemen has a new fire brigade station

... a steel pipe and a mayor deputy of Prague Rudolf Blazek cut the pipe with a hydraulic cutters. ... · 4753 days ago

Prague Public Notice: Prostitutes, out from streets!

... deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek they usually don’t pay the fine, but at ... · 4280 days ago

Legalization of Prostitution in Prague Soon?

... Now, the Pavel Bem’s representative Rudof Blazek’s lobby focuses on ministries and regions. ... and setting of clear rules for their operation. Blazek explains: “There are about ten fancy houses on ... · 4036 days ago

Reduction of bars with slot machines in Prague

... According to Prague mayor’s deputy Rudolf Blazek bars with slot machines have infested Prague: ... · 4330 days ago

Airplane will represent Prague in the world

... said the Deputy Lord Mayer of Prague Rudolf Blazek. ... · 4569 days ago

Prague Prostitutes to get a Licence?

... the situation.” states the deputy of Mayor Rudolf Blazek. “We have no chance to control the situation at ... · 4244 days ago

Sausages kiosks stay at Wenceslas Square... for now. · 4251 days ago

Every sixth tram in Prague goes too fast

... of the Prague Public Transport Company Petr Blazek said that the drivers will be sanctioned. The ... · 4457 days ago

Prague roads safer than a year ago

... in one year. The deputy mayor of Prague Rudolf Blazek said that even though the roads watched by radars ... · 4456 days ago

Prague is going to expand in 2008

... deputy Blazek. ... · 4380 days ago

Traffic guards in Prague on horses

... helpers, who can move very fast.” police deputy Blazek stated. ... · 4374 days ago

Prague Bans Public Drinking ... Soon ... ?

... of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated the locals complain about being ... · 4113 days ago