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George W. Bush to visit Prague

... in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bush will arrive in Prague on Tuesday 5th June in the ... G8 summit in German place Heiligendamm. George W. Bush visited Prague in November 2002 to attend NATO ... He spent here 4 days. His father George Bush was the first American president that visited ... · 6003 days ago

George W. Bush to arrive in Prague on 4th June

... USA in the world. President Bush and his wife Laura are going to arrive in Prague ... last moment. On Tuesday 5th June George W. Bush will be accepted by the Czech president Vaclav ... U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic. Laura Bush is going to visit some of ... · 5968 days ago

Prague Castle will be closed on 5th June

... visit of the American president George W. Bush. Bush will have most of this political ... be accommodated in Hilton hotel, the place where Bush will stay is due to security reasons secret. ... · 5963 days ago

George W. Bush is in Prague

... ... American President George W. Bush is already in Prague. His air force one landed at ... Airport Ruzyne at 20:45 yesterday. George W. Bush and his wife Laura were welcomed there by the ... Today starts the official programme. Right now Bush has a meeting with the Czech president Vaclav ... invited to Prague Castle for lunch. After 16:00 Bush will address ... · 5956 days ago

George W. Bush lobbied in Prague for the radar base

... class="floatleft" title="George W. Bush and Vaclav Klaus, author" alt="George ... 18:00 yesterday American President George W. Bush left Prague and ended ... · 5955 days ago

George W. Bush will discuss the radar base in Prague

... W. Bush will visit Prague to discuss ... · 6002 days ago

Demonstrations during the visit of George W. Bush in Prague

... W. Bush will arrive in Prague today in the evening. ... · 5957 days ago

Bush is going to announce when visa for Czechs stop

... Velvet Revolution on 17th November. Bush now agrees with the term, so 17th November is ... · 5456 days ago

BUSH in Prague Roxy - Sub Focus

... As you can guess, it is that the ... event of Roxy – In Da Bush, which of course means – the jungle ... · 5788 days ago

Condoleezza Rice is going to Prague · 5563 days ago

Demonstration rehearsal in Prague

... visit of the U.S. president George W. Bush. Several demonstrations have been already ... · 5964 days ago

Special guest of BUSH in Roxy - DJ Marky (Brazil)

... BUSH in Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, Tickets: ... · 5772 days ago

International conference for democracy in Prague

... conference will be the U.S. President George W. Bush. ... · 5977 days ago

Czech-US missile defense negotiations complete

... meeting with G. W. Bush. ... · 5716 days ago

Some Prague sights were 'out of order' this week

... visit of American president George W. Bush on Tuesday. In the last few days it broke ... · 5954 days ago

Henry Obering is visiting Prague to discuss the U.S. anti-missile base

... speak with the President of the USA George W. Bush this June. The Czech Republic ... · 5999 days ago

Bush Night in Prague Roxy: Featuring London Electricity

... czk, 21th June 2008, Saturday, BUSH – ... · 5633 days ago

Obama is the President, will it change Czech Radar negotiations?

... US policy connected to the character of G.W.Bush, with him gone, the chance they will finally ... EU and NATO more than Bush did, he also started to negotiate the radar ... · 5436 days ago

Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague

... cuts of finances that administrative of G.W. Bush proposed this May. ... · 5855 days ago

American diplomats negotiate in Prague

... visit of the President of the USA George W. Bush in Prague. He will come with his wife. During ... · 5998 days ago