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Metropolis full of Euro-commissaries, Czech Chairmanship initiated

... half-a-year Chairmanship. There were planned demonstrations, but only ... Prime Minister, stating the Czech Chairmanship will be ‘in the sign of three Es’; ... · 4666 days ago

News About Czech Chairmanship

... Czech EU chairmanship logo. Men will have a white shirt with a tie, ... · 4695 days ago

STB Interrogation Presentation to the EU Chairmanship

... advertise their chairmanship of the EU? By a controversial art project and ... · 4771 days ago

Czech EU Chairmanship comes nearer

... the longest one. Total length of Czech EU Chairmanship with preparations of about 8 months will ... · 4823 days ago

Sarkozy Criticized Vaclav Klaus... again

... the Czech Chairmanship from the ... · 4689 days ago

Czech European Chairmanship Logo · 4722 days ago

Vaclav Klaus sometimes replaced by Vaclav Havel for Czech Chairmanship.

... connected to the EU Chairmanship in the National Theatre without explanation. ... · 4667 days ago

Greenpeace projected EU flag to Prague Castle

... hanging the EU flag on the castle during Czech Chairmanship. The event also wanted to remind the politicians ... one of the Chairmanship priorities should be climate protection. The ... give Klaus the opportunity to abuse Czech chairmanship for attacks at European politics of climate ... · 4667 days ago

Czech chairmanship of EU – Circus of Totalitarianism

... of Czech EU chairmanship, informing about the past regime. The purpose ... · 4770 days ago

'We will make it sweet for Europe' Video for Czech EU chairmanship

... Czech EU chairmanship. The personalities acting in the movie are ... the government will introduce the logo. The CR chairmanship start in the first half of the next year. ... · 4791 days ago

Le Monde: Klaus is a grumpy choleric, but Schwarzenberg will help

... expectations into his persona during the Czech EU Chairmanship, they even state “Europe is soon going to be in ... of Czech Chairmanship, which starts at the beginning of 2009. The ... · 4693 days ago

Buy Czech Train Ticket on the Internet

... Politicians during our EU chairmanship,, with air tickets, ... · 4787 days ago

Public Events prepared for Czech EU Chairmanship

... Czech European Chairmanship is going to be accompanied by cultural programme ... · 4668 days ago

Cerny Reurns Money for Entropia

... and represents the Czech Republic during the Chairmanship. The state paid for it 1,9 million czk, the half ... the plastic will be sold for much more when the chairmanship ends. ... · 4652 days ago

I am sad to say Vaclav Klaus doesn't have to care what he does anymore · 4728 days ago

2nd Round of Elections; Who will be the next Czech President?

... EU Chairmanship in 2009. There will be many possibilities ... · 4994 days ago

Peace Oasis at Prague Islands at construction

... of the EU Chairmanship. We are going to inform ... · 4648 days ago

Congress Centre: Traffic During Chairmanship

... EU Chairmanship reflects in life of many Prague citizens. ... · 4659 days ago

Activists hung the EU flag in front of Klaus's window

... a banner saying “Klaus harms the climate, Czech Chairmanship can help” It was probably intended as a ... of Czech Chairmanship are negotiations about nature protection. ... · 4665 days ago

Drastic Clips for Increasement of Road Safety: they appear less they should, critics say

... campaign of Czech EU Chairmanship is literary everywhere. Compared with it, the ... · 4732 days ago