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Tourists evaluate services in the Czech Republic

Czech state agency Czech Tourism asked 26 299 tourists (19% from abroad, 81% from the Czech Republic) how satisfied they were with the quality of services, leisure facilities, the care for historical buildings, etc., in all regions of the Czech Republic in summer 2006.

In general, most of the tourists were satisfied with the quality of restaurants and their meals, with prices for services, the kindness of local people, tourist marks and the care for sights. They were not satisfied with the quality of services for motorists, with the care for tidiness and cleanness and with the insufficient offer of programmes for a free time.

Tourists in Prague value the good quality and range of accommodation, shopping and leisure facilities. Tourist here also appreciate the good system of the public transport, the quality of tourist information and tourist signs. On the other hand, Prague is the worst in the quality of services for motorists and cyclists and also with the kindness of local people.

The best rated region in the Czech Republic is South Bohemia which belongs to the best in most of the categories. In no category it is the worst. The worst region was, according to the respondents, Plzen region, criticised in 23 categories.

Magic Flute in the Estates Theater

This nice article brings us a description of the Estates Theater with beautiful photos. Then you can also read a rating of Opera.

But I have to say that this Opera was one of the strangest things I have ever seen!! The story wasn’t just sad or depressing or lame but it just made no sense! Elements of story were set up and never paid off. And the chartacters!! OMG. The motivation? I was wondering if Mozart actually wrote the book for these shows or only the music?

The rest of the article is here.

Boring Don Giovanni

And now some cultural rewiew. Jessica descibes her bad experience with an opera at Stavovské divadlo. I have no comparation, so YOU can add here your comment.

The opera itself… boring. The beginning was slow, and I forgot how much theu repeat themselves in operas.Second verse same as the first. It was three hours long with a twenty minute intermission.

Jessica pages with her story is also waiting for you.

Prague, communism and Black-light theatre

History of Czech Republic is not always happy, especially 20th century where creating modern state and a life in freedom in years 1918-1938 was ended by Nazism and then in communism at 1945-1989. Museum of communism, and another maybe scary but interesting things are described on this page.