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Prague Taxi Problem being solved

“He must be a mafioso, just like a taxi driver from Prague” whispers a grandma to her grandson’s ear about the driver, who just drove her home. The appalling legend of Prague taxi drivers have got to the pop-culture consciousness – the grandma whispers it in Gilmore Girls. What is the most incredible is that the whole city of Prague with its million citizens is not able to deal with about 60 taxi bandits, meanwhile the rest 4 000 taxi drivers don’t cause troubles.

Cabdrivers from the company Euro Taxi are infamous. The City Hall writes on their web pages that problems with them have even the guests of Hotel Hilton. There have been laws against them for a few years now, but they are still around. Like on the Old Town Square, where should be only the drivers of AAA Radio Taxi, yet Euro Taxi appears now and then. When they see the police, they start the engine and go away.

The city has given them fines worth 100 millions czk, took their licenses, and the result? The drivers do not pay the fines, and drive on without the licence happily. But there is a change in the air – there is a new boss at the Prague Police, who doesn’t hesitate with solutions. Last weekend, when a driver from Euro Taxi did not obey and stood at the place at the Old Town Square, the police took him into custody and confiscated his car. Hopefully this is going to go on.

Right-wing extremist demonstration turned into carnage

Seven injured politicians, the same number of injured demonstrants from the lines of neo-nazis and right wing extremists, plus two police cars set into fire. That is the outcome of yesterday extremist rampage in Litvinov. One of the most hard battles of radicals with the police in the last years started as a licensed demonstration of right wing supporters against local Roma people. During a few hours it changed into rampage.

The crowd of right wingers and locals went to Roma ghetto at Janov. The first fights start in front of the neighbourhood, when the police blocked the road, separating the neo-nazi from Roma crowd. The first fights start. Police on horses rush into the extremists crowd. Stones, petards and smoke grenades fly in the air. Fights continue until the evening. At the end, somebody throws molotovs into parked police cars, setting them in fire.

Vaclav Klaus Thinks he is EU Dissident

The president Klaus said he considers himself to be a dissident of the European Union, he said that during his three day visit of Ireland. His words were said in the context of his private visit of Declan Ganley; the businessmen who has merit in Irish ‘no’ to the Lisbon treaty.

According to the Irish Times Klaus dinner with Ganley evoked disgust at the Irish government, who allegedly even complained at the Czech embassy in Dublin, LN informed.

Klaus remembered his perpetual antagonist Vaclav Havel, who always supported dissidents, and compared himself to him, stating that Havel meets dissidents, and he meets them too – the dissident of the EU, and that he is a dissident too now. The sad part is he didn’t say it as a joke.

To compare a person who boycotts necessary reformations of the EU for his own profit to a dissident like Vaclav Havel, that is really… something.

Big Fire in Prague Asian District

Similarly like San Francisco, Prague has its Asian district too. The huge marketplace SAPA, so called little Hanoi, is a city in a city. The repairs will take a while, though. Most of the 25 hectares of he area burned away. The firefighters fight for sixteen hours.

Most of the main market hall (entrance was only with trade licence) burned down, exhausting clouds of black smoke over half of the metropolis. We can only guess, how much of ‘branded goods’ burned, the hall was big like two football fields on each other.

How many Asians move at the the market is unknown, the City Hall doesn’t have any numbers. There is even a little Buddhist shrine, Asian branch of the health insurance company, bars, gambling houses, big restaurants for 600 and 1000 people, two newspaper-publishing houses.

Kundera Case – Dirty Work of One Journalist

It all started from one article in Respect magazine. A ‘young explorer’ Adam Hradilek claims, the world famous writer and dramatist Milan Kundera lodged information against his university colleague to the communists. To write such an article about a famous person should be well backed by proofs. The only document Hradilek had was one police form. A form made by the STB, the communist secret police, an organization rotten to the roof. Instead of focusing on getting those STB agents to jail, the person decided to launch the article about Kundera. The article, which was clear it will instantly bring world reaction, and for some people, especially those who are eager to judge anyone the worst way, it will be finally a tool to lynch one of our best writers.

What is now going to happen? Quite probably, now there will be a battle for the truth. Whom are we going to trust? The testimony of historian Pesat, claiming that the informer was Dlask not Kundera, at the basis of discrepancies at the document proving there are large mistakes inside and his research of the matter? Or we are going to believe a document written by the communist police about Kundera being an informer? The second one satisfies the worse instincts, so for most it is satisfying. But they, who happily shout: lets get Kundera now! Are those who at the basis of old injustices make new ones, Kundera is the one who helped the whole nation to get a little more light.

Killing Shooter at Paroubek's Book Party

In the Monach restaurant in the centre of Prague, the son of the keeper of Matejska Fair, the businessman Vaclav Kocka jr. was murdered on 9th October. It happened only a few hours after the leader of CSSD Jiri Paroubek baptized his new book, which translated title would be Czech Republic, Europe and the world by the Eyes of a Social Democrat.

When Paroubek left, the guests continued to party. The shooter Bohumir Duricko sat and drink a few drinks with Kocka. Afterwards, they started to quarrel, witnesses stated it was reportedly about who had more money with him at the moment. What happened after? Duricko claims Kocka attacked him, trying to punch him. As a consequence, he pulled out a weapon and shoot him three times. He would shoot him four times, but the projectile stayed blocked in the breech.

The family of Kocka was heart-broken, the father and keeper of Matejska Fair had to be transported to the hospital. Duricko later said he is afraid of vendetta. At least we know what people are among Paroubek’s friends. Paroubek later tries to disavow from the shooter, but its no use – he financed some CSSD campaigns.

Kanye West cancelled his Prague concert

The American rapper Kanye West aborted his 24th November Prague concert, which should have taken place in O2 Arena. The first home performance of the denary owner of Grammy price was moved from production reasons. Barbora Vokata from the organizing WTF agency said they are negotiating the new term.

West dominated this year Grammy prizes. He won four of eight categories he was nominated in. According to the expectations he got price in the category of the best rap album with his record Graduation and the prize for the best rap artist.

The tickets you bough in the distribution net stay valid for the new date of his concert, whenever it is going to be, or it is possible to get cash back at any Sazka terminal.

Stock theft worth 300 millions

It is the second biggest theft in the history of the very Czech Republic. Thieves have stolen from hotel Olympic a strongbox with stocks of Hotel Olympik in total value over 300 millions czk. In addition, they took cash in various currencies worth over 1 million czk.

“The stocks are not digitally coded, they are only in its paper form” the leader of the company Sos described for MF Dnes. According to him the funds are worthless for thieves. Sos also appealed to to the potential investors not to buy the stolen stocks.

The thieves got into the hotel at about 10 o’clock. Opened the doors of the manager’s office and took the strongbox, and carried it out in a blanket or a sheet. The employees took notice of them and even seize d one of them. The police took information from his ID, but because he wasn’t carrying anything they released him.

They quite probably didn’t know about the stocks, and the theft wasn’t anything like the Czech theft of the century, where they took 564 Millions CZK (20,14 millions €) cash, leaving no track.

Croatian Rowdies Provoked Sharp Battle in Prague

About three hundreds of Croatian Rowdies have gathered yesterday after the match of Dinamo Zagreb with Sparta Praha, which ended in a draw 3:3. The most aggressive of them have provoked a skirmish with a camera person from the Czech Television. When the special anti-hooligan police tried to calm them down, the ultras started to throw paving stones, bottles and even started to hail, Nazi style.

One of thrown bottles hit a passing man, who had to be transported to a hospital with bleeding head wounds. Shortly before 7 pm the group of Croatian fans arrived at the Old Town Square, where they wanted to continue in violent behaviour. When meeting the special police unit there the hooligans started to battle, after which 150 of them were arrested. Another hundred flee to surrounding streets where they attacked random pedestrians.

Prague Hepatitis A Epidemic getting worse

Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague is still getting stronger, there is the most people got sick in nine years. “the situation is not calm, fortunately not critical either” the main health officer Vit calms us down. Numbers of infected should according to him grow until he beginning of November.

The situation is the worst in the lat nine years. Until now, 602 were diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Last week, the number was 374. Among the most infected districts are Prague and middle Bohemia.

In contrast to last years, most of the patients is not among children. The most affected demographic groups are adults among 20-45 years, by reason that the epidemic started among Prague drug addicts, more specifically Russian drug addicts.
Compared to last years, the hepatitis spread quite fast – Prague run out of vaccinations right now, there should be enough next week.

Prague afraid of Hepatitis A Epidemic, gives 3 millions czk for Prevention

Prague decided to invest into prevention of Hepatitis type A. The City Hall have bought vaccines, disinfection and hygienic equipment worth 3,4 millions czk, the Prague councilman Pesak said. Hepatitis A has been spreading quite fast recently, since there have been 350 people indicated with it since 1st of September.

Hepatitis type A appeared after the holidays’ end, in Prague drug addict community, soon it spread to the homeless. The Prague City Hall has decided to vaccinate both groups for free. The disease ceased to spread among them, however it got already transmitted to the general public. There were even infection at schools.

Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague

Everyday, the number of patients diagnosed with Jaundice increases by 13 every day in Prague only. The ill run out of beds at infection wards all around Prague Hospitals. New rooms are being prepared and ambulances transport citizens with hepatitis to other regions as well.

Hepatitis type A started to spread among drug addicts, especially from those of Russian origin. From them the homeless got infected, than it spreads on, for example by the means of public transport. One just grabs a tram pole, don’t wash one’s hands, eats something, and is ready for hospital. Beware.

Until today, 374 people has gotten sick, the numbers are expected to grow. If the rate increase, there will be health acquisitions established.

Georgia presented Proof Russia started the War

The phone call, recorded by the telecommunication provider, proves Georgia didn’t start the conflict. Russia was very well prepared, that is known. They moved whole regiments of tanks at border with Georgia, and started to move them in by an underground tunnel. This is also the reason, why their advancement wasn’t seen on radars.

The conversation took place on 7th August at 3:525 Georgia time. The New York Times have released the transcription, saying: “The armor and people,” the guard replied. Asked if they had gone through, he said, “Yes, 20 minutes ago; when I called you, they had already arrived.”

The Russians have an answer – their units allegedly needed supplies. Georgia have strongly refused that to be true. Russia could move their units in Georgia only during the day and report about it a month in advance.

Tlusty promised footballer Baros 10 millions czk, never gave them

Another scandal drifted out in the Morava – Tlusty – ODS case. The truth came out from one hidden camera scene. Tlusty, who tried to make a trap for his colleagues at the ODS has been too relaxed with the tv Nova reporters and said how it was with the billboards.

Vlastimil Tlusty admitted, he promised the footballer Martin Baros for his support of the ODS a donation of 10 millions czk for a youth football academy in Vigantice. From the state budget of course.

Baros have never seen the promised amount. Tlusty as the finance minister didn’t give him a penny, and when he for fired from the minister’s post, Topolanek gave him nothing too. Baros called him a half a year after, only to found out Tlusty basically tricked him.

Baros didn’t care for the source of money, but at least he didn’t plan to keep the money, but to transfer it to the boy’s football club. The one who used his popularity and didn’t pay was Tlusty.

The blackmail case in ODS continues

Vlastimil Tlusty lost his support in the ODS. The meeting the Civic Democratic party held yesterday was a collective support of the Prime minister. At the end, the party appealed to Tlusty to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty has been in politics for 14 years, during which he did things we can only imagine. But it would be naive to think the only guilty person was Morava, who has been there for two years so far, and who was at least decent enough to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty however blames other parliamentaries, probably in endeavour to hold his post as long as possible. There are two other deputies of the ODS – Dalik and Tluchor, whom he says were interested in the blackmail in the first place.

It seems that such as the Greens did, the ODS will have to loose members before the elections.

Czech parliament blackmail case – Morava out

For information about The Extortionate cause read here. Rebelling members of ODS Juraj Raninec and Jan Schwipel don’t believe Morava is the only person involved in the cause with compromising shots. Morava resigned on his post yesterday, but a part of ODS have revolted and want the head of the leader of the club, Petr Tluchor.

In ODS, the sharp debate have deepened. The rebelling part of the ODS see the main problem that the TV Nova film points to Tluchor advised Morava to take the contact on the sellers.

Doubtful is also the role of Vlastimil Tlusty. He described his role as the agent provocateur, but contrary is the case. The TV Nova documentary showed up that even when the idea came form the television, Tlusty actively took the opportunity and guided the reporters. He also offered he will record the Prime Minister.

Czech Etymologists in India found Guilty

Two world-accredited etymologists were found guilty from illegal beetle collecting in a National India park. It is the result of the sentence from court in Darjeeling, India. The two Czech scientists are in danger of getting up to seven years in India prison, they will know the length on Wednesday. Now, they are going to fight for a pardon.

They are going to ask for a pardon on Wednesday, if they won’t succeed, their lawyer is going to appeal to higher instance.

51 y-o employee of the etymological institute of the Academy of Sciences Svacha and a year younger Kucera were detained on 22nd June close to the national park Singalila. The Czechs reputedly had over 200 beetles with them. When at a police station, they were given empty sheets of paper, which they signed. On those sheets later appeared the charges.

Extortionate cause of ODS

The television TV Nova has revealed what was the scenario of the story; Vlastimil Tlusty is a politician known for his cause – about two years ago, there were reputedly some pictures of him with prostitutes, which has never got to the public, Tlusty defended himself it is all fake.

Now, Tlusty let himself to be pictured in jacuzzi with a girl, and trying to use them as a bait, trying, if anyone from the ODS will buy them in order to blackmail him afterwards, started to play his game. The inordinate plan aimed for the highest places in the parliament, so Tlusty could profit from their loss. They found one, not from a top chair, but still a known one – Jan Morava.

Even more striking was Jan Morava became known just a few days before for another blackmail case – he tried to blackmail Jana Zubova with pictures of her daughter just a few weeks ago. Now, when both of the cases came out, Topolanek demands resignation from both of them, Tlusty and Morava.

40 years ago, 7 people Demonstrated in Moscow Against Occupation

Those demonstrating in 1968 Prague against USSR occupation would never expect any of the Russians would join them, the least directly at the Red Square. Back in those days, they lifted banners like ‘Shame to Occupants’, ‘For Your and Our Freedom’ or ‘Hands off Czechoslovakia’ back then, the very well educated group was brutally attacked by the police and mob, and after that, years of severe punishments in prisons and psychiatric institutions awaited them. When they were released, they mostly emigrated.

The Magnificent Seven, that came into many minds after the demonstration. A clear risk of life in the middle of the camp of injustice, that came into minds of the others. Is something similar going to take place on the Red Square of today for support of Georgia, are there still people willing to throw away their lives in order to speak the truth and stand behind freedom and human rights in the country that has always defined its greatness in military terms?

Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia Happened Exactly 40 Years Ago

On August 21, 1968, the Soviet Union and all of its Warsaw Pact allies with the exception of Romania invaded the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, after failed negotiations, in order to prevent Alexander Dubček’s Prague Spring reforms from continuing. In the operation, codenamed “Danube”, the Soviets sent thousands of troops from several Warsaw pact countries; 72 Czechoslovaks were killed by Soviet tanks. The invasion was successful in stopping the partial democratization reforms and strengthening the authority of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The foreign policy of the Soviet Union during this era would be known as the Brezhnev Doctrine.

Dubček was appointed as leader of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) after the resignation of Antonin Novotny. Dubček’s reforms consisted of his Action Programme which would guarantee additional rights to the citizens. The Soviets attempted to limit the changes made in Czechoslovakia by negotiating with them; this failed and the invasion was implemented. After the Bratislava Declaration, Soviet troops moved out of Prague and other cities, but remained along Czechoslovak borders.

Commentary on politics was disallowed again in mainstream media and political statements by anyone who was not considered to have “full political trust” were also banned. Czechoslovakia than struggled until 1989 under Russia to watch its economical, political and moral decay of severe impact.