No increase of consumption tax on beer

Beer will not be more expensive. At least not yet. The ministers of finance in EU did not come to an agreement to increase the consumption tax on beer.

The EU ministers of finance wanted to change the tax rates for alcohol because the last rates were set 14 years ago. Inflation has decreased the value of the tax since then.

If the ministers pass the 31 % increase of tax on beer, spirits and strong wine, the beer will cost one eurocent more than now. New hearing is planned for 28th November.

Even though the increase in price is slight, the ministers of finance of the Czech Republic and Germany criticise this action. These precaution are supposed to lower the consumption of alcohol, but they do not affect the wine industry.

Pilsner Urquell will be more expensive

The biggest brewery in the Czech Republic Plzensky Prazdroj, a.s., the producer of Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Kozel or Radegast, increases the price of beer. The rise of price is expected this November.

Half a liter (a glass of beer in CR) of Pilsner Urquell will be 1,60 CZK more expensive, a glass of Gambrinus or Radegast pale lager will cost 1 CZK more and Gambrinus and Radegast pale tap beer 0,60 CZK more. The reason for the rise in price is the higher costs of barley, gas and electricity. For a glass of beer in general you can pay then over 20 Czech crowns.

Due to the fact that Prazdroj is the biggest on the market, it is probable that other Czech beer will become more expensive.

Old brewery returns to Celetna street after 600 years

Good news for all beer lovers. Soon they can try traditional Czech beer in the newly reconstructed house U Zlateho andela in Celetna street in the centre of Prague . The beer will be produced in the underground of the house as it used to be six hundred years ago.

The brewery will start to make the beer in spring next year. The producers will try to make original beer and yet in the tradition of Czech brewing industry.

The curiosity of this brewery will be the self-service beer taps. After paying a certain amount of money the guests can sit behind the table with a beer tap and serve themselves at their pleasure.

More expensive beer?

The Czech Republic is known for its enormous consumption of beer, the biggest in the world. Czech beer is famous and accredited. In near future it may become more expensive due to ‘beer taxes’.

European Union plans to increase the consumption taxes on beer. According to EU more expensive beer would decrease the consumption, which would lead to healthier population. Czech diplomacy and producers of beer now strictly protest and search for allies. “The restriction would not only make the beer more expensive, but it would also decrease the production of beer in the Czech republic,” said the spokesman of Bernard brewery Zdenek Mikulasek.

In the worst case the Czech Republic is prepared to veto the tax burden, because European Union decisions concerning taxes must be unanimous. How much more expensive the beer would be is not certain yet. However, the price should not be increased before 2008.

New Beer of Czech Republic

Contest for best beer was at 10th volume of Slavnost piva (Beer festivities). Higher prize won in category Light Lager Preminum beer Branik. Best Light Tap-room Beer 10% was voted Staropramen.

There was as competitors 47 breweries and 220 beers from Czech republic and Slovakia. Only largest breweries in Czech Republic – Budweiser Budvar and Pilsen Urquell did not compete.

Kozel Day full of beer

Czech Republic is a state of beer so no one can be surprised that you can find here beer festivities. This weekend 3rd June is in Velke Popovice, small town near Prague, The Day of the Goat.

Velkopopovicky kozel (Velke Popovice Goat) is a name of a great beer and the Velke Popovice brewery presents 14th Day of the Goat. A program is from 9 AM to 9PM.

There will be Czech Folk & Country performers, competitions, gymnastic artists walking on a rope, fire spitters and jugglers.
You can also taste beer speciality: Velkopopovicky kozel “Sladek” (the Brewer).

You can get there by bus from Prague metro station Opatov (red line) with bus specials leaving from 8.30 AM every half an hour until 11 AM.

Velke Popovice Brewery webpages are here.

Beer tourism declines

As inquiry says a beer is second most popular attraction in Czech Republic. But a beer tourism to Czech Republic is lower in comparison with last year. The beer tourism – travelling to any destination to drink cheap beer and have cheap entertainment – is still very popular, but some travellers change a destination.

Most beer tourists is from United Kingdom. But as statistics say, in Czech Republic was for 15 per cents British travellers less than last year. With cheap flights to another destinations, they slowly leaving Bohemia. On the other side, the amount of sold beer is same as it was last year. It is because tourists bring Czech beer back home.

Czech Republic is at world first place with sold beer in count to a citizen. It is 16 millions hectolitres, 156,5 litres to one person. But as brewing industry says, 15-20 per cents of sold beer in Czech Republic is drunk by foreigners visiting Prague and Czech Republic. The quantity of a beer sold abroad in is also raising.

As I see it thus maybe beer travellers will have cheaper beer in Slovakia, Ukraine or Latvia, but best beer is in only Czech Republic.

First Beer spa in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has it’s own beer spa. Brewery in Chodova Plana in Tachov region now offers healing procedure for visitors based on beer products. At a cost of 550,- CZK you will take the procedure which contains a warm bath mixture of mineral water and dark bathing beer enriched by active beer yeast and a mixture of dry crushed herbs including hops. It has many positive effects: herbs have a beneficial effect on skin peeling, B vitamins are absorbed into the skin and sugars and proteins have regeneration effect.