Bird flu

Bird flu confirmed in the Czech Republic again

Highly dangerous virus of bird flu was found in a private farm in Tisova in the west Bohemia. The turkeys there were infected with H5N1 virus that is transmissible to people.

The turkeys in that farm were probably infected from straw used as a bed for the birds. The straw comes from a nearby haystack that was accessible to any wild birds. All the poultry in the farm are destined to be killed as well as the poultry in the whole village.

The poultry would have been sold in more than one month as they didn’t have the required weight yet. They were in the farm for over two months. As the virus kills quickly, it’s almost impossible that any infected meat has been sold.

The first case of bird flu in the Czech Republic was reported in March 2006, the last one in May 2006. The Czech government approved a pandemic plan in case the virus spreads from birds to humans.

Czech scientists are developing new cure against Bird flu

Czech Republic as well as another countries is trying to create new cure against deadly bird flu, because it is not certain if Swiss medicament Tamiflu works. Now Czech scientists brings a great new: One of Czech chemical substances is very effective against bird flu!

The scientists send a number of samples to United states for detail analyze and after many tests American scientists found “better and more efficient Tamiflu”. US society pharmaceutical Gilead Sciences send this message to creators of the substance CSAS Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Still there is a long road ahead, but everything seems good. For example the substance has a lesser number of side effects.

Bird flu virus H5N1 killed 136 people in the world mostly in area of south-east Asia. The flu was detected in 14 countries of European Union, Czech Republic has 14 bids killed by the flu. The bird flu is one of expected flu what can cause a world epidemic. Now people can be infected only by a bird, but mutation could cause transmitting between humans.

All dead swans had bird flu H5N1

Each of twelve dead swans had H5N1 type of virus, which is dangerous and also deadly for humans. Swans were found between 27th March and 14th April in southern Bohemia in the area of the Vltava river.

Tests are known once only now, because have to be done in more steps. Firstly, a bird has to be found and transported into a specialised veterinary. Secondly, veterinary identifies if the dead bird could be killed by bird flu. Thirdly, laboratory identifies, that the bird was killed by a bird flu of specific type like H5. And finally fourth, lab identifies the virus precisely – H5N1.

2288 dead birds were examined in the Czech Republic at the beginning of April. Only swans were infected. So there is no fear that Czech poultry, even from controlled zones can be contaminated.

Bird flu killed 12 birds in Czech republic

All of them are swans and it seems that they comes from same group. Dead swans has been found in South Bohemia in Vltava river or it’s close surrounding.

H5 virus has been recognized at 12th swan in town of Ceske Budejovice, eleven was in Olicka dam in front of Orlik castle.

Human-hazardous variant H5N1 was found at seven swans from total number of twelve. All precautions stills, highest level is of course in South Bohemia. The area where new dead swans were found is same, so precaution perimeter wasn’t changed.

Deadly bird flu in the Czech Republic

After months of natural separating of the Czech Republic with neighborhood states because of border mountains, the bird flu now appears in the Czech Republic. Minister said, it was only a question of time until it was detected here.
A swan was found with H5N1 virus in the Vltava river near Hluboka nad Vltavou, in the southern part of the country.
The minister of medical affairs, the minister of Agriculture, head of the State Veterinary Office and the Chief hygienist ensure the public, that the Czech Republic is very well prepared both preventive and healing and there is no reason to panic.