By bicycle in Prague

New Bikelines in Prague

Cyclist should be able to go by Rokytka river on the new Bikeline going from Podvinni, through Vysocany, up to the upper pond in Hrdlorezy. Also, there are projects for support of various sportfields by the bikeline.

The City Hall of Prague 9 want to finish at least some parts of the ‘Friendship Park’ which would serve as a new relax zone of Prague. That should offer, beside new green areas or cascade ponds and fountains also a big children playground.

This year, the project Green Island, counts with large green areas, but also with building the biggest business centre in Prague 9, close to O2 Arena.

Prague slowly builds new bikelines, even though most of them, like this one, serve for sport, not for regular travelling in the city, like in the other European cities.

Interesting New Prague Bikeline

The new bikeline running from Hlavni Nadrazi to Vysocany should open next year, opening some very new perspectives of Prague, as it would run in the track originally used for railway, which was now cleaned out – it is no longer necessary due to the ultra fast Prague track worth billions. But the bikeline is not cheap – it is going to cost about a few hundreds of millions czk.

The construction is going to go in two phases – in the first one will be only from Hlavni Nadrazi to Krejcarek, in the second phase it should go up to O2 Arena. Krivohlavek from Auto*Mat states that “to build bikelines from the former railway tracks is more than effective, tracks go mostly on flat surface, making biking there nice and easy.

The new bikeline would go through housing, as well as industrial areas, parks, but also through a tunnel, where one even get to a complete darkness, as it turns twice in one point. “It should be adventurous, but not dangerous” says Krivohlavek.

AutoMat in Streets of Prague Again

Thousands of people headed to the happening event, aimed for leaving the frequented streets to pedestrians and cyclists. The European week of mobility so culminated to its end.

Those who came to the space between The Café Slavia and Rudolfinum could see a unique view: the street looked lie a hundred years ago; no cars.

As the Auto*Mat initiative organizes those protest rides annually, they can balance, and so they made a report for Prague. The councilman Radovan Steiner who is responsible for traffic in Prague put some changes through, but according to Auto*Mat not enough.

Auto*mat representatives stated that there is not present the necessary political will for solution of the problems – “The traffic solutions which are put through were common in Europe thirty years ago.” said Krivohlavek. It lowers the quality of life, as to go anywhere by bicycle is dangerous, and so Prague is often jammed.

From Prague to Paris by Bike Information

International_Paneuropean_Union_flag The Paneuropean bikeline, runs through Norimberg and a number of other touristically attractive areas in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. There are hundreds of interesting spots in its on the 1537 km long track. The new bikeline will be inaugurated 12th April 2008 on the Pan-European festival in Nuremberg.

The European highway E 50, named Via Carolina, connects the CR with France. But the famous predecessor was the Middle-age ‘Golden Route’ on which basis the Paneuropean bikeline is founded.

Paneuropean bikeline runs on existing routes or bikelines. Somewhere it was needed to added pieces, for which purpose were used mostly closed railway sections. Paneuropean bikeline covers under one logo three European countries and two world metropolises, demonstrating connection between the East and the West and contributing to the idea of international understatement.

If you need any more information, visit the Paneuropean bikeline web :

Finally! More Bikelines in Prague

bike and the city. illustration photo After many years of protests, there are going to be some changes. After demonstrations and crazy events that were attempts to change the sad state of things in Prague, which is: you can ride a bike, but only at your own risk. The city representatives forget about the bicycles quite often, but yesterday was different.

Yesterday, the metropolis representatives withdrew under pressure from the site of many activists. Ludek Dostal, the leader of Prague Ways and Roads, announced the construction workers will come back to all the promised and forgotten areas, and set everything right.

The good news is, 40 millions CZK (1,4 mil. €) were promised to be invested to bike roads development in Prague. Maybe there is a chance for improvement after all.

All the new Bikelines in Prague are going to be red. The color was chosen according to the starting position, where our bike transport is – drivers have to get used to it.

Prague riverside in center gets a bikeline

the bikelines should go around the DAncing House of Prague The capital starts to work on re-paving of Vltava riverside in center, so cyclists could use it. The present historic paving with pebbles is for mountain bicycles only. Construction works and material cost more than 13 millions CZK, (464 000€). The problem is, the long and expensive reconstruction of Vltava riverside, that cost 40 millions € and ended in 2006, didn’t take a bikeline into account. So now in 2007 some pebbles have to be plucked up and replaced with the smooth line.

The unsatisfactory state was produced mostly by bad communication among The National Heritage institute and the Cyclist Traffic commission : “To build the bikeline there is a good idea, but 13 millions is quite a lot, especially at the time money is the main argument, why not to build new bikelines.” It is the same situation as this spring, when at reconstruction of Stefanik bridge the City Hall forgot about cyclists, even when they pledged the opposite.

New Prague Bikelines... Will bring changes...?

new bikelines in prague Prague opens new bikelines – one heading from Modrany to Zbraslav and the second one (in the final stage of construction) from Liben to Horni Pocernice. The new sector to Zbraslav runs by Vltava, has two kilometers, three quarters are for pedestrians and bikers.

The new bikeline in Prague 9 goes from Freyova street to Horejsi rybnik (Upper pond) and the bikers will ride on a deserted rail. Another three kilometers are to be ready in 2008. The metropolis heads have promised 80 km of marked bikelines in Prague countryside, and 150 km in the city.

The question remains, how much of those bikelines will be useful for those who want to travel by bicycle instead of a car. The poor situation of bike roads in the center of Prague calls more people to demonstrate every year, but it seems to left a little impact on the face of inside Prague. The author knows, how dangerous it is to travel by bike in Prague. Compared to other cities of Europe there is a lot to gain. The bikelines grow in numbers only on the suburbs, and no one had the guts to enforce construction to the inside of the metropolis yet. We will see, what the future development brings.

Prague Blocked by Cyclists

More than 2500 cyclists went on a protest route from Old times Square and by the expressway to Jana Palacha Square yesterday. This annual action attracts more people every year, as they are driven to participy by the unchanging conditions for cycling in Prague. Compared to other cities of the EU, Prague cyclo-ways still evokes early stages of the development. The reasons for this situatin are for example hilly location of Prague and narrow streets often unchanged in their dimensions from the medieval times.

“It is not supposed to be an action of pressure. We don’t have anything against cars.” Was emphasized by the organizators from Auto*mat initiative. “What we want is a possibility to drive a bicycle. Here in Prague we don’t have enough cyclo-ways.”

At the end, we give you 2 of the basic principles, on which basic Auto*Mat initiative stands; Auto*Mat is a project aimed at making our city safer, healthier and more lively. Auto*Mat wants to transform Prague from a city that today mainly accommodates car through-traffic into a city more favorably inclined toward life.