Changes in public transport

The Universal card of a Prague citizen: Opencard

Prague Opencard The Universal card of a Prague citizen called Opencard finds more users every day.

Up to now, the card could have been used as a library card in 33 Prague City libraries, and as a pay card for parking in Prague. The Card of Prague citizens expands its functions; it should work as a pre-paid coupon for Prague Public Transport, too.

It was announced as one of the upgrades, the Prague Public Transport company prepared for improving their services in 2008.

Prague City Hall had invested into the project about 165 mil. czk and has distributed 3500 cards. It is, however, much less, than expected; estimations were to distribute fifty thousands cards up to now.

In 2009 Opencards should start working as regular credit cards, too.

Prague Connections Available on Phone

SMS tram and metro info in Prague People traveling in Prague by means of urban mass transportation can try a very new service, starting 22th September. In the setting of the 110th anniversary of Prague MHD, those interested can use SMS for getting schedule information.

Prices of SMS messages are derived from mobile operator tariffs. Anyone can send a message on the number 724 850 928, in the form: zisXXXX.X, where X represents numbers of individual stations, and one can check out the departures. There are for example I.P. Pavlova, Karlovo Namesti, Andel, Staromestska, Hradcanska or Palmovka. If you are interested in detailed information, you can find it here.

Prague transport company (DPP) also makes an Open doors day on Saturday; three usually non-accessible buildings are going to be connected by a special and free bus line. Those are Klicov garage, Hloubetin depot and the new station of underground (metro), Strizkov. With its 110 year MHD is trying to perfect it’s customer service.

Disruption to tram services between Vinohradska vodarna and Flora

Prague Public Transport Company announced tram service disruption between Vinohradska vodarna and Flora that will take for three weeks. The disruption to tram services will start on Monday 10th September and 2nd October 2007. The reason for the disruption is the maintenance of the rails in Korunni street and at Flora crossroads.

Tram no. 5 will go from Vystaviste via Zelivskeho, Ohrada, Vapenka to the loop Spojovaci. In the section Olsanske hrbitovy and Spojovaci it will replace line no. 16. Tram no. 10 will go from the direction Repy only to Vinohradska vodarna. Tram no. 10 will be rerouted from I. P. Pavlova to the loop Zvonarka. Line no. 15 in the section Karlovo namesti and Flora will be rerouted via Albertov, Otakarova, Namesti bratri Synku, I. P. Pavlova_, Muzeum and Jiriho z Podebrad.

Between the stops Sidliste Dablice, Kobylisy_, Palmovka_, Zelivskeho, Jiriho z Podebrad, Muzeum, I. P. Pavlova and Zvonarka will be an additional tram line no. 30.

Changes in the public transport due to the Mattoni Night Grand Prix

Already this Saturday Prague will become the venue of the Mattoni Night Grand Prix. The night run in the streets of Prague will affect the city transportation in the centre of Prague between 19:30 and 22:30.

There will be tram service disruption in the section Narodni divadlo (National Theatre) – StaromestskaCechuv most and in the section Malostranskacrossroads near Letensky tunnel.

Line no. 12 in the section Ujezd – Nadrazi Kapitana Jarose will be rerouted via stops Narodni trida, Vaclavske namesti (Wenceslas Square), Masarykovo nadrazi and Namesti Republiky.

Line no. 17 in the section Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) – Nabrezi Kapitana Jarose will be rerouted via stops Vaclavske namesti, Masarykovo nadrazi and Namesti Republiky.

Line no. 18 in the section Narodni divadloMalostranska will be rerouted via Ujezd and Malostranske namesti.

Bus line no. 133 from the stop Ohrada will be shortened and terminated in Florenc.

Poor information system of Prague public transport

Prague trams Compared to public transport in London or Paris, passengers in Prague don´t get enough information about the public transport system. There are no leaflets with maps of metro, for instance, or with tariff rates. Prague Public Transit plans to improve this.

The leaflets should be available in the information centres and at the metro stations. They will be probably in Czech, English, German and Russian language.

Another improvement will be the information boards, providing information on the arrival of trams and buses. This information will be also sent to mobile phones in the future: a passenger will send a question to the dispatching centre and he will receive an automatic reply.

Public transport in Prague after the summer holidays

Prague metro The summer holidays will end soon and that means, that Prague´s trams, buses and metro will run more often. But not just that, they will be also more crowded: there will be more people on their way to work or school. The situation is complicated by the continuing tram service disruption at the Palackeho Square.

The service disruption will end in October, but another one will follow: the crossing at the Charles Square will be repaired, so the trams won´t run there till the 21st December. Because of that, it is expected, that the B line of metro will be overcrowded in peak hours. Passengers are therefore advised to rather use trams in the area.

On the other hand, the long-term service disruption of the busy D1 motorway should be finished next week.

Tram service disruption between stops Malostranska - Ujezd

Due to the tram service disruption in Letenska street, several trams in Prague will be rerouted. It refers to lines no. 12, 20, 22, 23 and 57. The disruption will last from the morning 22nd August until the morning 2nd September 2007.

Line no. 12 from the direction of Sidliste Barrandov will be rerouted from stop Andel via stops Bertramka and Klamovka to loop Kotlarka where it will be finished.

Line no. 20 from the direction of Divoka Sarka will be rerouted from stop Malostranska via stops Strossmayerovo namesti, Nadrazi Holesovice and Maniny to loop Palmovka where it will be finished.

Lines no, 22, 23 and 57 in the section Malostranska – Narodni divadlo (National Theatre) rerouted via stop Staromestska. There will be an additional bus X-23 from stop Ujezd to stop Malostranske namesti.

The closure of Stefanikuv bridge will be over soon

The maintenance works that have closed Stefanikuv bridge and the crossroads near Letensky tunnel and caused many tram service disruptions are over. Trams will cross Stefanikuv bridge again on Wednesday 22nd August 2007.

From Wednesday the tram will go again via Namesti Republiky, Revolucni street, Stefanikuv bridge, riverbank Edvarda Benese and riverbank Kapitana Jarose. It also means the end of buses no. 133 and 207 running via stops Bila Labut, Namesti Republiky and Dlouha trida.

On the same day due to maintenance works in Letenska street will be tram service disruption between Malostranska and Ujezd stops. The disruption will last until 2nd September. There will be an additional bus transport – line X-23.
Update: the bridge will be probably open already on Tuesday 21st August.

Tram service disruption near Prague Castle tomorrow

On Tuesday 7th August 2007 there will be a tram service disruption near Prague Castle. Trams no. 22 and 23 will be rerouted from tram stop Malovanka via stop Hradcanska and Vozovna Stresovice to Malostranska. The tram service disruption will take from 9:00 to 14:00.

If you want to get to Prague Castle by tram tomorrow morning, take tram no. 22 or 23 from Malostranska metro station and get off at tram stop Prasny most. Then continue up the street U Prasneho mostu. You’ll find yourself at the original stop to Prague Castle.

Metro line B with shorter intervals

Thanks to the road works on Palackeho square that have caused seven tram disruptions in Charles Square, there are more travellers on metro lines B that go via Charles Square.

The Prague Public Transport Company decided therefore to increase the number or metro trains in the morning and afternoon peaks in the section Smichovske nadrazi – Florenc. This situation will last only until 31st August 2007.

Other lines run thanks to the summer period in longer intervals. The metro is overcrowded many times, especially in station Dejvicka, Andel and I.P.Pavlova. The situation should get better with the new metro line D.

Tram service disruptions in Palackeho square

As we have already informed, due to the maintenance of the crossroad near Palackeho square, there will be large tram service disruptions from 17th July to 31st October 2007 in the sections Moran – Albert and Narodni divadlo – Vyton.

Lines no. 3, 16 and 52 will be rerouted from Moran (in the Charles Square) to Vyton via Albertov. Line no. 4 will be rerouted from Moran via Albertov and Vyton to the stop Podolska vodarna where it will be terminated. Line no. 6 will be prolonged from stop Kubanske namesti via Prubezna stop to Radosovicka loop, where it will be terminated. Lines no. 7 and 21 will be out of service.

Lines no. 10 in the section Andel and Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) and lines no. 14 and 54 will be rerouted via stop Arbesovo namesti, Ujezd and Narodni trida.

Line no. 17 will be rerouted in the section Narodni divadlo (National Theatre)- Vyton via Narodni trida, Karlovo namesti and Albertov. Line no. 20 from the direction Divoka Sarka will be rerouted from Andel via stops Bertramka and Kavalirka to Kotlarka, where it will be terminated. Line no. 24 will be rerouted from Prubezna stop via Strasnicka, Cernokostelecka, Depo Hostivar to ustredni dilny DP loop.

An additional tram line no. 37 will be on service in the peak hours from Sidliste Barrandov – Smichovske nadrazi – Andel – Kotlarka – Motol to Sidliste Repy.

For up-to-date information consult the orange timetable at the stops.

New changes in Prague public transport

Due to repair works at the crossroads Albertov, there will be restrictions in the tram transportation between stops Moran – Otakarova – Vyton – Albertov from today until 18th July 2007. The routes and stops of tram lines no. 4, 6, 18, 24, 53 and 55 will be changed. Line no. 17 will be out of service.

Additional line no. 38 will follow the route Vozovna Pankrac – Prazskeho povstani – Namesti Bratri Synku – Otakarova – Prazskeho povstani – Vozovna Pankrac. Additional bus line X-18 will go from Lazarska to Ostrcilovo namesti. Another bus line X-24 will follow Otakarova – Ostrcilovo namesti – Otakarova. Click here to see the map of the area.

Other changes in tram routes will be from 16:00 on Friday 18th May until 18:00 Sunday 20th May between Malostranska and Cechuv Most. Line no. 12 will be diverted from Malostranska – Strossmayerovo namesti via Chotkovy Sady and Letenske namesti.

Tram restrictions near Prague Castle

Due to technical reasons the route between tram stops Hradcanska and Prasny most will be closed in two periods: from Wednesday 11th April morning till Sunday 15th April 16:00, and from Friday 20th morning till Sunday 22nd April 16:00.

Lines 1, 25, and 56 will go from stop Sparta to Vozovna Stresovice via Hradcanska (in Badeniho street), Prazsky hrad (very close to Prague Castle) and Brusnice. Lines 8, 26, and 51 will go from stop Sparta to Vitezne namesti via stops Hradcanska (in Badeniho street), Prague Castle, Brusnice and Prasny most.

Line 15 from Strossmayerovo namesti will be shortened and finished in stop Spejchar. Lines 18 and 57 from Malostranska to Vozovna Stresovice will be diverted via Prazsky hrad and Brusnice. Line 20 from Malostranska to Vitezne namesti will be diverted via Prazsky hrad, Brusnice and Prasny most.

There will be no additional buses. Click here for a route map.

Restrictions in public transport this Saturday

Source: Dopravni podnik Praha Due to annual Prague International Marathon 2007, there will be restrictions of public transport from 12:00 to 15:00 in the areas of Palachovo square, Jiraskovo square, Palackeho square, Vyton, Nusle, Podoli, Ujezd and Lesser Town.

Lines no. 3, 4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18 and 24 will go on alternative routes, line no. 21 will be shortened. Additional bus X-3 will go from Podolska vodarna to Prazskeho povstani. Bus line no. 133 will end in Florenc from 12:00 to 13:30 and from 13:30 to 15:00 it will be diverted and finished in Malostranska. Bus line no. 176 will go from Stadion Strahov diverted to Andel and Na Knizeci.

Detailed information will be placed on the information boards at the stops. The travellers are recommended to use metro. There are also restrictions on the roads in the centre of Prague.

Restrictions in public transport in Prague-Petriny

Source: Dopravni podnik Praha Prague Public Transit Co. announced service disruption on the route Vozovna Stresovice – Petriny from 17th March 4:00 to 11th April 2007 4:00 due to maintenance of the tracks.

Line no. 1 will go from the direction of Strossmayerovo namesti via tram stop Hradcanska, then it will be diverted via Dejvicka, Borislavka to Cerveny vrch. Line no. 2 will be out of service during the restrictions.

Line no. 18 and 56 will go from the city centre via Vozovna Stresovice, then they will be diverted via stop Hladkov to Malovanka. There will be an additional bus no X-1 in the route Spejchar – Vozovna Stresovice – Petriny.

Small changes in public transport on 22nd-24th February

The Prague Public Transport Company announced that due to the track maintenance there will be two short-term changes in public transport.

Trams no. 4, 7, 9, 10, 58 and 59 won’t go to the centre via stop Andel in Plzenska street, but via Na Knizeci (Za Zenskymi domovy street) and Andel stop in Nadrazni street. This limitation is valid only for the night from 22nd to 23rd February from 22:00 to 4:00 and only on the way to the centre.

On Saturday 24th February from 9:00 to 14:00 there will run no trams between Ohrada and Palmovka in the northeast of Prague. Line no. 1 will go from Palmovka via Bulovka, Ke Stirce, Ladvi to Sidliste Dablice. Line no. 8 will go from Nadrazi Vysocany via Kolbenova and Hloubetin to Lehovec. Line no. 10 will go from Biskupcova to Vapenka and tram no. 19 will go via Vapenka to the stop Spojovaci. There will be an additional bus X-1 between stops Biskupcova and Palmovka.

Restrictions on the way to the Prague's Exhibition Ground

Due to the renovation of a house in the street Dukelskych hrdinu in Prague 7, the route between Strossmayerovo namesti (Strossmayer Square) and Prague’s Exhibition Ground (Vystaviste) in Holesovice will be closed to the public transport.

Trams no. 12 and 15 will therefore go via stops Vltavska and Prazska trznice. Trams no. 14 and 17 will go via Vltavska, Prazska trznice and Ortenovo namesti. Line no. 5 will follow its regular route to the Exhibition Ground.

These restrictions will only last for 9 hours, on 11th February 2007 from 5:00 to 14:00.

Stefanikuv bridge in Prague will be closed

Stefanikuv bridge in Prague, which connects Revolucni street leading from Namesti Republiky with Letensky tunnel on the left river bank, will be closed from this Saturday. The city of Prague invests 390 million CZK for its reconstruction.

The bridge should be open from 22nd August again. Until then, the bridge is closed for car traffic, trams, as well as for pedestrians. Cars can get to the centre via Veletrzni and Bubenska streets, and from the centre via nabr. L. Svobody, Cechuv bridge and nabr. E. Benese.

Trams 5, 8, 14, 51, 54 will not ride from the crossroads of Havlickova and Na Porici streets to crossroads of Stefanikuv bridge and nabr. E. Benese. Travellers can use the bus 133 and at night buses 505, 509 and 513.

Better tram service in Prague in 2007

The public transport by trams in Prague will be improved in the coming year. New trams will be bought, some more will be modernized. A new tram line, leading to undergroung station Radlicka, will be built.

There are already 10 low-floor trams in service in Prague. At least 20 new low-floor trams Skoda, designed by Porsche, will be bought and 6 trams will be modernized. These changes will cost 1.27 billion CZK. Also underground trains, going on the B line, will be modernized.

The trams in Radlice, which terminate in the Laurova stop at the present time, will be extended to the underground station Radlicka.

Another pleasant change is that there will be conductors in some night trams since the second half of January. They are supposed to ensure the safety of passengers.

The Stefanikuv most (bridge) in the center of Prague will be repaired and therefore it will be closed for eight months. It will affect the transport in the area – trams will not be in service there at the time.

Temporary changes in the public transport

From Friday 1st December to Saturday 2nd December morning there will be no trams running via the crossroads of Havlickova street and Na Porici street to Stefanikuv bridge, that means no trams via namesti Republiky in the centre.

Tram no. 5 will go from Masarykovo nadrazi to Vltavska via stops Bila Labut and Tesnov, tram no. 8 will go from Florenc to Strossmayerovo namesti via Tesnov and Vltavska. Lines no. 14, 51 and night 54 will go from Masarykovo nadrazi to Strossmayerovo namesti via Bila labut, Tesnov and Vltavska.

From the morning 2nd December to the morning 4th December there will be no trams in the nabrezi Eduarda Benese between the bridges Cechuv and Stefanikuv. Lines no. 12, 17 and 53 will go temporarily via Chotkovy sady and Letenske namesti.