Concert of rock/punk music

Napalm Death Concert in Prague

To speak about Napalmdeath as one of the most important bands of extreme music is like carrying coals to Newcastle. More than 25 years on the scene and still so much invention and unceasing verve when creating music – as a matter of fact only a little number or formations on the contemporary music scene can show off similarly. Meanwhile a quarter of century before, Napalmdeath were the very authors of musical genre grind-core, now they also play with styles like HC, punk, thrash, death, but the result is still the explosively strong performance with killing capacity of napalm itself.

Napalm death come to the „Winter Assault Tour 2009“ in classic set: Mark „Barney“ Greenway – vocals, Shane Embury – bass, Mitch Harris – guitar, Danny Herrera – drums. The whole tour accompany two grind groups, specifically Swedish Splitter and Czech Pigsty. Swedish commando Splitter are among the most promising European groups of this style, with their music mixing energy, young enthusiasm and texts full of critique of contemporary society.

20th January 2009, Napalm Death (uk), Splitter (swe), Pigsty (cze), pre-sale 250czk at Ticketpro, on the spot 280czk. Start 18:00 at Club Roxy in Prague.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

The Australian revival musicians want to bring The Wall back to memory, awaking the legendary album which was published thirty years ago, and the music from it couldn’t be heard so compact for 25 years. The second February is the day, on which the organizers promise the big show; “Fascinating, new production full of animations, pictures, lasers, sound light effects and inflatable surprises”.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show play since 1988 and as the only revival of the group they could enjoy attention of the original Pink Floyd Band. The singer and guitarist of Pink Floyd have invited them in 1996 to his own 50th birthday party. Tickets start at 690 czk and reach up to 1390 czk. That the group still attract attention prove that on 1st May the opera of the PF basskytarist Roger Waters called Ca Ira, inspired by Great French Revolution will take place on a special scene on Vltava River.

Pink Floyd revival in Prague, 2nd February 2009 at HC Sparta Arena.

Monkey Business and Glenn Hughes in Prague Lucerna

Glenn Hughes The singer of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes, is going to be hosted by the Monkey Business, together they are going to perform live in Prague Lucerna. “We are going to play his songs as well, like the one called F.U.N.K., for which he was nominated for Grammy.” says the front man of Monkey Business. And adds – “Hughes is one of the best singers. My first vinyl was one by Deep Purple” BTW, Hughes hosts at the album of Monkey business from 2005, called Kiss Me On My Ego.

The group plays in Lucerna on Wednesday, introducing some of the new songs which are going to appear on the new album Twilight Of Jesters. The group is going to be enforced not only by Glenn Hughes, but also by their original songstress Tonya Graves, who returned from maternity leave. The Concert you shouldn’t miss on Wednesday – Monkey Business and Glenn Hughes in Prague Lucerna, December 10, 2008. Start: 20:00

The Sisters of Mercy in Prague concert

The cultic British group The Sisters of Mercy is going to perform on 1st April in Prague theatre Archa. “It is a single club concert, which has, in comparison with the previous performances of the group in the CR, limited capacity. The Sisters of Mercy are among the most famous and most influential rock formations of 80’s of 20th Century, they have a number of loyal fans, who travel whenever there is a concert in Europe. A number of other groups was inspired by them; from Skinny Puppy to Rammstein.

Most of the original group members went away, however Eldritch and the drum machine called Doctor Avalanche stayed in the project. The original guitarists Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey, who later founded successful music group The Mission, were replaced by Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo. Among the most well-known songs would be “Temple of Love”.

The Sisters of Mercy in Prague Archa Theatre on 1st April 2009. Start at 20:00

AC/DC and Black Ice head to Prague

The Legends of Australian hard-rock worked on their new album for two years. It can be heard and felt; fifteen great songs from the workshop of Young brothers form the longest record in the history of AC/DC. And also one of the best, as renowned magazines acknowledges – the Rolling Stone speaks about it in superlatives only.

The name of the 15th studio album is a link on Young Brothers childhood in Scotland, when they often heard “beware of the black snow” from the radio. The image of black snow now perfectly fits in the image of tough boys from AC/DC, who do not take prisoners as they play.

The singer Brian Johnson and the guitarist Angus Young staid faithful to their faithful color, in clothing as well. 17th March 2009 their black snow is going to fall on Prague O2 Arena.

The Levellers come to Prague, are catchy on their new album

The English group return to their roots, they introduced their last record by a concert in the Czech republic as well. It is clear they, after years of struggling, found the lost effect and return in good health. They again open the music box with sharp rhythms, sing-along reference and in the political lyrics aim directly to the top places of the ‘rotten society’. Their new album Letters From The Underground returns to their 90’s roots, into the trash-folk madness and sharp social critique.

At the contemporary concerts won’t be just their successful news, but they surely like to play their older tracks from A Weapon Called the World or Levelling the Land. The band themselves and their office staff had been personally involved in fighting the legislation throughout the previous year, taking part in marches, organising fly postering campaigns and adverts in the mass media, setting up fund to which many bands contributed, and raising the awareness.

The Levellers in Prague on 16th November 2008 in Palace Akropolis.

The Real McKenzies in Prague 2day

The Canadian Celtic-Punk group The Real McKenzies, well known to those who visit Summer Festivals come to Prague Rock Café to bring their great show again.

The Canadian group come to please the friends of vigorous Punk, especially the one who is partial to Celtic roots. The seven men group from Vancouver has been on the scene for seven years, since 1992, and inspired such groups as Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. All the group members have Scottish roots so to include backpipes into the line-up is definitely not an uneasy shot for the world music genre.

The Real McKenzies are famous especially for their tireless concerting, and their live performances guarantee energetic, wild and traditionally drunk show. Their concert is going to definitely be one of the most crazy performances in Prague this week.

Queen want to Rock the world in Prague

The music pact Queen + Paul Rodgers lasts and goes around the globe for the second time. Songs from the new album The Cosmos Rock and older hits they they want to rock if not the universe, so at least the fans in O2 Arena in Prague. The concert starts on Friday 31st October at 20:00.

To join the half of Queen (guitarist Brian May and a drummer Roger Taylor, the bass-guitarist Jophn Deacon refused to participate on the comeback) with the singer Paul Rodgers, two words collapsed. The shining theatre of Queen with earthy Blues-rock of Paul Rodgers appealed somehow unfit for some fans, for the others it was somehow more honest, than if the rest of Queen only found Freddie’s doubler and acted like nothing happened.

Not many people expected this would work for more than one tour. But it happened and in September a new studio album called The Cosmos Rock was published.

The Real McKenzies in Prague

Although the Real McKenzies are a punk group from Canadian Vancouver, they are strongly rooted in their Scottish heritage. The music of these ‘new-age Celtic singers’ is possible to define like a fusion of Sex Pistols and Scottish folk legend Robbie Burns.

The founding member of the group – front man Paul McKenzie, who formed the group in 1994, says his motivation for Scottish group is: “… when I was young, my parents used to dress me up in a kilt and made me dance and sing traditional Scottish music. To make a Scottish punk group is my way of paying back.’

The Real Mckenzies have vagrancy in their hearts. They are filled by greedy appetite for punk show and Scottish whiskey, they still develop their style to present it to millions of fans. Their newest enterprise, the ‘Of the Leash’ album embodies the spirit of wild energy and cheer.

4th November 2008, Tickets 250 czk in the pre-sale, 320 at the spot. Prague classic Rock Club Rock Café

AC/DC in Prague

After long waiting for the decision of the legend of the Australian rock to finally come to Prague it is finally here. During their long-expected world tour they visit, among other cities, Prague. The concert takes place next year, though, so anything can happen, but lets be optimistic.

The concert should take place on 17th March 2009 at the famous O2 Arena. The concert will be the third stop of AC/DC in the Czech Republic and the group is going to introduce songs from their new album Black Ice, which will be released on 20th October.

AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2003. During the ceremony the band performed “Highway to Hell” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith described the band’s power chords as “the thunder from down under that gives you the second-most-powerful surge that can flow through your body.”

Slayer in Prague !

Finally, an agency brave enough to invited the legendary giants of metal, Slayer, to the Czech Republic. The Agency Obscure Promotion had the guts to try it. The concert takes place during their tour Unholy Alliance III. Slayer also bring their support groups like Mastodont, Amon Amarth, Trivium and others.

The synonym of trash in its pure form come to raise some hell. Slayer, the group which in 1983 moved by the record “Show No Mercy” the borders of general perception of extreme in heavy metal music. The quality guarantee and merciless metal orthodoxy. The group which became salt in eyes of many, for many the way of life.

Slayer comes to Prague on the national holiday of 17th November 2008 since 17th in the Sport hall at the Prague Exhibition ground. Tickets only 690,- czk plus charges at Ticketportal, Ticketpro and Ticketstream.

QUEEN and Paul Rodgers concert comes nearer

The Event devoted fans of the Queen in Prague await with great expectations. The O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, hosts the special music event.

The live concert of Queen takes place on 31th October 2008. If you wish to attend the concert, now is the time to buy the ticket, because QUEEN and Paul Rodgers often fill even bigger stadiums than the O2 Arena.

The Queen and Paul Rodgers collaboration began in late 2004 when Queen were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

Paul Rodgers’ voice is one of rock’s platinum assets and as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter as front man of Free and Bad Company and as a solo artist he has written, produced and recorded some of radios biggest hits.

The Punk - Iggy Pop - this Saturday in Prague

The 61-yo singer Pop brings The Stooges with him, planning to roll in Prague like in other cities since 2003, when he reunited his group. The living American unguided missile, who introduced crowd diving, always performing topless, eventually with buttered chest.

Iggy Pop became the main inspiration for British punks, beginning with Sex Pistols, Clash and The Strangers, to the New Wave represents Joy Division or Siouxsie & the Banshees. He cooperated among others with David Bowie, he introduced Madonna into rock hall of fame.

The Weirdness is his new record which he gave himself to his 60th birthday last year, but he do not let you down and play his best hits as well. You just have to come to Prague, AC Sparta Arena in Holesovice, on 20th September 2007. Tickets at Ticketportal 700-1350 czk.

Black Box Revelation in Prague

In their music, there is an echo of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones or The Stoogers and even when in the golden times of garage rock even their parents weren’t alive, their records are devoted to the style and sharp. They are similar to The White Stripes in the respect they manage solely with the guitar and drums.

Their cheeky and casual style of the singer resembles a blend of Mike Jagger and Iggy Pop, but they are too young to be blamed they are simply retro. Rock’n‘roll in their presentment is not burdened with usual genre cliches, their music is young and fresh rebel music.

Their album with the song I Think I Like You became respected by radio stations, so if they keep up, they will be soon among the well known groups of our time. You can hear them this Friday 19th September in Palac Akropolis in Prague.

DIE HAPPY in Prague concert

The one, only and exclusive concert of the popular German rock band for the Czech Republic where they present their new album “VI” takes place in Prague Rock Café.

Die Happy is a German-based rock/pop/alternative band from Ulm. The group was founded in 1993 by the Czech singer Marta Jandova and Thorsten Mewes. Even though the band is based in Germany, their songs are written and performed almost exclusively in English.

Die Happy is one of the most hard-working bands, since they made more than 850 concerts since 2001, they also made 5 studio albums, an unplugged CD and two DVDs. The songs „The Ordinary Song“ or „Wanna Be Your Girl“ were often played in Czech radio ether.

18th October 2008 in Prague, Rock Café at Narodni Trida. The only concert in the CR.

Soulfly – Concert in Prague this Sunday

Soulfly is a heavy metal band formed in 1997 in Arizona. Led by founder, frontman, songwriter and only constant member Brazilian Max Cavalera, who formed the band after he left influental Brazilian death/thrash band Sepultura in 1996. The band has released six studio albums, one tour EP, several singles, and one DVD video.

Soulfly incorporates thrash metal, groove metal, with Brazilian tribal music and world music. The band has had all six of their studio albums debut on the United States Billboard 200, with a peak position at number 32 with their second album Primitive, and the band’s debut album Soulfly, has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Su 24th, August 2008, Prague Roxy


The Stooges are an American rock band that was active from 1967 to 1974, then reformed in 2003. The Stooges are often regarded as hugely influential in alternative rock, heavy metal and, especially, punk rock. Singer Iggy Pop and his often-outrageous onstage performances were often the main focus of attention.

Iggy Pop is an American rock singer, songwriter, and occasional actor. Although he has had only limited commercial success, Iggy Pop is considered an innovator of punk rock, garage rock, and other related styles. He is sometimes referred to by the nicknames “the Godfather of Punk” and “the Rock Iguana”, and is widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic stage performers.

Pop has had varying degrees of success in the course of his subsequent solo career. His best-known solo songs include “Lust for Life”, “I’m Bored”, “Real Wild Child”, the Top 40 hit “Candy” (with vocalist Kate Pierson of The B-52’s) and “The Passenger”.

Prague, AC Sparta Arena in Holesovice, 20th September 2007, Tickets at Ticketportal 700-1350 czk.

Slayer + Mastodon + Trivium + Amon Amarth concert in Prague

Slayer (usa) Trivium (usa) Mastodon (usa) Amon Amarth (swe) in one big concert in the Sport hall in Prague. Do not spend the public holiday otherwise, than by making the day the Metal holiday! The king, Slayer, which has became the synonymous for thrash metal in its pure form, arrives. The group, which by releasing Show no Mercy in 1983 moved the borders of ordinary perception of ‘extreme’ in metal music.

The Prague concert takes place within the ‘Unholy alliance Tour, Chapter III’ which rolls through Europe at the beginning of November, and it is the most eastern performance of the group, so high participation of fans from Slovakia and Poland are expected. Meanwhile Slayer still prepare their new record and so you can expect mainly old hits, the tryo of support groups announced to play songs of their new albums.

Date : Mon 17th November 2008 public holiday, start: 17:00, Venue: Incheba Arena (Mala sportovní hala), Praha Holesovice
Tickets: Ticketportal

Iron Maiden in Prague

Iron Maiden have confirmed the summer term of their concert, taking place on the football stadium Slavia Praha in Prague Eden. The legendary group introduces themselves at the massive open-air concert.

They come within their ‘Somewhere back in time – World tour 08’. During their concerts, Iron Maiden let us look into music history, focusing on the 80’s, by the stage design which ties together their famous Egypt production from 1984-85, with the „Powerslave tour“ from 1986-87, so it should be really something.

Steve Harris says:”We have friends in Prague and we come here as often as possible. This visit will be a little different, though, we are going to play on a football stadium, where will be a different atmosphere. I remember our last show in Prague in 2005 – reactions of the fans were incredible.”

Tickets: 1.495 – 695,- czk at Ticketpro
Venue: Eden – Slavia Stadium
When: Fr 8th August 2008 19:00

Dropkick Murphys in Prague Roxy

Dropkick Murphys are a Celtic punk band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. They blended traditional Irish music, Oi!, and punk. Their influences include Stiff Little Fingers, The Pogues, The Clash, Thin Lizzy, The Dubliners, and the Swingin’ Utters.

The band has made a name for itself and built a following as a result of their non stop touring all over the world and their famous St. Patrick’s Day weekend shows, which are held in Boston. Dropkick Murphys also support unions and some of their songs reflect this.

Dropkick Murphys come out swinging with their 6th studio album “The Meanest Of Times” a collection of tales about family, loyalty and remembering where you came from. “The Meanest Of Times” contains all the best elements of the DKM sound: a complex distillation of classic punk rock, Celtic folk and American rock’n‘roll, this album puts the band’s diversity, intensity and sincerity on full display.

“We always wanted to be that band that didn’t forget where it came from and we keep it in the forefront of our minds that we’re all in it together, audience and band members, as one, no one better than the other. That’s the M.O. of a lot of punk bands, but I think sometimes it gets lost the minute a band has any kind of success. We never want to let it go to our heads. We know how lucky we are to be doing this. It’s because of the people that listen to the band’s music we have this opportunity to see the world. I don’t care if we’re playing to 10 people or 10,000 people, those kids that are up front singing our songs are the reason we’re doing this.

And you can come to suport them to Prague Roxy on 12.08.2008, tickets for 150 czk.