Klaus Denied Global Warming ... Again

The Czech President Vaclav Klaus on the World Economical forum in Switzerland denied that global warming would take place. He aroused emotions as it is counter the official stance of the European union and the Czech government. According to Klaus, the statistics don’t show it.

“I don’t think Global warning exist. I don’t see any statistic data proving it” Klaus declared, and at the same time criticized the laureate of Nobel Peace prize and the former president of the USA Al Gore. “I am very sorry, that people like Al Gore are not ready to listen to rival theories. “I listen to them” he added. “Environmentalism and alarmism around global warming threaten our freedom.” he continued.

Klaus also warned against market regulation and following lost of personal freedom. “I am afraid that the contemporary financial crisis will be radically abused for market function regulation and market economics in the whole world.

Czech European Chairmanship Logo

For the next half of the year, the country is gong to be flooded with bright letters. The Chairmanship symbol of the Czech Rep is ‘EU2009.CZ’, brought out in colourful letters. The other logo is the European map made of colour letters. The Prime Minister deputy Vondra explains it symbolises diversity and openness, our strong points.

The logo will be everywhere – on billboards, in television, on many souvenirs, like ties and scarfs, umbrellas or bags. That is a common practice in all the EU countries. The logo will appear at all the official events of the Union, which are going to take place in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2009.

Meanwhile Czech Government prepares for the event, the President Klaus earned critique in Ireland for his meeting with the local fighter against the Lisbon treaty. Irish foreign minister labelled Klaus’s opinions as absurd.

Personalities of world culture and politics are in Prague

In Prague Zofin Palace, the first work part of the conference Forum 2000. That takes place in the metropolis under the auspices of the ex-president, dramatic Vaclav Havel, it has been held for twenty times already. The topic of this year is “openness and fundamentalism in 21st century”. A few dozens of thinkers, front personalities from the business world and contemporary and former big league politics, came to Prague to discuss about problems of democracy, culture, human rights and also potential treads.

On the meeting, which hosts, beside Zofin, also Laterna Magika or Goethe Institut, also appears the chess genius and Russia opposition politician Garri Kasparov or an economist Jan Svejnar. Other welcomed person is our foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg and French philosopher André Glucksmann. Today conference is going to be finished by Vaclav Havel’s speech today afternoon.

STB Interrogation Presentation to the EU Chairmanship

How are going the Czechs advertise their chairmanship of the EU? By a controversial art project and bizarre trip to the recent communist past.

The project of various artists, with Cerny in their lines which is going to embellish the main debating building in Brussels. The top-secret project leaks a little, so we know what the setting is; “What is the future of the Earth”. It is said that in their visions, the Netherlands are under the sea, from which, only the tops of mosques peer.

The artist group Spolecnost Opona prepares a project the Circus of Totality, with which the participants are going to go through the whole totalitarian Europe. A part of the drive simulator is going to be Trenazer Toatality (The Totalitarian Simulator), which is a space devoted to totalitarian procedures and tactics.

'We will make it sweet for Europe' Video for Czech EU chairmanship

Under the slogan We will make it sweet for Europe was launched the Czech government information campaign related the Czech EU chairmanship. The personalities acting in the movie are well-known characters of Czech culture in he world. As Topolanek commented, there is also one new character introduced – a sugar cube, which is a Czech invention.

The video begins with Jaromir Jagr, aiming and than shooting an sugar cube to Petr Cech, who catches it and makes a face. Then the prima ballerina Daria Klimentova spins her cube a little. The scientist Antonin Holy makes a little experiment. The famous architect Eva Jiricna builds a structure from the cubes. The super-model Tereza Maxova can’t resist and eats one. The conductor Libor Pesek closes the spot.

About in the half of November, the government will introduce the logo. The CR chairmanship start in the first half of the next year.

Czech EU Chairmanship comes nearer

The Congress centre in Prague is to become a sturdy fortress for half a year. The top European politics are going to sit there, as the Czech Republic is the EU Chairman of 2009.

The way around Palac Kultury/Congress centre will be partially limited; there will be a distinguished security line for VIPs close to the Congress Centre, and there will be special police units simply everywhere.

Limousines of the politicians are going to be parked under the building, so probably there will be some limitations of the parking places for the others as well.

There were bigger events, like IMF meeting, however this one is undoubtedly the longest one. Total length of Czech EU Chairmanship with preparations of about 8 months will definitely be the longest one and certainly a very expensive event, but the managers of the Congress centre claim it is worth it for them – at least people will know about the building.

Vaclav Havel Interview for Financial Times

The Ex president Vaclav Havel feels sorry, the former communist states weren’t able to finish the revolution from 1989 by reforming post-communism; to get rid of ex-communists with economic power. He said that for Financial Times interview.

“As the young generation grows up, the society needs to get rid of people in power deformed by communism” he states. According to him, it is a trend of two faces; at one side it brings benefits to certain people, at the other side it generates danger for the other.

Havel also spoke about changes that brought technical development to the society, e.g. about mobile phones, compared to little development the society did on humane fields.

Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague

Ellen Tauscher comes to Prague The influential congressman Ellen Tauscher arrives to Prague today, being the fright of Czech and American government as well.

The opponents of the Radar base in the Czech Republic see an ally in her person, even when it is not completely true. And she is basically a vixen for the backers of the anti-missile shield in the middle Europe, denying everything. But that is not completely true, too.

Ellen Tauscher initiated partial cuts of finances that administrative of G.W. Bush proposed this May. The U.S. Government. wanted to invest 310 millions of dollars, but E. Tauscher cut 160 millions off it. Another 85 millions were cut by the senate during the approval.

Since may, both governments have assured us about money coming back to the project after approved. The approval is still a hot topic in the Czech Republic, the radar system being criticised as unnecessary. However, according to specialists, the anti-missile system at military vessels is not sufficient for inside the continent.

Madeleine Albright in the Forum 2000 Conference in Prague

Tens of significant intellectuals and politicians from all corners of the world will come to Prague in October to attend the conference Forum 2000 that is tightly linked with the former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel.

The main stars of this year’s conference organized under the title ‘Freedom and Responsibility in Politics, International Law, Media, and Business’ will be former U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Madeleine Albright, journalist legend Christianne Amanpour, famous French philosopher Andre Glucksmann or the leader of Belorussian opposition Alexander Milinkevich.

The invitations were sent also to the former president of Iran Muhammad Chatami and the British ex- Prime Minister Tony Blair, however their attendance is not probable.

The 11th Forum 2000 Conference will be held in Prague Crossroads, formerly St. Anne’s Church in Prague’s Old Town and Zofin Palace on 7th – 9th October 2007. At the last year’s conference the media paid attention mainly to Tibet Dalai Lama.

International conference for democracy in Prague

Prague will host an international conference on “Democracy and Security: Core Values and Sound Policies” attended by leading dissidents, human rights activists, academics and world leaders. Its aim is to discuss the importance of democracy and to find the ways how to promote it in totalitarian regimes.

The conference is an initiative of three people concentrating on human rights and democracy – human right activist and political leader Natan Sharansky, former president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel and former Prime Minister of Spain Jose Maria Aznar.

The conference, scheduled for 4th – 6th June 2007 in Prague, is hosted by the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies at the Jerusalem-based Shalem Center, the Prague Security Studies Institute and the Foundation for Social Analysis and Studies in Madrid. One of the speakers at the conference will be the U.S. President George W. Bush.

Dalai Lama in Prague

As we informed you yesterday, Prague hosts very eminent people from the world at the conference Forum 2000 that ends tonight. One of them is also Dalai Lama, the head of Buddhism and Tibet spiritual leader. He is visiting Prague for the sixth time.

Dalai Lama arrived in Prague yesterday and he is apart from Vaclav Havel and American writer Elie Wiesel the most outstanding person of the conference. Dalai Lama discussed the perception of human rights in developing countries and the global enterprise.

Dalai Lama’s public talk that takes place in the basketball hall of Sparta Praha tomorrow was immediately sold out a long time ago. Dalai Lama’s lecture is called The Course of the Open Mind.

Forum 2000 hosts Nobel Prize winners

Nobel prize holders, scientists, politicians and artists arrived in Prague to discuss Dilemmas of Global Coexistence in the international conference Forum 2000.

The conference was open yesterday by ex President Vaclav Havel who is according to British magazine Prospect and American Foreign Policy the fourth most powerful intellectual in the world.

Among the famous people being concerned are Nobel Prize holders Dalai Lama and American writer Elie Wiesel, Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Belorussian opposition leader Alexander Milinkevich, Jordan Prince Hassan bin Talal and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson.

The conference participants will talk about variety of cultures, ideology, religion, democracy and human rights. Forum 2000 takes place in Prague Zofin until Tuesday.

The fate of Solar system lays in Prague

Prague hosts International Astronomical Union in these days. As you can read in our recent article, two and a half thousands astronomers from 75 countries discuss about important things in sphere of the universe. Whole world now awaits one of most important decisions for a century with hold breath.

Is ninth planet of Solar system Pluto a real full-value planet? This problem appeared in year 2003 when another relatively small object was found in distant orbit. This object is bigger than Pluto and has a name 2003 UB313 or Xena. Shortly after another six objects bigger than Pluto was found. Pluto is very similar to them and different from other large planets like eighth Neptune.

Astronomers must decide what the term “a planet” means. This will mostly bring changes in schoolbooks. Planets will be re-count and this can bring number eight or even sixteen. Some astronomers want to specify Xena as a planet, but strong opinion is that this “small objects” (Pluto has only fifth weight of our Moon) should be termed as a planetoid – a small planet, something between a planet and an asteroid.

The astronomical conference in Prague ends 25th August and world media hope that the fate of Pluto will be decided here.

The XXVIth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Prague

Next Monday is the starting day of the 26th General Assembly of the IAU that will last till the 25th August. The IAU was founded in 1919 and Czechoslovakia entered three years later on. The conference returns to Prague after 39 years and the Czech metropolis is only one of the three cities (with Rome and Sydney) to host the astronomers twice.

The event takes place in the Congress Centre where around three thousand astronomers will meet to discuss the important discoveries of the last three years in their field as well as to deepen the international cooperation. The event will be ceremonially opened by the President of the Czech Republic Mr Klaus and Prague Mayor Mr Bem.

There will be a special newspaper issued every day of the assembly and the scientists can also look forward to having a very interesting programme including trips around the special places of interest related to astronomy. One of the evenings should also be devoted to a special dinner in the Industrial Palace of Prague Exhibition Grounds which should be in a style of the thirties.

Congress Centre for sale

Prague’s town-council is the sole shareholder of the Congress Centre. A decision was met to sell most of the shares to another investor. The council wants to retain only minimum of shares that would entitle it to have some decision-making power. Three per cent of shares should be sufficient for convening a general meeting.

Even though the centre is currently prosperous, it is deeply indebted due to the reconstruction from the year 2000, which cost three bn Czech crowns. Prague was aiding the centre to meet its financial obligations with an annual subsidy of almost one hundred million crowns till 2004. Town-council does not want to continue with this any longer. The decision for privatisation was also influenced by the apprehensions about the cost of future renovation works.

The investor should enhance the prestige of the centre and attract thus to Prague more “congress tourists”. These visitors stay on average in the capital city longer and also spend here higher sums of money.

Modernization and reconstruction of the building should be accompanied by brushing up the surroundings. All of these alternations are necessary for the Congress Centre to offer services and environment required by the organizers and participants of top international conferences.

Prague is going to decide about the Solar System

The twenty-sixth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) will be held in Prague in August. The importance of this assembly must be stressed because of one particular item on its agenda – this event may change the way we know our Solar System.

To be more precise, the assembly will discuss the possibility of adding the tenth planet. The object is for the time being called Xena. Even though it is hundred times further away form the Sun than the Earth, its diameter exceeds that of Pluto. Xena is thus bigger and the tiniest and most far-away planet and may thus arguably deserve planetary status.

The expansion of the Solar System is controversial since some astronomers disagree even with Pluto being called a planet. It earned this classification because of misjudgement of its size by the astronomer who discovered it.

Mathematics in the Centre conference in Prague

International conference made by International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education is now in Prague Charles University. It started yesterday and the Annual Meeting ends 21st July. Now the conference has 30th jubilee.

The conference has this year over 800 members and it is located in Teachers’ College of Charles University and in ABC Theatre. The idea is that pedagogy and psychology has very important in teaching of mathematics.

The conference is under the auspices of Rector of Charles University Vaclav Hampl and City Major of Prague Pavel Bem.

Official pages of the PME 30 conference is here.

Prague as a place for congresses

Congresses and conferences are very popular and Prague can offer many places where this meetings can happen. Statistics says that a number of accommodation facilities offering service of creating a conference is raising. It is for 40 percent more than in 2004.

Though the number of conferences is still same and count of large congresses is even lower. Forty-seven conferences was in Prague last year, in year 2004 it was 38. A half of five-star hotels in Prague can offer service for conference, the number of four-star hotels offering the same is one fifth.

The largest and as a favourite is Prague Congress Centre. Last year offered their service for 110 000 people.

2nd European Conference of Apidology

There is some invitation for conference in Prague.

It is 10th- 14th September in hotel Pyramida. So if you are interested in bees, please continue here.

Fifth Workshop on Treebanks (TLT 2006)

Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics is organizing a two-week series of workshops and invited lectures which include the Fifth Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT 2006), the Vilem Mathesius Courses (VMC 2006), and the Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) group meeting.

The proposed TAPA 2006 workshop should open this series of events on November 30, 2006. More info here.