Ice bar at Hilton hotel, Prague

Like if there was not enough ice in Prague, Hotel Hilton Prague introduced their news in the form of specially illuminated Ice bar build from ice blocks on the roof of the building. The ice bar is going to be opened every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 7th February. The bar opens at 22, closes at midnight.

Tickets to the bar cost 590 czk for 15 minutes and include welcoming drink of Taittinger champagne, company of hostess “ice girls” oyster bas and unlimited capacity of ice drinks made with vodka.

Hilton Prague is a luxurious hotel, the biggest in the Czech Republic. If offers also other past-times like Fitness club Cybex health club & spa, Casino Atrium or shops and boutiques offering various possibilities of free time use. Travel Trade Gazette magazine World Travel Awards gave Hilton the 2008 prize for the best Czech hotel.


  • Ice bar at Hilton hotel, Prague [January 16 2009, 11:34 AM]

Engineering sites under Prague sight-seeing

World unique net of collectors attract more and more tourists. During the first year since opening about 2500 came to see the engineering sites. 90 kilometres of collectors that goes under the city centre of Prague holds almost all engineering nets – from electricity, water and gas to the Internet. There has been about 4,5 km of tunnels made accessible for tourists.

The future visitors have to book for one of the four traces in advance, preferably using the web page www.kolektory.cz, the trips are possible to take on Mondays and Wednesdays. The traces start by a joyride in a little mining train, which transports cables and pipes normally. Price for one person is 300 czk, for that you can see engineering sites which are admired by experts from all around the world.


Art Phone = Phone boots with an attitude

gamekeeper’s lodge phonebox still in atelier Walking around summer Kampa Park, a walk-by’s interest focuses on strange objects, resembling phone boots from distance, as the skelet is of the same dimension. There is seventeen of them and they are a part of the exhibition called Art phone, supporting Linka Bezpeci – telephone line for kids and teens in hard life situations alias Safety Line Association

Starting and renown artists participated on creating the boxes, which will be exhibited in the streets until 25th August. At the same time, there is the Internet auction www.aukce.linkabezpeci.cz where are these sold.

One of the boxes is a charity object by itself, as its design includes a huge moneybox. After the exhibition ends, it will serve on, placed in O2 Arena. The boxes, who more or less changed their face, are more than anything else unusual artifacts. The most significant is a booth close to John Lennon’s wall, that changed into a gamekeeper’s lodge. With antlers, incased with wood. Or a box called Ecological with compost, or Cushiony, focused on interior comfort.


Summer House in Prague

mecca people Club Mecca is the biggest Czech house music club, so the fact that during holidays there are no great names doesn’t mean, there is no great fun – quite the contrary, on free Wednesdays the place is pumping and vibrating. Not only the entrance is free during the holiday Wednesdays and some of holiday Fridays, Sundays and Saturdays, but also girls get 1 free cocktail before midnight.

Mecca focuses on parties. The club main room is large, black and illuminated by various lights. The place is dominated by a massive bar. Equipped with solid music installations it provides good sound for its visitors, who are Czechs mixed with foreigners, who all form a kind of ‘good society’. Though there’s no dress code, many people who do come, like to make an impression.


Prague Zoo plans: One of the best to become even Better

us seal show If you like Zoos in general, the Prague one is renowned enough to be liked, but the golden era is not going to last forever, and the manager Petr Fejk is very aware of the fact. His plans for future enhancement of the Zoo are quite extraordinary for such a small country the Czech Republic is. Judge for yourself – to make a seal pool in the American style, with platforms and performances few times a day. Expect no circus – the performances start from the idea animals should move naturally, and should enjoy it in the first place. The future trainers will be send directly to the USA, to learn from the masters.

Fejk also came with the idea of letting people into the new huge parrot aviary that should be finished next year; if it will work, that would become an integral part of the Zoo. Another news will be the planed lookout tower, and not an ordinary one – it is going to be a replica of the over a hundred years old wooden lookout tower of Jizerske hory. The list of goodies ends with a sweetshop, which is to be placed in a newly reconstructed historical cabin in the Zoo.


Kerndlova fights for the finals of Eurovision

The crucial three minutes on the stage of Belgrade arena awaits Tereza Kerndlova, the Czech representative in the international Eurovision Song Contest. At 9 pm at the capital city of Serbia the second semifinal round starts of the 53rs volume; in the Czech Republic, CT1 television is going to broadcast it live. If Kerndlova will succeed, she moves on to the Saturday finals. The first semi-finals took place on Thursday. The future fate of Kerndlova in the competition will be decided by TV viewers of the whole Europe – voting starts at the last 15 minutes of the live broadcast.

Kerndlova’s number, where you can cast your votes is 906 09 09 for sms, it is possible to call, at number 906 09 50 22, both the sms and phone call cost 9 czk. Kerndlova’s greatest rivals are Ani Lorak from Ukraine and Charlotte Perelli from Sweden. She is expected to score high, as she won Eurovision in 1999 already.


Eurosong 2008: Tereza Kerndlova represents Czech Republic

kerndlova This weekend finals in Prague revealed Tereza Kerndlova (21) as the Czech representative of Eurosong 2008. After last year embarrassing debacle with Czech drunk-rock hairy group Kabat, who demonstrated what damage can alcohol do to one’s brain cells, we have launched the exact opposite – Tereza Kerndlova is of the ‘shake your boody’ kind.

Tereza Kerndlova’s last album is a very modern, fresh, and directly pop album, in r’n‘b rhythm. Tereza’s visage is adult and sexy, very much like Jennifer Lopez or especially Beoncé. Looks sells, and Tereza definitely can act like a bombshell to boost her CD sales. But if you youtube her live show from this weekend finals, you may agree with the losing contestants, that her singing wasn’t ‘completely clear’; there might be a little problem without playback, but we will see.

Czech weapons for Eurosong 2008: love, good-looks, soul, desire, and pronouns me and you from all angles.

Americans, Geography and Prague

It is true, that Americans sometimes are rather lame in the matter of Europe’s geography, but to be honest, if a Czech is asked, what are the neighbours of i.e. Nebraska, he/she never knows. But that story is something. Just a starter:

… people – mostly American students – would ask me were:
1. Do you guys have traffic lights? ( I would answer: “No, we just dance naked around the fire”)
2. Is Czechoslovakia (I gave up correcting them on that one) next to Turkey?
3. You guys speak Russian?
4. Oh yeah, that’s by the sea, right?

The rest is here and it’s quite unbelievable

Come to Prague to see Tour de Ski competition

2006 competition hradcanske namesti praha Like the last year, there are going to be ski competitions in Prague. The square closest to Prague castle, Hradcanske namesti, will be hidden under snow cover. According to the organizers, the only thing that needs to be solved is how to transport 2 000 cubic meters of artificial snow, which represents approximately 500 trucks.

Why in the very Prague center? Katerina Neumann, the chairwoman of the organizing committee says: “There is not a nicer place in Prague. The TV pictures going to the world will be fabulous.”

The idea is, on 30th of December 2007 Hradcanske namesti will be covered in snow to became the setting for the Tour de Ski competition. Sport in streets became a hit of the world’s metropolises. And a way, how to present the city as a modern and lively place, that can entertain not just its citizens, but visitors form all around the world.

City councillor for culture and heritage, Milan Richter, comments: “I am glad for such events in Prague. I’m not such a sport fan to go to watch skiing competitions somewhere in mountains, but if it will be in the center, I’ll be glad to come.”

Milan Richter is not the sole person who enjoys it. Those races are common i.e. in Oslo, Paris or Stockholm. And as in those cities, in Prague there won’t be just sports, we can look forward to other entertainment, like concerts, performances and programme for children.


Prague ZOO Baby Gorilla TATU is a Boy

tatu is a boy It was very hard to find sex of the new baby gorilla Tatu, as it is not possible to see simply by eyes. It took some time, before they found a suitable faece for DNA analysis. And the result? It’s a boy. With 95% probability.

The exposé of the 4-months old baby gorilla sex was one of the surprises of the evening, prepared for the baptizing ceremony. The honoree got a basket full of presents; foot ball, plush monkey and a wooden car for instance. The car was the biggest success at the end.

Lucie bílá, the godmother of the gorilla baby wished him to have a family, just like his father Richard. When Tatu grows adult, he will have to leave the ZOO, as his older sister Moja. Male gorillas have to go to their new packs in their 7th or 8th year, females in their 6th or 7th year.

Number of wild gorillas gets smaller every year of approx. 7%. The reason is rainforests getting smaller, and numbers of poachers, hunting them for meet. The number of gorillas living in captivity is approx. 1000 worldwide. “Each baby gorilla is worth of gold, and we are happy we can help” says Prague Zoo manager Fejk.


The Ark concert in Rock Café

The Ark The popular Swedish glam rock band The Ark is going to play in Prague on the 7th October.

The Ark achieved success with their debut album We Are The Ark (2001), which was awarded two Swedish Grammy Awards. The band has also represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, with the hit single Worrying Kind from their latest album Prayer for the Weekend.

The Ark shows are well-known for being lively and flamboyant. Their show in Prague will take place in Rock Café (Narodni Street 20) and they will be supported by local instrumental band Sunflower Caravan. Tickets are available at Ticketpro and Ticketportal for 250,- CZK (300,- at the venue).


Surprising evenings in the Aero cinema

Aero cinema in Prague has chosen an interesting way, how to attract people to the screenings: there will be special evenings, called “Naslepo” (“Blind”), where visitors won´t know, which movie they are going to see.

The movies screened on these days will be special – those that cannot be seen in other cinemas (they are not in usual distribution in the Czech Republic), but which are nevertheless interesting and worth seeing.

People won´t pay any entrance fee before the screening on “Naslepo” nights. They will pay afterwards, according to how much they liked the movie. The first Naslepo screening will take place on 19th September at 8:30 pm. Aero cinema is situated in Prague Zizkov district, in Biskupcova Street 31. You can get there by a tram (9, 10, 16 or 19, stop Biskupcova). The nearest metro station is Zelivskeho (A line).


Erik Truffaz Quartet in Prague

Erik Truffaz Erik Truffaz, one of the most respected European jazz musicians of the present time, will perform in Prague, Palac Akropolis, on Thursday. His music combines experimental jazz with hip hop and drum´n´bass and he is therefore called “Miles Davis of acid jazz”.

The music of “Erik Truffaz Quartet” (trumpeter Truffaz, keyboardist Muller, jazz drummer Erbetta and bassist Giulliani) is appreciated as creative, uncompromising and masterful. Erik Truffaz has already recorded more than 10 albums and he has achieved success also in the USA.

Music fans in the Czech Republic will have a chance to hear Erik Truffaz Quartet on Tuesday (18.9.) in Ostrava, on Wednesday 19.9. in Brno and 20.9. in Prague. The show in Prague starts at 7:30 pm and a ticket costs 400,- CZK (available at Ticketpro). Palac Akropolis is situated in Kubelikova Street 27, in Prague Zizkov district. Truffaz will be supported by Sophia Hunger.


Tropison Club celebrates four years

Tropison Club in Prague situated on the 5th floor of the department store Kotva in Namesti Republiky is going to celebrate its 4th anniversary on Friday 14th September. The club wants to organize a big party full of Latin-American dances.

The celebration starts at 21:00 and it’s open for both professionals and amateurs. Lovers of Latin-American dances can look forward to the performances of Brazil dance group Brasil Show. Those who don’t master these dances can take mini lessons of salsa, samba and merengue during the evening.

The club prepares a rich programme with refreshment, performances of salsa, samba, carnival, lambada, bachata, afro, orient or rock’n‘roll.


Festival of indie rock music in Prague

Indie Summer Fest 2007 Festival of Czech indie rock bands will take place in the Parukarka park in Prague on 1 st September. You can spend the whole afternoon there – the bands will play from 1 pm to 10 pm and the admission is free.

Parukarka park is situated in Prague 3, Zizkov district. The closest metro station is Flora, the closest tram stop is “Olsanske namesti” (trams 5, 9, 26).

13:00 – 13:40 STP
14:00 – 14:40 Loves Of A Blonde
15:00 – 15:40 The Roads
16:00 – 16:40 LakesideX
17:00 – 17:40 No Heroes
18:00 – 18:40 Road Side Mary
19:00 – 19:40 Living Room
20:00 – 20.40 Sweeper
21:00 – 21:40 The Slots


Gipsy.cz will perform on Prague´s beach tomorrow

Gipsy.cz Catchy rhythms will sound from the “First Prague´s Beach” in Smichov tomorrow. There will be a concert of Gipsy.cz, the popular Czech band, combining hip hop with Romany music and pop. The band will also introduce its new video there.

Gipsy.cz are successful both in the Czech Republic and abroad: it is the first Czech band, which has ever played on the famous Glastonbury festival in the UK.

The show by the river Vltava will start at 6 pm, the admission is 150,- CZK. The First Prague´s Beach (1. Prazska plaz) is situated on the left bank of the Vltava river, between Palackeho bridge and Zeleznicni (Railway) bridge, next to the botel Admiral.


Prague Carnival 2007 in park Portheimka

Prague Carnival information here

Inspired by the world famous carnivals the fifth Prague district will be full of coloured masks, dancing people and allegorical vehicles. The two-day Prague Carnival is planned on 31st August and 1st September 2007.

The programme will start on Friday 31st August in park Portheimka by handing over the key of the city to the king/queen of the carnival, followed by shows of dancers dressed in coloured costumes made of feathers and music performances.

Allegorical vehicles with people wearing masks will walk from nam. 14 rijna via Ujezd and Andel to park Portheimka, 1st Prague beach (in Smichov) and local bars and restaurants on Saturday 1st September.

One of the events within the carnival will be an international meeting of practitioners of Capoeira, Brazilian martial art created by enslaved Africans during the 19th century.

Have fun at Letni Letna festival in Prague

If you visit Letenske sady in Prague-Letna from 20th August till 2nd September you may see photographs flutter in the treetops, juggles and clowns on the pathways and many theatre performances on the grass. Letenske sady will host Letni Letna summer festival.

The biggest star of the festival will be one of the best known circus from France Cirque ici. They will perform ten times with their latest show Secret. Tickets for their shows are still available via Ticketpro network.

For those who would like to learn juggling can attend juggle course for free which will be held twice during the festival. Web pages of the festival (here) bring more information for those who are interested.

Roger Sanchez in Prague's club Mecca

Roger Sanchez in Prague's Club Mecca On the occasion of the 9th anniversary, Prague’s club Mecca will welcome one of the best music DJs in the world Roger Sanchez. He will perform in Mecca club (U Pruhonu 3) on 20th September 2007.

Roger Sanchez is a successful house music icon known in the world for his CDs compilations, club nights and a radio show listened by over 1.2 million of people in Europe and the USA every week.

Tickets for the evening can be bought via Ticketpro network for 890 CZK. You can also buy a V.I.P ticket for 1,990 CZK. To Mecca club you can get from metro station Holesovice (red line C) by trams no. 5, 12 or 15.


Reconstruction of historical events in Kuks

Baroque building in Kuks If you plan to visit this weekend other places than Prague, your good choice might be a small spa village in Hradec Kralove Region in the east of Bohemia. Visitors of this lovely place will turn back to the time when noblemen were strolling in the gardens and Count Spork, who founded the main feature of the village – a Baroque spa building, went hunting. To the times almost 300 years ago.

Annual celebrations will offer horse riding shows, old traditional markets, a period army camp, wine tasting, a reconstruction of historical events, a concert of scene and theatre music or big fireworks.

The celebration is held this Saturday from 9:00 to 22:00. Besides the programme of the celebrations, visitors can see the famous Baroque building, the lapidary of M.B. Brown statues, Church of the Holy Trinity and Czech Pharmaceutical Museum.