Public Events prepared for Czech EU Chairmanship

Czech European Chairmanship is going to be accompanied by cultural programme for general public, as well as prestigious events for EU delegates and other international guests.

There are two important anniversaries in 2009. the first is the jubilee of Iron Curtain fall that took place 20 years ago and the second is the 5th anniversary of the biggest EU widening. The year 2009 is also the European year of creativity and innovations.

Among the greatest delicacies of the programme is the premiere of the rock opera CA Ira from the founding member of the legendary group Pink Floyd Roger Waters, which will be a part of the celebration of the fifth jubilee of Czech Republic EU entry.

For the general public are prepared so called ‘Eurofestivals’ accompanied by ministers conferences in individual regions.

For Example the music festival United Islands of Europe, taking place 18 – 21th June 2009. As in the time of its origin it is going to be thematically connected to the EU.

Events connected to Czech European Chairmanship

Czech republic as the chairman of the European committee and by this Prague became after Belgian Bruselles de facto the second capital city of the EU. What does that mean for Prague citizens? Czech Metropolis is going to become, for half of the year, the city of politic elite, which comes for various negotiations. The most meetings and congresses will be hosted by the Congress Centre, close to Metro C Vysehrad.

But the Chairmanship doesn’t only mean limousines and police cordons, it will be also about cultural events. 7th January the International Year of astronomy starts on the Old Town Square. The opening starts at 15 the moving procession of Apostles of the Astronomical Clock.

Other event, this time aimed at music lovers is on 28 and 29th January in the Smetana hall – Symphonic orchestra of the Capital of Prague. After they finish their concerns, the other ones performing are the members of the National Folk Costume Ball. That will be quite an event, as there is going to be about 700 members in folk costumes.

Town Hall organizes Europe Day, listed on 9th May 2009. They have prepared concert, where the famous 9th symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven, known like “Ode To Happiness” presented by the Czech Philharmonics with the world renown conductor Jiri Belohlavek and with significant soloists.


Organizers of Prague ski are happy – it is freezing

Today in Prague, Prague Ski competition starts at Prague Exhibition ground. Just a few days before, the race was seriously jeopardized by warm weather and lack of snow. However during the night from 25th to 26th December snow cannons are running continuously, plus there is also the PolarSnow technology used, which means making the snow using water, compressed air and liquid nitrogen. The biggest advantage is the snow doesn’t have any chemicals inside and so its properties are similar to those of regular snow.

Since 11 am, Prague Exhibition Ground opens an accompanying programme, with concerts of Czech groups like Walda Gang, and Support Lesbians. The start of qualification races is at 1 pm. The program continues tomorrow since 10 am by the main race, at 12 the race for the public concurs.


Various pictures of Jesus' birth in Prague

The exhibition shows Nativity scenes made from various materials, there are various shapes, attitudes, sizes… The Burgrave at Prague Castle is filled with families, and both the parents and kids marvel at the unique pieces. They stare in disbelief at the cute marionette theater, which served as a narrator of Christmas happening more than a hundred years ago. No plasma screen!

Parents wisely nod their heads, when they read the moved history of the unfinished nativity scene, which should have been made for St Vitus chapel, but works on the original were cut off by the WWII and than by the communists in 1948. The spacious piece of art got lost, leaving no clues. The only reminder is its period model, depicting the setting in traditional Czechoslovak clothes and scenery. Only the wizards are in traditional costumes.

If you have a family, you can get a nice ticket for reasonable money. The exhibition looks nice, feels nice and smells nice as well, the energy is really christmas-like. Good for the Christmas spirit boost.


Pussycat Dolls Arrive to Prague

Music-dance group around the 30yo singer Nicole Scherzinger is going on the World tour, and they do not forget to visit Prague at their trip. Prague should hear their biggest hits and actual songs from the new album Doll Domination (published in 2008). on the final version of the tape is also the track When I Grow Up, which was co-produced by such stars as Timbelake, Sean Garrett or R. Kelly. As a bonus, every member of the girls has her own solo track in the bonus part of the album.

Pussycat Dolls let themselves be heard that the fans are going to see what they haven’t seen before. The originally dance group is going to pump up the fan crowd in Tesla arena so hard, there is going to be hot long after they will travel on their tour. Their tour starts this January in Scotland, they are arriving to Prague 21st February 2009 to Tesla Arena.


Nativity Scene Prague Exhibition

In the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle is a charming exhibition of a few dozens of Nativity scenes from the workshops of old and contemporary Betlemari – ‘Betlehelmers’, including some rare and valuable pieces, taking place. The exhibition shows wooden Nativity scenes, sheet crib views, paper scenes and glass pieces. This year, we can also admire the replica of an old puppet show which entertained audiences more than a hundred years ago.

Nice pieces of Nativity scenes are viable also in various non-traditional forms, like those made from gingerbread, or the one from 30s made of ceramics, originally designed for the st. Vitus Chapel, or some charming woodcarver works. The exhibition is opened daily, including holidays and weekends from 9 to 17 hours. Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle, lasts until 4th January 2009.


Depeche Mode concert in Prague

Are you a music devotee and a great fan of the Depeche Mode in particular? The Slavia Stadium in Prague, Czech Republic, is hosting a spectacular music event: Depeche Mode will be playing a live concert.

One of the most successful music groups of the present, Depeche Mode, announced terms of their European Tour of the Universe, where Prague is not going to be absent. In Eden, we can look forward on 25th June 2009 for one of the biggest concert events of the future year. The group at the present time work on their new album, which is expected in the next year, to be played live.

Depeche Mode visited Prague for the first time in January 2006 during their last tour Playing the Angel. Their concert in 2009 takes Place in Slavia Eden Station. The only tickets which are possible to buy now are in the platinum quality and cost 3,500 czk.


Budejovicky Budvar scored in battle for 'Bud' label

Budvar gained a significant victory at the ‘first-class’ court of the European community in the dispute among Budvar and American Anheuser-Bush.

Budejovice Budvar so achieved a significant victory – the court was about whether Bud can register their trademark in Europe, Budvar was logically against.

Other courts, like the OHIM previously denied the objection of the Budejovicky Budvar company with the comment the Bud Label can’t be considered as a name of origin, Budejovicky Budvar tried to prove Bud can be perceived as a shortcut for the name of Czech city Ceske Budejovice, which German version is Budweis.

Budejovicky Budvar succeeded in Luxemburg in the battle for the ‘Bud’ label, the outcome is the only Bud* in Europe should be the Budejovicky Budvar.

Prague Spring 2009 Ticket Sale Starts Today!

Prague Spring (Czech: Mezinárodní hudební festival Pražké jaro) is a significant music event held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic and in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Outstanding artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles has been performing at Prague Spring since 1946.

Prague Spring takes place 12th May 2009 – 3th June 2009. Why do we post the information now? Because this V.I.P. festival is traditionally sold out very, very soon before its start. If you re interested in it and think about visiting it, you should buy your tickets as soon as possible. If possible, do it today at Ticketpro.

Prague Spring in 2009 as an official event of the CR Chairmanship comes with such international stars, like Anne-Sophie Mutter, Kurt Masur, Juan Diego Flórez, Bernarda Fink, Christoph von Dohnányi, Thomas Hampson, Frank Peter Zimmermann or Jordi Savall, together with the Czech artists of world renown like Jiri Belohlavek, Dagmar Pecka, Ivan Moravec, Martina Jankova and Many others.

When you are going to go through the programme, you should put your mind to listed concerts of jubilee personalities, who co-designed the world of Czech and World music, like those: Bohuslav Martinu, Petr Eben, Joseph Haydn, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Fryderik Chopin, Josef Bohuslav Foerster or Frantisek Xaver Richter.


Goran Bregovic and Karmen (with happy ending)

The pieces by Goran Bregovic are labelled like the exemplary type of postmodern music. You can dance on rhythms of Gypsy and and folk songs from Balkan, Greece and Turkey, you can lost in dreams during a rock ballad, to be in the end amazed by angel-clean voices of the children’s choir, accompanied by synthezator music.

Bregovic got fame by music to movies by Emir Kosturica, like Time of Gipses and Arizona Dream. To the success of these movies definitely contributed Bregovic’s songs. He was awarded prizes for the best film music in movies Underground and Queen Margot.

His performances in the Czech Republic have always gained maximum success. Not only Czech audience loves his music, films and spontaneous energy, but they are also very vocal about it, so the atmosphere is something wonderful. Thanks for his scenic harmony talent his performances are attractive and fascinating.

Tickets: from 1 450,- to – 550,-, Veue: Congress Centre (Kongresové centrum, Praha 4). Date: 25th December 2009.


Classical lightbulbs starting to disappear in September

The European Union have agreed on the gradual ban of selling classical lightbulbs. The alternative, which is was put through are the economic fluorescent tubes, which are able to shine at the same intensity using less energy. On agreeing of the appropriate regulation, experts from member countries associated with in the workgroup for ecological design. The regulation needs to be formally certified by European Parliament and Commission, but no delays are expected there.

In 2010, salesman should stop selling the 100W and stronger lightbulbs. In 2012, the regulation should affect all the ones, which are stronger 25W. In 2016, the final part bans halogen lightbulbs from the shops as well. Economic light bulbs have the same luminous flux like classic lightbubs, but lower energy consumption. Classic 100W lightbulb corresponds to 20W economic fluorescent tub. The energy consumption is so five times lower.


Monkey Business and Glenn Hughes in Prague Lucerna

Glenn Hughes The singer of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes, is going to be hosted by the Monkey Business, together they are going to perform live in Prague Lucerna. “We are going to play his songs as well, like the one called F.U.N.K., for which he was nominated for Grammy.” says the front man of Monkey Business. And adds – “Hughes is one of the best singers. My first vinyl was one by Deep Purple” BTW, Hughes hosts at the album of Monkey business from 2005, called Kiss Me On My Ego.

The group plays in Lucerna on Wednesday, introducing some of the new songs which are going to appear on the new album Twilight Of Jesters. The group is going to be enforced not only by Glenn Hughes, but also by their original songstress Tonya Graves, who returned from maternity leave. The Concert you shouldn’t miss on Wednesday – Monkey Business and Glenn Hughes in Prague Lucerna, December 10, 2008. Start: 20:00


Exhibition of old Radios in Prague

The famous Edison’s Phonograph or the Radio receiver from the period of the second world war, which speaker is nicknamed “Goebbels’s mouth” can be seen in the Atrium shopping hall at the Charles Square. Until the end of January, the interesting exhibition called Naladte se na stare Vlny (Tune on the old broadcast) is going to continue showing more than 150 historic radio receivers, gramophones and telephones.

Besides that the visitors can see some rare pieces of those first USA Turntables, which used to be driven by a clique, with volume regulation by a kind of doors in the front, which when wide open, played at maximum volume, minimum volume was made by closing the doors. The exhibition has some unique pieces and rarities as well.


The Sisters of Mercy in Prague concert

The cultic British group The Sisters of Mercy is going to perform on 1st April in Prague theatre Archa. “It is a single club concert, which has, in comparison with the previous performances of the group in the CR, limited capacity. The Sisters of Mercy are among the most famous and most influential rock formations of 80’s of 20th Century, they have a number of loyal fans, who travel whenever there is a concert in Europe. A number of other groups was inspired by them; from Skinny Puppy to Rammstein.

Most of the original group members went away, however Eldritch and the drum machine called Doctor Avalanche stayed in the project. The original guitarists Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey, who later founded successful music group The Mission, were replaced by Chris Catalyst and Ben Christo. Among the most well-known songs would be “Temple of Love”.

The Sisters of Mercy in Prague Archa Theatre on 1st April 2009. Start at 20:00


Important Chapter of Czech Design exhibition

The exhibition which opened in Prague holds one’s interest not only by high quality of presented design, but also by its originality made by nature connection of folk traditions with the most progressive art motions. The Artel group was founded by the coming generation of Prague artists in 1908 as a “general goods store” but the idea from the beginning was new conception of decorative arts.

The point Artel group has is to create quality art-craft, which would improve general taste, it is about connecting decorative arts with usefulness of everyday objects, about the unified lifestyle, something we call design today. The members designed toys, souvenirs, jewels, ceramics, glass, textile motives and also furniture sometimes.

One of the inspiration sources of the exhibited objects is the folk art, which can be seen for example in the devil-shaped wooden box, the other would be secession and cubism. Art for Everyday – exhibition in the Museum of Decorative arts in Prague until March 2009.


Diamond jewels exhibited in Prague

Diamonds worth six millions euro, which means about 150 millions czk, are now exhibited in Siroka Street in Prague 1. In the newly opened showroom, the Czech company Diamonds International Corporation exhibits the world strongest currency. Visitors interested can have a look at the diamonds themselves, but also jewels made from them.

The cherry on the cake of the exhibition is the ring with yellow citrus three-carat brilliant, and six pink brilliants with total weight of 2 carats. Its price is about 7,2 millions czk. The biggest exhibited piece is the diamond of 11,83 karate, which price reaches almost 35 million czk.

All the diamonds are possible to see for free, the entrance is opened until 8th December. Siroka ulice in Prague.


AC/DC and Black Ice head to Prague

The Legends of Australian hard-rock worked on their new album for two years. It can be heard and felt; fifteen great songs from the workshop of Young brothers form the longest record in the history of AC/DC. And also one of the best, as renowned magazines acknowledges – the Rolling Stone speaks about it in superlatives only.

The name of the 15th studio album is a link on Young Brothers childhood in Scotland, when they often heard “beware of the black snow” from the radio. The image of black snow now perfectly fits in the image of tough boys from AC/DC, who do not take prisoners as they play.

The singer Brian Johnson and the guitarist Angus Young staid faithful to their faithful color, in clothing as well. 17th March 2009 their black snow is going to fall on Prague O2 Arena.


Academism and kitsch combined = Prague exhibition

There is an interesting exhibition you can visit in City Gallery Prague, which is situated in the 4th floor of the main building of the Prague Municipal Library, Marianske Square nr. 1, not far from the Old town Square.

The exhibition is called Bytosti odnikud, in English Beings from nowhere, with a subtitle Metamorphoses of Academic Principles in paintings of the first half of the twentieth century. The title of the exhibition quite appropriately says what it is about. It presents works which were made with aims to present human body, somehow following academic principles of its depictions, set centuries ago. Although those principles were seriously “overcomed“ by avant-garde movements in late 19th and first half of 20th century, there obviously still were authors, who followed old academic principles of realistic depiction of human body, and especially popular depictions of female naked body.

Read on here


Christmas in Prague – Selected Events

This year of 2008 brings traditional festivities, which you can enjoy while at Prague Old Town Square.

29th November – 10:00 – The international festival of advent music
18:00-18:15 – Lighting up the Christmas tree

5th December – 13:00 – 16:30 – Prague Advent Choral Meeting.
17:00 – 19:00 – St. Nicholas (Mikulas) show

9th December – Czech Christmas with Baby Jesus (Jezisek) the box for child letters to him is going to installed.

24th December – 21:00 – 22:00 – Czech Christmas Mass

31st December – 15:00 – 18:00 – Baby New Years Eve
18:30 – 00:05 New Years Eve celebration

1st January 2009 – 14:00 – 15:00 – Arias from Czech Operas carried out by the chorale and soloists or the National Theatre and the State opera

If you head to Prague, this little list should give the opportunity to get in some Christmas atmosphere. The best thing is those events are entry-free .


Prague Christmas Markets 08'

During this weekend, the markets begin. According to the organizers, the quality should be higher than all the years before, when the every year annual event occupies the centre. At Saturday, the vending and entertainment centres on the Old Town and Wenceslas Square open. This time, the Christmas markets will are going to be dominated by red colour, by which the roofs of kiosks.

Ceremonial lighting of the tree is going to open the centre of the metropolis to advent time festivities. The tree brought from Janske Lazne is going to be in white and gold color, light animation of 70 thousand LED diodes is going to represent snowing.

On the Old Town Square is going to open about hundred selling places. The kiosks are going to be placed in two directions, at the Old Town Square, the entrances will be ‘protected’ by two light angels. The Saturday evening is going to be a very visited event – the organizers say that there is usually as much people as during the New Year’s Eve.

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