Austrian director let Dukovany explode

the infamous temelin, which works very well so far The Czech nuclear power plants are a theme for debates of many Austrians. The most hated is the Temelin power plant, which was build partly by Russian, partly by American technology and Austrians do not hesitate to demonstrate against it loud.

What is in the movie? Explosion of Dukovany power plant. Thousands of Austrians run to the shelters, firemen trying to help the exposed to radiation… drama First Day was viewed on the Austrian television ORF 2. The director Andreas Prochaska gained world primacy – it has never happened a real power plant would explode in a film.

Even when they defend they only wanted to make a partly documentary movie, it only adds fuel to the flames of the general assumption Czechs are not able to run their power plants. Which is of course a nonsense, what’s more Dukovany belong to long-term among the most securely operating nuclear power stations in the world.

Drastic Clips for Increasement of Road Safety: they appear less they should, critics say

The Ministry of Transport decided to finance the most expensive and drastic campaign for Road safety in the history of the Czech Republic. They even paid a film director Renc to direct the clips. He now belongs among the biggest critics of the campaign management – many point at the campaign ‘invisibility’. As they say: “The films “Nemyslis, Zaplatis” (You don’t think, You will pay) should have been everywhere, it should improve so they would really form a campaign. It should be strong, striking and not spread in two years. We are going to have a meeting discussing, how to make it more effective.”

What is the main problem, according to the director? The way the campaign is led. The project is planned for two and a half of year and so it can’t match with shorter, but more hammering campaigns, which is also confirmed by advertising experts. As LN point out, the campaign of Czech EU Chairmanship is literary everywhere. Compared with it, the campaign with traffic thematics are practically invisible.

The Ministry of Transport says the campaign is not possible to judge after a month, as it is supposed to last for two years. If we consider the October traffic accident rate, it was slightly better than the usual October average.

Czech Television Broadcasts Drastic Clips about Road Safety

The authors of the emotive campaign, which warns drivers against dangerous behaviour at the streets are skilled film makers, with the director Filip Renc by the camera it became the most drastic, but also the most expensive TV campaign in Czech history.

The videos which Renc made need to be broadcast after 10 pm for opened naturalism going to brutality. The Czech TV puts them on for free, so you don’t know when they appear exactly, but you can be sure there will be blood and people dying.

The most expensive was the clip called Embryo, which illustrates what happens to it when there is a car accident. If you dare, you can have a look at these here:
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
The original idea was to lower the number of mortal accidents in the Czech Republic by about 70.

Bathory - the most expensive Czech film

Director Juraj Jakubisko directed the most expensive film of Czech cinematography. His drama and historical movie is called Bathory and tells the story of Elizabeth Bathory (Ersebet Bathory), a Hungarian countess who lived in today´s Slovakia in 16th/17th century.

Bathory is very infamous for murdering and torturing her vassals. She is also said to kill many innocent young girls to get their virgin blood, which she believed should help her to preserve her beauty. But now, for almost hundred years later, historicians´ opinions about her and her life are not that uniform. Some say that she got extremely rich and independent, and thus become a target of jealousy and then evil machinations of her enemies. So who really was she?

The film with budget of 10 000 000 Euros, which makes it the most expansive film in the history of not only Czech, but as well Slovak cinematography, was made in international coproduction of companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and United Kingdom with additional funding provided by European Union´s Eurimages, the State Czech funding for cinematography (Statni fond CR pro podporu a rozvoj ceske kinematografie) and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. If you want to know more, read on

Czech Girls are Amazingly Hot Video

“Yes, you are beautiful… like no other” When I come back from some longer trip, let’s say longer than three months, I am always surpised how beautiful girls live in here. When I came back from one leghty stay in Spain, I was just stunned. Compared to Spanish girs, the girls here are at least a head taller, much slimmer, and blonde. They can act so fragille! If you say princess, I say Czech. The ideal of romantic beauty? Czechs.

Czech beauties are not only the top-model Petra Nemcova, or ‘shake your booty’ Kerndlova. There are much more of them, looking just incredible. But you don’t have to believe me. The short movie here called The Models from Prague Paradise City documentary will not only present some hot beautiful Czech Chicks in underwear, but you can also hear a pro talk about why it is so.

Obcan Havel – Citizen Havel: New Czech Comedy Movie

obcan havel The new Czech movie Obcan Havel is a documentary movie depicting fifteen years of Havel’s life, in presidential function and after. But it is much more than just a document – when I started watching, I started to smile a little at first, than more, and than I couldn’t help and started to laugh as the rest of the audience in the cinema I went. The Obcan Havel movie is hilarious.

Vaclav Havel in the presidential role entertains by his shyness and impracticability from the first moment. “Where is my suit?”…. “Where the hell do I have my suit?!?” (running around nervously, meanwhile there are important state matters waiting behind the door) or asking his foreign secretary: “How it is possible you have such a nice new red carpet going to your office, and I have the ugly, old, Husak’s gray one, against which I have been fighting for 7 years?” the foreign secretary: “It is not my fault, I don’t understand it and I don’t agree with it.” Havel: “You have lied yourself nicely out of it.” the secretary: “I don’t know anything about it.”

This film is not just a documentary, it is a film full of comedy, carrying a story of the very special and important human being, we now finding out we were lucky to have as a president.

Surprising evenings in the Aero cinema

Aero cinema in Prague has chosen an interesting way, how to attract people to the screenings: there will be special evenings, called “Naslepo” (“Blind”), where visitors won´t know, which movie they are going to see.

The movies screened on these days will be special – those that cannot be seen in other cinemas (they are not in usual distribution in the Czech Republic), but which are nevertheless interesting and worth seeing.

People won´t pay any entrance fee before the screening on “Naslepo” nights. They will pay afterwards, according to how much they liked the movie. The first Naslepo screening will take place on 19th September at 8:30 pm. Aero cinema is situated in Prague Zizkov district, in Biskupcova Street 31. You can get there by a tram (9, 10, 16 or 19, stop Biskupcova). The nearest metro station is Zelivskeho (A line).

Open-air marathon of the third season of Lost in Prague

Marathon of Lost in Prague Fans of popular TV seriers Lost may look forward to an extraordinary experience in Prague. A marathon of the third season of Lost will be shown on a large screen in the open-air area of Cisarska Louka in Prague. It’s provided by AXN channel for free.

The marathon will be held at the weekend on 25th-26th August 2007 in the area of the sport centre in Cisarska Louka (trams 12, 14 and 37 from Smichovske nadrazi, stop Lihovar). The show will start at 17:20 until 5:00 in the morning, the second part will start on Sunday again at 17:20.

Our sources do not mention in which language the show will be broadcast, but prepare it might be only in Czech. Also take a blanket with you as you’ll be sitting on grass.

Czech audience has therefore a chance to see Lost, Season 3 in advance, as Czech TV Nova will start the third season on 2nd September 2007.

Americans to make a movie about Princess Libuse

American film makers want to make a movie inspirated by famous Czech legend about Princess Libuse. Princess Libuse lived in Vysehrad and is mostly known for foretelling the glory of Prague.

The director and producer will be Constantin Werner, the author of several music videos and the film Dead Leaves. The main character will be impersonated by American actress with Czech roots Winter Ave Zoli.

The filming of this historical drama will start in September. The film will be shot mainly in the Czech Republic and several Czech actors will also take part in it.

Tickets for Harry Potter in your mobile phone

The premiere of the newest Harry Potter film is getting closer – on 19th July 2007. Prague cinemas are doing their best to attract as many visitors as possible. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix will be available 3D in Prague cinema IMAX. Prague multiplex Village Cinemas offers buying electronic tickets via internet and mobile phones.

If you plan to go to Village Cinemas in Andel or Cerny Most, you can chose the seats and print your tickets at home. If you don’t have a printing machine, you can get the tickets by SMS to your mobile phone.

As soon as you have paid the tickets with your credit card, you will receive the tickets contaning a bar code. The tickets can be either printed or, in case of mobile phones, shown to the personel of the cinema. If your mobile phone doesn’t support messages with bar codes, there is an extra code added.

Open-air cinemas in Prague

Open air cinema of the Czech Radio Regina Warm weather with no rain showers is a ideal opportunity to visit one of the three Prague open-air cinemas. The first one (and probably best known) is on Strelecky island, the other two are on Rohansky island and in the garden of Czech Radio Regina in Prague-Karlin.

Open-air cinema on Strelecky island shows mainly art movies. Films are shown every day – at 21:30 in July and 21:00 in August. This cinema is popular by tourists, as Czech films have English subtitles. The tickets cost 100 CZK, students and disabled people have discounts. You can get there from Legii bridge (near the National Theatre). Click here for the programme of the cinema.

The open-air cinema in the area of River City Prague on Rohansky island offers Friday’s and Saturday’s night shows. The cinema is oriented this summer towards the spy theme, movies are shown for free. For the programme of the cinema click here (only in Czech).

To see a movie for 25 CZK is possible in the open-air cinema in the garden of Czech Radion Regina in Hybesova 10 street in Prague 8. Visitors can look forward to popular Czech film Empties, Spider Man 3 and many others. See the programme of the cinema here.

James Bond will not come back to the Czech Republic

Casino Royal Even though the film-makers of Casino Royal praised the cooperation with local specialists in the Czech Republic, they won’t come back here to shoot the 22nd Bond movie. The reason is very simple: money.

Other countries offered tax relieves. The film-makers will get 20% of what they have invested back. Unfortunately, there are no tax relieves for film-makers in the Czech Republic and shooting is therefore more expensive here.

Among films, that were about to be filmed in the Czech Republic, but finally moved somewhere else are (besides the new Bond movie) also Hellboy 2 with John Hurt and Selma Blair, Watchmen with Jude Law and Billy Crudup or Valkyrie with Tom Cruise and Bill Nighy.

Harry Potter in IMAX cinema in Prague

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Fans of Harry Potter are eagerly waiting for the premiere of the fifth movie about this Hogwarts student called Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, which is planned for 19th July 2007.

Besides many multiplex cinemas all over the country, IMAX cinema in Prague will show this movie, but what’s more, the last 20 minutes will 3D, which gives the viewers even a more enjoyable experience.

IMAX cinema is situated in Palac Flora. You can easily get there by metro (green line A, station Flora). Tickets are available for 199 CZK for adults, for 149 CZK for children, for 159 for students and for 555 CZK for families. Updated: The film will be dubbed into Czech.

Echoes of IFF Karlovy Vary 2007 in Prague

The 42nd International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary finished last Saturday. Several movies shown in the festival can be seen these days in two Prague cinemas Aero (Biskupcova 31 street) and Svetozor (Vodickova 41 street).

Visitors can look forward to Czech hit Empties, then Lucky Miles, Venus, Factory Girls, One Night in a City, Naked Youth and many others. For the programme of the cinemas click here.

The price of the tickets varies from 80 CZK to 100 CZK. Films in cinema Aero are mainly simultaneously translated into Czech, films in the small hall of cinema Svetozor are mainly in the original version and films in the big hall of cinema Svetozor are mainly with Czech subtitles. As several films are with English subtitles, English speaking visitors should pay attention to the legend next to the programme.

Narnia land is now in the Barrandov Studio in Prague

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Prague Barrandov Studio is busy now to create the perfect requisites for the American film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The film is being shot here from April to August and it costs over 100 million USD.

According to the director of Barrandov Studio, this film has been the biggest project there since Roman Polanski’s film Oliver Twist in 2004. The studios now contains a castle with a large courtyard and a big gate, towers and a drawbridge. The main stars of the film, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley and Anna Popplewell will also shot in caves or in a wood with a waterfall and a small lake, all made in Barrandov studios.

About 110 people has been working on the requisites for more than 6 months. The Czech premiere of the film is planned for May 2008.

Also another Hollywood film is being shot in Prague now. It’s a new film Wanted with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman.

Come to see movies under the open sky

One of the best places to go to see a movie in Prague during the summer is the Strelecky Island (“Shooters´ Island”). There is an open-air cinema offering the most interesting new movies and also other events, such as theater performances and concerts. These screenings have always a special atmosphere – you sit on an island on the river Vltava, surrounded by trees and you can see the riverside with the National Theater on the opposite bank…isn´t it better than to sit in a usual cinema?

The open-air cinema was opened yesterday. There will be a program every day till the beginning of September. The movies usually start at 9:30 pm. You can arrive with a dog or with a bike – these things don´t matter. Even in case of bad weather, the movies will be screened, there is a tent to protect the visitors. Especially screenings during a storm are very successful…

The program starts with Czech movies in June. Most of the films are accompanied by English subtitles. There is a summer bar, where you can buy a drink (open between 12 pm and midnight). You can also play petanque, frisbee or badminton at the island.

A ticket costs 100,- CZK. The island is situated under the bridge Most Legii. See the complete program of the open-air cinema here.

'Kinoautomat' is back after 40 years

Has it ever happened to you that you were in the cinema and you were not satisfied how the story was developing? Now you have a special oportunity to change it. Prague cinema Svetozor will show a movie and the audience will vote how the movie will continue.

The idea of Kinoautomat (a movie vending-machine) was first presented to a large audience at the Expo of 1967 in Montreal. It was the first interactive movie in the world. It’s based on the fact that the film is stopped at one moment and the audience is asked to vote according to what they think the movie should continue. After voting, the adequate movie version will be shown. The idea is coming back to the cinema after it was prohibited by the communist regime.

People can look forward to 21 performances, also in English version. The film is called One Man and His House and its premiere this year is on 29th May 2007. Tickets can be bought in the cinema Svetozor (Vodickova street 41) or reserved at

Pirate ships instead of bus stops in Prague

The third film about Jack Sparrow’s adventures called Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End is coming to Prague’s cinemas in less than a week (on 24th May). The distributors of this film prepared a special campaign to attract people to see the film.

Several bus stops in the centre of Prague will change significantly. They will be covered with a large poster and on the top of the bus stops will be a mock-up of a pirate ship. Inside the stops will be a LCD screen where people can choose if they want to see a trailer or the interesting facts about film preparations.

These unique bus stops will be in four places in Prague, in Jindrisska street (near Wenceslas Square), at I. P. Pavlova (metro red line C), at Andel (metro yellow line B) and at Florence (metro lines B and C).

Multiplex or a traditional cinema?

Traditional old cinemas are more and more replaced by multiplexes in Prague. There used to be almost 60 cinemas in various districts of the city, but those days are gone. There are only 12 classic cinemas left at the present.

New multiplexes with many screens are built mostly out of the centre of Prague, as a part of big shopping centres. They offer mostly commercial movies and their programs are very similar. On the other hand, there are alternative cinemas such as Aero or Svetozor, which screen quality movies and have a devoted audience.

However, many cinemas, that used to be an integral part of the cultural life in Prague, have disappeared: Alfa, Pariz, Hvezda, Jalta, Illusion and others. Luckily, there are still some good old cinemas left: for example the cinema Lucerna with a unique historical decoration, near the Wenceslas Square in the centre of Prague.

The Spanish Film Show in Prague

Association of Czech Film Clubs (ACFK) together with Instituto de Cervantes Praha organize a film presentation of Spanish culture in the Czech Republic.

The main stars of the show will be the most significant movies awarded Spanish Film Award Goya accompanied by three classical movies of Spanish cinematography: Carmen, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and An Andalusian Dog.

The show will take place in the Small Screening Hall of Svetozor cinema in Prague from 3rd to 5th May 2007. All movies will be in original (Spanish) version with English subtitles. For the programme of the show, click here.