Flights to Prague and from Prague

Prague's airport opened a hotel in duty-free zone

The Prague’s international Airport Ruzyne and Acron Czech company opened yesterday a new hotel Tranzit II in the duty-free zone of Prague’s airport. This hotel should increase the quality of services for people who transit in Prague.

The hotel has 12 rooms with 20 beds. To take a shower and refreshment there cost from EUR 20, three hours in the hotel room cost from EUR 29 and one night in a double room cost from EUR 99.

As said above, the hotel is in the duty-free zone. That means that travellers do not have to go through the passport control. It is convenient especially for the travellers who do not have Czech transit visa.

Prague's international airport Ruzyne is closed due to snow

Heavy snowfalls in Prague have surprised many drivers and caused already many accidents on the roads. People had problems to get to work or school. Snowdrifts have also closed the Prague’s international airport.

The airport announced that it will be closed at least until 6 p.m. Meteorologists now monitor the situation and expect even more intensive snowfalls.

Travellers can stay at the airport while waiting for later flights or they can return their tickets. Lufthansa opened their launches for their passengers. The situation at the airport is quite calm.

Some of the planes aiming to Prague were redirected to airports in Brno, Bratislava or Frankfurt. Many flights from Prague has been cancelled. Passengers are recommended to contact their air carriers. Up-to-date information about flights can be reached on the (free of charge) number 800 310 310 or from abroad +420 239 007 007.

Prague's airport Ruzyne is breaking records

According to Hana Cernochova, the Chief Executive Officer of the Prague’s international airport Ruzyne, record-breaking 10,5 million travellers passed through the airport in the year 2006, which is 700 000 more then in 2005. Travellers now more and more use the offers of low-budget airlines.

The most popular destination for people travelling from Prague was London (about 1 million travellers), then Paris (670 000), Frankfurt am Main (450 000) and Amsterdam (400 000). Most people travelled in August (1,3 million).

Prague’s airport Ruzyne is the largest airport in the new EU member states. The airport is designed to accommodate up to 20 million passengers a year. According to prognoses, this number might be reached in 2020.

More flights to Basel with Swiss International Air Lines

There are more and more travellers between Czech city Prague and Swiss city Basel. That is why the Prague’s International Airport Ruzyne broadens the offer of direct flights between these two cities. After Zurich and Geneva, people can use Swiss International Air Lines to fly from Prague to EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg.

This line will operate four times a week, the plane will reach the destination Prague-Basel in 90 minutes. Basel is at the border of three states, Switzerland, France and Germany. Travellers can use German version of the websites of Airport Ruzyne for easier communication.

Swiss International Air Lines flies into 42 countries in the world. From Prague they fly three times a day to Zurich and twice to Geneva. Swiss International Air Lines have been evaluated as the third Most Environmentally-Friendly air carrier flying to or from Prague.

Double taxes on flights leaving Great Britain

Great Britain doubles the departure tax on all flights leaving Britain from 1st February. The air passenger duty will be ₤10 for economy class and ₤20 for business and first class. Long-haul flights will be even more expensive. Passengers travelling via Great Britain will be charged ₤40 in economy class and ₤80 in business class.

That means that also flights from Great Britain to the Czech Republic will cost more, which is not welcomed especially by low-budget air carriers. Some companies have sent emails to their comstumers, who had already reserved the tickets with the departure date after 1st February, asking them to pay extra. For instance, passengers of easyJet, who refuse to pay the tax, will be not accepted on board.

CSA have already charged the tax in tickets for February issued after 15th December. Tickets issued before 15th December will be for passengers without the extra charge. British Airways are also ready to pay the tax on tickets issued before the announcement about increasing the tax.

CSA keeps long-distance flights

CSA air carrier is not going to stop with their long-distance flights. At least not yet. The management was supposed to decide about the faith of these flights these days but the decision is postponed to November.

The long-distance flights by CSA head mainly from Prague to the USA and Caribbean islands. On Friday there will be the last flight from Prague to Dubai, this line was for CSA permanently non-profit. Besides CSA, other long-distance flights to Prague are possible only by Korean Air and by April Delta Air Lines starting in Atlanta.

Last autumn CSA airline bought a new system that tells them how occupied their planes and also planes of their competitors are. If the management decide to keep their long-distance flights, they will probably buy new planes.

Cheap flights to Brussels and Mediterranean countries

Prague airport will increase the number of the flights to the countries at Mediterranean Sea and the Belgian capital in summer next year. The summer season starts at the end of March.

Slovak carrier SkyEurope announced flights to Brussels and, for the first time in history, the direct flight from Prague to Sicily. Nowadays only two air carries, CSA and SN Brussels Airlines, fly to Brussels and the tickets are very expensive. From March SkyEurope will go also to Catania, Burgas, Athens, Thessaloniki and Copenhagen.

Another air low-budget carrier Smartwings plans to fly to Cyprus, Majorca, Crete and Malaga. Last year the low-budget airlines had 12 percent of all passengers travelling from/to Prague, this year it is already 20 percent.

Prague airport served 11 million travellers

The biggest airport in the new EU member states, Prague International Airport Ruzyne, celebrated another success. Yesterday it welcomed 11 millionth customer.

The traveller is Petr Zykmund who picked up his boarding ticket at 11:04. Last year the airport served 10,8 million travellers, this year it will be around 11,5 million.

Prague airport opened a new terminal Sever 2 last January and now it can serve 20 million travellers a year. The airport management think that the airport will reach this number in 2020. First it has to buy extra land for an additional runway.

Prague airport launches websites in German language

German speaking travellers can open new web sites of Prague International Airport Ruzyne in German language. The airport responds to the increasing number of passangers to/from German speaking countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

There were about 1,4 million passengers to/from these countries in the first ten months 2006 which is 11% more than at the same time last year. There will be even more flights between Czech and Swiss capitals – from 46 flights to 86 flights a week.

The websites are now available in three languages: Czech, English and German. Travellers can find there up-to-date information about arrivals and departures, an online map of terminals, an interactive map of destinations and many others additional services.

Low-budget airlines to Russia

The increasing number of Russian tourists coming to the Czech Republic keeps the lines between Moscow and Prague engaged. Low-budget air carrier Smartwings plans to open new lines to the Russian capital.

Smartwings would fly four times a week to the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow. The air transport is regulated by the agreement from 1966 that says that there would be only one air carrier from each state between the Czech Republic and Russia. The only Czech company that flies to Russia now is CSA. Smartwings wants to ask the Russian Ministry of Transport for a concession for its flights.

Bigger competition and low-budget airlines would lead to much cheaper tickets. Travelling between the Czech Republic and Russia is very expensive now. Cheap tickets can be bought in Germany because Germany and Russia have an agreement about “open sky”.

New flights to Prague with Thomsonfly

British low-cost airline company Thomsonfly introduces new routes to Prague. Next to the regular flights from Doncaster to Prague, the air carrier takes passenger also from Bournemouth in southern England and Luton, one of five airports in London.

There are 5 flights from London-Luton, 4 flights from Bournemouth and 5 flights from Doncaster a week. The company decided to expand the range of flights because of big demand of British people for travel to Prague.

Thomsonfly is the only low-cost carrier in the Czech Republic that enables passengers to book the tickets online and already reserve a seat in the plane. Tickets can be reserved at

More flights from Prague in winter season

The international Prague airport Ruzyne announced that Prague will have direct connections with more cities in the winter season that starts on 29th October and finishes 24th March 2007. Planes from Prague will fly to 11 more destinations, mainly in England and Italy.

Among new destinations are Blackpool with air carrier Jet2, Bournemouth with ThomsonFly, Naples with Alpi Eagles and SkyEurope, Venice with Alpi Eagles, Florence with Meridiana, Turin with Skype, Milan with CSA, Grenoble with SkyEurope, Liege with FlyUp and Odessa with CSA.

Together with the new destinations there will be also new air carriers flying to the Prague international airport. Five of seven new air carriers are low-cost. The capital city of the Czech Republic will have direct connections with 104 cities around the world and contracts with 46 air companies.

Stricter security precautions in EU airports

The European Commission ratified stricter security measures for airports in European Union, Iceland, Norway and the Switzerland. These measures should prevent from terrorist attacks on board. The new rules will be valid from the 6th November also in the Prague International Airport Ruzyne.

Passengers can take on board only liquids and gels:

  • bought in shops on the airport behind the security controls
  • bought in shops after the passport control and before the security control in EU airports or on board of planes registered in EU. In this case the liquids or gels must be put into labelled bags with the receipt where and when the product was bought.
  • for passengers’ personal needs in packing of maximum 100 ml. It must be put into transparent bags which will be available in the departure and transfer halls.
  • for health reasons (baby food, medicines). In this case passengers have to prove they need it.

The strict security precaution will be made also for electronic devices and the size of hand baggage.

New flights Prague - Atlanta

The Prague airport Ruzyne announced another piece of good news for everybody who wants to visit Prague from the southeast of the USA.

New direct lines will fly from Atlanta to Prague and back 5 times a week from May 2007. The carrier of this flights will be Delta Air Lines together with Czech Airlines. Boeing 767-300ER will fly from Prague to Atlanta with 214 seats on board, including 35 seats in BusinessElite class. The passengers both from the Czech Republic and the USA can collect points according to the programme ‘frequent flyer’.

This connection does not mean only easy and quick transport between European Prague and American Atlanta, but also easier connection to other European and American cities thanks to the good network of flights that these two companies provide.

More flights from Prague to Geneva

Prague International airport offers now more flights to Geneva. Travellers can now travel to this Swizz city or the frontier regions of France twice a day at the weekdays and once a day at the weekend.

Increased number of flights between Prague and Geneva is provided by Swizz carrier Flybaboo which opened its first flight between these cities in 2004 and has carried more then 12 750 passengers so far. The carrier Flybaboo offers refreshment on board and the purchase of tickets on the internet.

Regular flights from the Prague airport head also to other two big cities of the Switzerland – Zurich and Basel.

Stricter safety measures in Prague airport

Prague international airport Ruzyne plans stricter safety measures for travellers. If European Commission approves a document about stricter precautions, rigorous inspections would start in November.

Travellers would be allowed to take only 100 ml of various liquids, aerosols and gels in their hand baggage on board because of the danger of explosions. Exceptions would be only for liquids bought after security checks, drinks for infants or liquid medicines on prescription. The size of hand baggage could not exceed 56×45x25 cm. Extra checking would be also for electronic devices, such as notebooks or cameras.

On the other hand Prague airport plans also pleasant changes for travellers waiting for their flights. New shops, coffee bars, a hair dresser’s, a children corner or a relaxation room will be available for travellers soon.

Prague airport can have third runway

The struggle between Prague intent and activists in some Prague districts will probably continue, but the construction of a new runway at Ruzyne airport is on the way.

Prague council made as one of their last decisions allowing to build the runway in Ruzyne. No one council member disagreed. The new runway will offer to land more airplanes on the airport, but this number won’t be high. Most planes will use the new runway instead of an old one.

This will bring a peace to tens thousands of people under the corridor where planes fly now. But as it is in almost every case, there are people who are against it. Like a Nebusice association what doesn’t agree with the new runway, because the planes will fly near Nebusice and Predni Kopanina districts.

Still the runway will help to much more people than will harm.

Czech airlines needs money from Czech Republic

Czech Airlines are in large loss. It was 532 millions crowns in a half of year 2005. This year it is 773 millions. Large help should come from money of Czech Republic.

Czech Airlines (CSA) have to pay new planes ordered by old management from Airbus company. Costs are higher by 11,3 per cents, mostly because of more expensive fuel and higher earnings. Required help is two milliards crowns. Czech Republic has more than ninety percents of share.

Large competition mostly cased by low-cost airlines like Smart Wings or SkyEurope takes customers away. A management of CSA tries to reduce loss by firing employees. one hundred and fifty accepted offer of ten salaries in change of leaving jobs in CSA.

Boeing 747-400 Jumbo in Prague

Boeing 747-400 Jumbo plane could be seen landing on this Friday and Saturday in Prague Ruzyne airport. These planes could only hardly be overlooked since their capacity allowed them to bring four hundred passengers from Japan in one go.

This summer thus picks up again the tradition from the last year when the Jumbo appeared for the first time. Then, dozens of people climbed on top of the parking building nearby to have a look at the giant plane. This year there is still a chance to see it since two more charter flights are to land in Prague on the 18th and 19th August.

The Czech metropolis is pleased that Japan Airlines chose Prague as a destination for their long-distance flights. This type of flight namely contributes to the development of the airport. The charter flights can later on be substituted by a regular connection. There is a reason why Prague could become a more frequent destination of the giant planes in the future – the charges for their landing should namely be reduced.

Prague Ruzyne Airport introduces new modern services

Prague airport offers a new service for all owners of mobile phones. It is now possible to get information about the arrival and departure of any flight through text message.

The only thing that needs to be done is to send a SMS message in the form LET _ _ _ _ _ _ followed by the number of the flight you are interested in to number 900 06 09. Soon your phone should signal a new message. It should come with the date and hour of the planned arrival/departure as well as the number of the terminal and the type of the plane. The cost of this service is nine crowns. It is expected that it will be welcomed not only by the passengers but also by the people who are taking someone to or collecting somebody from the airport.

This service is not the only modernization the airport prepared, though. Starting from September it will be also possible to use seven self-service machines for check in. The service will be initially only for the passengers flying with British Airways or Swiss Air Lines but KLM and CSA are to follow. This innovation should make the travel easier mainly for business travellers without any luggage.

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