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International Children's Day in Prague

Illustration photo: Blackheart Children will celebrate the International Children’s Day soon. 1st June will bring them many activities to do in the Czech capital. Besides Bambiriada on Strelecky and Detsky islands, they can take part in Pirates’ adventures and many other interesting activities.

If the children are fond of the Pirates of Caribbean they will definitely enjoy the adventures that will take place in the park Riegrovy sady on 1st June. The day will be full of costumes, people on stilts, a pirate dance party, or various sport and art disciplines. They can help the captain of the Black Pearl to discover the old valuable treasure.

This Sunday 27th May (between 10:00 and 18:00) children can go to the O2 Zlute Lazne (from metro station Karlovo namesti exit Palackeho namesti continue by trams 3, 16, 17, 21, 52 to stop Dvorce) to try fencing, charming or playing with Indians. They can play with a clown, see puppet theatre, play streetbal, table tennis, skate, climb a wall, or do many other activities.

Bambiriada 2007 - an event (not only) for children

The Bambiriada is an event that tries to point out to the organizations and association that take care of the free time of children. In Prague the 9th Bambiriada 2007 will take place on Strelecky and Detsky Islands from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th May 2007.

The motto of this year “All Different, All Equal” is borrowed from the European campaign for human rights, society diversity and cooperation of young people in social activities. Bambiriada 2007 takes place in 27 towns of the Czech Republic.

Everyone who takes part in Bambiriada can try sailing on boats on the Vltava, play many games, create something in the art workshop, sing karaoke, learn the first aid, play theatre and many other activities.

Groups of dancers, singers, and theatre performers can be visible also at Mustek at the bottom of Wenceslas Square. There will be a small train going from Mustek, via Jiraskuv most to Strelecky Island. Between Strelecky and Detsky Island you can go by a small ferry. There is a concert on Friday evening on Strelecky Island and on Saturday “Royal Route” game. Bambiriada is for free for everybody, Bambiriada tickets enables you a free (or cheaper) entrance to many museums in Prague.

St. Nicholas celebrations

St. Nicholas celebrations (Mikulas in Czech) start tomorrow. If you want to spend a nice evening full of games, competitions and singing and be surrounded by Czech Mikulas, devils and angels, go to Old Town Square tomorrow.

The meeting of Mikulases, devils and angels is at 17:00. Then, at 30-minute intervals, there will be competitions for the most beautiful angel, the best devil and the nicest Mikulas. Children and adults can look forward to the rich programme accompanied by fairy tale creatures.

Children can also expect some surprises in Strossmayerovo square in Prague tomorrow. Mikulas will give small presents to nice children from 16:00 to 17:30.

St. Nicholas Day in Prague

On 6th December people in many countries of the world celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, commemorating St. Nicholas, a bishop, famous for giving gifts to people who needed it. Nowadays the evening before St. Nicholas Day people can see men with a white beard giving presents to children. In the Czech Republic “Mikulas” is accompanied by an angel and a devil.

If you want to see Mikulas with devils and angels, go to the centre of Prague or get in the traditional tram with Mikulas on board running in the centre of Prague. Note that this tram will go already on Sunday (and not on Tuesday!) from 13:00 to 17:00. This tram will run every 15 minutes via the centre of the city and will be for free for children and their parents.

Children will find useful tools and materials for creating their own masks of Mikulas, devils and angels in the markets of Old Town Square and Wenceslas square on Tuesday. They can also enter a small gingerbread house where they can make Christmas cards or decorations and garnish Christmas sweets.

'Safari' in Prague Castle

Prague Castle offers this weekend (14th and 15th October 10:00-17:00) a special action for children and their parents called ‘Catch a lion!’ (Chyt si lva!). This action is a part of the permanent exhibition The story of Prague Castle organized by Prague Castle Administration.

Children have a chance to walk along the gardens, walls and courtyards of the Castle and find lions in many unpredictable places. They can also see how the lion’s image changed in the hands of artists during the centuries.

Children will also have to fulfill some tasks. Detailed information about the event will be given at the start on the northern courtyard of the Old King Palace, which is also the entrance to the permanent exhibition. This children’s weekend is for children and their parents for free.

This action is accompanied by stands with medieval crafts where children can try to make medieval shirts or model and draw their own lions. Every full hour from 11:00 till 16:00 the swordsmen from the group Kadeti will show their skills in combats.

Fairy Tales Sound through Prague Ruzyne Airport

Not only children but all fairy-tales fans could escape the boredom of waiting at the airport into their beloved magical world. Prague Ruzyne prepared for them something special on Monday 17 July.

“Fairy Tales before Take off” travels just like their audience of sky-riders from one airport to another. Brussels was the first out of the seven airports participating in the fairy-tale marathon succeeded by Prague. Afterwards the fairy tales will also sound in Budapest, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Fairy tales were told by professional artists from different countries in their native languages. The Czech Republic and culture was represented by Michal Nesvadba and Little Red Riding Hood. Given the dissimilarity between the individual languages the listeners could notice the the way the story-tellers used voice and gestures.

Seven countries and eight languages characterise this literary project which builds on a common foundations of fairy-tale cultural heritage. The airport was chosen as a suitable location because it is both a literal and metaphorical starting point on a journey towards new cultures and languages.

The aim of the project, organised by European airlines and national cultural institutes, is to awaken the interest in European culture as well as in the study of foreign languages.

Jetix Kids Awards 2006

Jetix Kids Awards is something like kids Oscar Awards. Kids vote in some categories via the Internet or a regular mail. The ceremonial was on Sunday and over a thousand children with their parents visited this event in Central park Prague 4, Kavci hory, were is also a home of Czech television.

Jetix is television station for kids and this year was second volume of the award. Over 25 000 kids voted for their favourites.

And here are the results:
Music band: Chinaski
Singer men: Daniel Landa
Singer women: Aneta Langerova
TV moderator: Tereza Pergnerova, moderator of Reality show Vyvoleni 2
Celebrity of a year men: Vaclav Klaus, the president of Czech Republic
Celebrity of a year women: Vendula Svobodova, the president of Kapka nadeje foundation, what helps to disabled kids
Sportsman: Jaromir Jagr, NHL hockey player
Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K.Rowling

Childrens day in Thomayer hospital

Thomayer hospital prepared 7th June event for healthy kids of elementary schools and nurseries with a subheading “We are play the doctor.”

This event combined entertaining day with interesting didactic parts. The goal was to combine a fun with such things like a familiarization with hospitals and doctors and to prevent a fear of them.

There was also many competitions for kids like an educational game The Hospital for Teddy-bears, where kids could learn how correctly to bind a teddy. Children can also see an ambulance car or a fire truck and much more.

President day for kids moved

President day for children planned on 1st June has to be moved to later date. It is because bad weather in Prague.

The entertaining day when kids can met, see and talk with the president of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and his wife Livia will be 29th July 2006 from 14.00 (2 PM), hence the President day will not be a part of Children day but a celebration of the end of school year.

Music band Katapult will perform at this day at is was planned. Kids and parents can met with the president in Lumbe’s garden at Prague Castle.

There will be also many competitions and games for children, a presentation of Castle Guard motorcycles, dog training and martial arts exhibition.

Hurvinek knows his owner

Spejbl and Hurvinek has certain owners. Prague city court definitely determined who is owner of this marionettes. There was a long trial between Helenna Stachova, director of Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek and heir of Josef Skupa – designer of the marionettes.

Helena Stachova and all theatre can be calm now, because this court, as well as two recent give all rights connected with Spejbl and Hurvinek to her. Almost. Still there is a chance that the heir -Pilsen social institution will use extraordinary judicial remedy at Highest court.

Whole problem was determine, who is a real author of marionettes. The heir says that it was Skupa, Stachova was trying to explain that Skupa’s design was heavily changed by wood-carver of S+H.

If Stachova lose a trial, Theatre of Spejbl and Hurvinek would pay 400 000 crown a year to the heir – owner of registered mark. A such big cost would cause that the theatre would have to be closed.

Hurvinek has 80 years

Hurvinek, with his father Mr. Spejbl are famous marionettes designed by puppeteer Josef Skupa. Spejbl was made in years 1919-1920 and his son Hurvinek first stand out 2nd May 1926.

Puppets of Spejbl and Hurvinek during their long life had many adventures. Popularity of this pair was so big that Skupa can offer make own theater: Theater Spejbl & Hurvinek. New members appeared in 1930: Hurvinek’s friend – a girl named Manicka and Zeryk the dog.

After Josef Skupa (1892-1957), new chief puppeteer was Milos Kirschner (1927-1996). He with his ensemble travelled to whole world. Until now, Hurvinek spoke with 18 languages and he visited 31 countries like Germany, USA, Egypt or Japan.

Now is the director of the theater Helena Stachova, puppeteer and voice of Manicka from 1966. In 1971 was created Granny alias Mrs.Katerina – a granny of Manicka and her voice is from beginning by Ms. Stachova. Leader of Spejbl and Hurvinek is Martin Kl├ísek.

Theater S+H made over 250 premieres, dozens of LPs, MCs or CDs were made during time, Hurvinek and the others can be seen in a television and his plays are for kids as well as some are for adults. Even two minor planets between Mars and Jupiter has name Spejbl and Hurvinek.

More about Spejbl and Hurvinek and plays of S+H theater you can also find at official pages.

Matejska pout ends on Easter Monday

Matejska fairground, biggest gather of attractions mainly for kids was opened almost two months. This collection of roller-coasters, lookout wheel, haunting houses or merry-go-rounds is every year located at Prague Vystaviste – exhibition ground in Holesovice.

This year Matejska pout celebrates 410th jubilee. As time goes, the attractions were changed. This year fairground at Vystaviste presents 110 Czech freaks and 30 foreign freaks mainly from the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

Czech attractions will cost in price range 20-40 CZK and will offer for example bumping cars, merry-go-round, chain whirligig, haunting house or target range. Dominant is traditionally Ferris-wheel, large roller coaster or Singing Krizik fountain.

Foreign attactions are more expensive: 60-200 CZK, but they are at high technical level. For example multifunctional whirligig Ikarus, which raises visitors in high of 35 metres and offer them enjoy of a nosedive. Or is there attraction named booster which affords two rotating arms with velocity 110 km/h.

Refreshments are for example traditional hot dogs, cotton candy, Chinese noodles, roast chicken, kolachs, Pardubice gingerbread, Turkish honey and much much more.

Matejska pout is opened for everyone this four days from 10 AM to 10 PM. Fun on this place can enjoy kids, teenagers as well as adults.