Franz Kafka

Academician Writes about Franz Kafka's Porn Collection

Franz Kafka is for many the symbol of an anxious Centre-European genius and also an evergreen means of advertising, which portraits him like an out-of-this-world persona. There have been many studies written on him, however the one called Excavating Kafka is not going to disappear easily.

The scholar and an author of comedies James Hawes (1960) writes there about the extensive Kafka’s pornographic collection, hidden in the house of his parents. “Those are no beach postcards” Hawes states for British Times. “It as regular pornography, some shoots are hard, even not very nice” The German list Spiegel talks about lesbians and animals.

The author, who teaches creative writing on Oxford underlines, his book is not supposed to dishonour Franz Kafka, the author of Process or Metamorphosis, he just wants to present a more humane picture of him, without the imaginative aura of a saint, which has been created after his death.

Franz Kafka has a birthday

Franz Kafka (1883-1924), world famous Jewish writer who lived most of his life in Bohemia has a birthday. He would be 3th July 123 years old.

Franz Kafka has museum in Prague dedicated to his life and work. It is few meters from Charles Bridge at Lesser Town side. Opening hours are every day 10 am – 6pm.

Franz Kafka also have a monument in Prague in Old town, not too far from Old town square (200 meters approx.) at a corner of Dusni and Vezenska street.

Switzerland director made a movie about Franz Kafka named Who Was Kafka? (Kdo byl Kafka?). The movie was presented a week ago in Prague.

Full book of Prague rewiews and stories

Here I bring you a book full of stories which have one thing common: Prague. Travellers, former exils or Czech natives have written their adventures in Prague.
Maybe it can be one of the things that persuade you to visit or not to visit the City of a Hundred Spires.

In Travelers’ Tales Prague and the Czech Republic you will:
Wander Kafka’s cobblestone streets in search of the Castle with Mary Morris
Follow Brad Wetzler through southern Bohemia’s forests with a bevy of sausage-gobbling beer-swilling tramps
Marvel at the bewitching bone church in Kutná Hora with Timothy Weston
Find out if D. A. Blyler takes “cash” or “trade” as an English teacher at a Czech brothel
Take a breather with Patricia Hampl, as she discovers the slow life in Prague
and much more…

Kafka's Epigrammatic Mutilation Memos

Franc Kafka as you probably do not know him.

Franz Kafka began his career in the Prague head office of the Worker’s Accident Insurance Bureau of the Kingdom of Bohemia on 30 July 1908. During the next decades, Kafka published various rather idiosyncratic “literary” works that have gained some attention in specialist circles. His contribution to the development of the Bohemian insurance industry has, however, been neglected.

Until now. S. Fischer publishers, as part of their Critical Edition of Kafka, has issued a a carefully-edited 1,024-page volume entitled Official Writings. The volume will be of interest primarily to the millions worldwide who, like me, have found themselves captivated by the story of Central European insurance during this time of upheaval and innovation.

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