High temperatures

Prague awaits tropical temperatures and high level of UV radiation

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute published a warning agains high level of ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation) at the territory of the Czech Republic in the coming days. According to the meteorologists, the UV radiotion will reach the level of the Meditarainian areas.

The high level of UV radiation is related to the dilution of the ozone layer during the weekend and at the beginning of the next week. UV radiation can cause a lot of harm to the skin.

The high level of UV radiation will be accompanied with tropical temperatures reaching up to 36 ˚C (96.8 ˚F). In cities, such as Prague, the temperature can be even higher, warmed up by the heated asphalt and cobbled streets.

President Klaus denies global warming

According to Czech president Vaclav Klaus, there is no danger of global warming caused by humans. He believes, that the theory of global warming is exaggerated and that it can threaten people´s freedom. Klaus expressed these controversial opinions several times, last time at the lecture, that he held at the University of Economics in Prague few days ago.

Vaclav Klaus alleged, that the temperatures are not going to rise dramatically. He supported his claim with various economic theories, predicting, that the pollution of environment will go down, when the society will become wealthier.

President Klaus suggested, that people should trust in the free market. He thinks, that the movement against the global warming is a bigger threat than the warming itself.

Vaclav Klaus has written a book on the theme and he also spoke about that at the Cato Institute in Washington. However, experts on climatology are convinced, that he is wrong. They think that scientific findings about the global warming should not be belittled.

Temperature record in Prague

Winter is extraordinarily warm this year in Prague. Another temperature record was broken: the New Year´s Day 2007 was the warmest 1st January recorded in Clementinum, where the climate is measured continually since the 18th century.

It was 12.5 degrees centigrade at 2 pm. It is one tenth of a degree more, than the previous maximum from 1860 and 1921. According to meteorologists, the warm weather will continue for the whole first week in January. The whole first month will be rather warm.

Unfortunately, there won´t be a lot of snow in the mountains, because of the high temperatures and low precipitation.

Warm weather breakes records

Winter came to the Czech Republic very early this year but only for a while. Yesterday Prague’s high temperatures broke 80 years old record.

Prague Clementinum, that has been measuring the temperature in Prague since 1752, measured out 16,4 degrees Celsius (61,5 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s 0,4 degrees Celsius more then in 1926. Warm weather with sunshine will stay the next days and during the weekend.

That is not good news for skiers. The only place where it is possible to ski now is on artificial snow in the skia rea on Black Mountain (Cerna hora) near Janske Lazne in Krkonose Mountains.

Prague's beaches

Tropical weather, which has settled in Prague, acts as an irresistible invitation to spending one’s free time in or at least near water. One of the places where these cravings can be satiated is Prague’s beach along the embankment of Vltava river in the fifth Prague district. It is needless to say that beach definitely does not suffer from a lack of interest. Nevertheless, problems about its building permission have surfaced recently.

Next year should bring a pleasant alternation in a sense that the first town district also wants to have its own sandy beach. Its location should be the riverside Na Frantisku which can be found between Cechuv and Stefanikuv bridges. Sadly, you have to wait for this new bit of paradise till the next summer because the waterfront is still under reconstruction planned to terminate in September.

Prague temperature beats 141 years old record

Prague Klementinum serves as the place where temperature has been measured since 1775. Yesterday’s look at the thermometer showed a number higher than 34 degrees centigrade. This is a new record for 19 July which substitutes its predecessor from 141 years ago when the temperature was about half a degree less.

On the other hand, the last quarter of the 19th century experienced the lowest recorded temperature – less than ten degrees may seem rather unbelievable these days. According to today’s weather forecast we can “look forward” to temperature almost four times as high. If mercury climbs to 38 degrees, Prague could have a new record for the entire month July instead of the current one form the 1980s.

The tropical weather is here to stay until the weekend when an arrival of the cold front is expected. The ideal refreshment and the way to cool down in the meantime is intake of lots of mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks without caffeine and sugar.

Two people died in Prague beacuse of heat

High temperatures killed two people yesterday.

Fifty-one years old worker died at building site at 1 pm in Na Micankach street. As doctors said, he collapsed and they didn’t succeed to resuscitate him, even they arrived in one minute. He died of an embolism.

Sixty-four years old driver died in Tiskarska street shortly before 4pm. He died while he was driving and then the car went out of a road.

Temperatures are at 31°C / 87.8°F and it looks that it will last until Monday. There is a weather forecast. But this is not a record temperature. Prague has 34,6°C four years ago.

About 60 people collapsed on Monday, and it is expected a raising by ten a day.

Medics are saving tens of people because of a heat

Prague doctors, fist aid cars and medics has a lot of work to do. High temperatures could be very dangerous. Most of patients has a problems with breathing or became unconsciousness during this weekend.

Most problems have small children, old people, cardiac patients and asthmatics. They shouldn’t haze themselves or make too big physic activity.

There is an easy cure how to prevent problems for all. To drink enough liquids. It is recommended to drink about 2,5-3 litres. People should also wear a headgear in a direct sun. In all cases the emergency call is 112.

Still hot Prague

Street sprinkler trucks are in the street. If the temperature reach 25C degrees three sequential days sprinkler start their work. They journey starts in 12 AM and 4 PM every day. The cost of sprinkling is 160 thousands CZK a day.

If the weather is too hot for you you can use services of one of Prague open air pools. They are in many parts of Prague. Here I bring you a list of them with nearest transport stop:

Cakovice, Prague 9, Ke Stadionu station
Divoka Sarka, Prague 6, Divoká Šárka station
Dzban, Prague 6, Divoká Šárka station
Seberak, Prague 4, Šeberák Station
Motol, Prague 5, Motol station
Hostivar, Prague 10, Nadraží Hostivař tram end station
Podoli, Prague 4, Kublov station
Yellow Spa, Prague 4, Dvorce station.

In Prague is a such heat...

... that the world famous Astronomical Clock was stopped. It was yesterday afternoon, between 2 and 3 PM.

Fortunately it was not a big problem. The heat 30°C / 88°F caused that wheels in this medieval mechanism stretched and wheels stopped. So the visitors didn’t saw a traditional every-hour march of the Saints.

The technician who keeps the clock had to readjust the mechanism, so the clock operates normally now. Next resetting will be perhaps in the autumn.

There I bring weather forecast report