Museum exhibition

Dinosaur Exhibition in Prague

Dinosaurs small as ducks but also big as trucks, that’s the range of the exhibition which is to see in Czech National Museum right now.

Today, the Dinosauri z Argentiny (Dinosaurs from Argentina) exhibition started, to continue until 1st June. The exposition of casts form bones of twelve dinosaurs is an outcome of cooperation of Paleontological museum Egidia Feruglia from Argentinian Trelewu. It introduces dinosaurs from various Argentinian excavation sites, which belongs to the geologically oldest in the world.

The meaning of the exhibition is according to paleontologist Jiri Kvacek to introduce, by an entertaining form, especially the school children to the history of the planet. This is the reason, why they can, in chosen terms, try the work of paleontologists – to uncover a part of dinosaur bones and also try casting of teeth of the Mesozoic era lizards.

The exhibition is in the National Museum in Prague now until 1st July, than it moves to Slovakia and Poland.

Armstrong's Moon Boot in Prague

The boot Under strict safety measures, the most valuable exhibits of the new exhibition called Stopy Lidi (Footprints of Men) have been installed in the National Museum.

For example it was the previously mentioned boot of Neil Armstrong, who left the footprints of men on the moon, his reserve helmet, or the american flag of the expedition.

“The authors were inspired by a human foot as a tool or a subject. But also metaphorically, from the prehistoric ages (a reconstruction of Ozgi’s, the iceberg mummy, footwear) until today, from the depths of ocean to footsteps on the surface of the moon.”

Visitors of this exhibition will find themselves in a war turmoil, can try their abilities on a running track, can leave their foot stepson a walk of fame, or try various kinds of walking surfaces.

The exhibition starts in the historic building of the National Museum today, and it lasts until 30th June 2008.

10 minutes for Devil's Bible

Codex Gigas alias Devil's Bible in Prague Devil’s Bible, the largest illuminated manuscript written in 13th century, is finally displayed in Klementinum. The National library allows maximally 60 people/hour to the display room, and the time for admiring is set at 10 minutes at maximum. It is set as a reaction for large interest that the public takes. Until today, 1500 September tickets were sold, but for those who want to see it in October, the reservation starts on this Monday 24th.

And why is there such a public concern about this Bible?

  • Because it took two prime minister’s political activity to bring it here
  • Because it comes back after 400 years, because it is the biggest and heaviest Bible in the world
  • Because it took 20 years to write it
  • And, of course, because it contains the picture of devil, which is unique in the world of Bibles.

Codex gigas is possible to see in Klementinum, everyday except Monday, since 10 am until 7 pm, the exhibition ends on 6th January 2008. Ticket reservation is possible on the webpage

Footprints of People exhibition in the National Museum soon

After the big success of the ‘Hunters of the Mammoth’ exhibition the National Museum is now preparing a new exhibition that could beat their own success. The new exhibition is called ‘The Footprints of People’ and will be open on 23rd November 2007.

The exhibition will focus not only on human foot as a instrument and object but also metaphorically on footprints and steps of people from the prehistory to present days – on the deepest oceans, on the Moon, also on migration of nations or discovering new continents. It will also present the hard life of people without legs.

The organizers of the exhibition prepare such interesting items as the sport shoes Jan Zelezny was wearing when he set a world record. Visitors will also see the shoes cover from the equipment of Apollo 11 or the piece of a rock on the Moon given the Czechoslavakia by U.S. president Nixon.

These days visitors of the National Museum in Wenceslas Square have a last change to see the exhibition ‘Madagascar, the Lab of Gods’ or ‘The Treasures of Celtic Women’.

The Hunters of Mammots only till Sunday

The Hunters of Mammoths exhibition Visitors who would like to see one of the most visited exhibition of the National Museum, the Hunters of Mammoths, have the last change to visit it. The exhibition showing the life of people and animals in prehistorical time will be open until the end of this week.

“One of the most valuable items of the exhibition, the statue of Venus of Dolni Vestonice, will return back to the safe of the Moravian Museum in Brno. It will be transported in vehicles with smoked glass windows and armed men.

The exhibition was visited by more than half a million visitors. It is accompanied with audiovisual effects, such as roars of mammoths or the smell of untanned animal skin. The museum will try to beat its own record by a new exhibition starting in this November for which several exhibits were borrowed from NASA.

The National Museum will show Czech icons of the 1980's

Popular in the 1980's - Cecka The National Museum in Prague prepares an exhibition showing one of the icons of the 1980’s in the former Czechoslovakia – cecka, which were small plastic letters, most commonly in the shape of letter C. Cecka were very difficult to obtain and collecting them became a great passion at that time.

The idea to show cecka in the National Museum came with the question: What influenced children in the 1980’s? Cecka were used as a exchange article, they were suitable for many games and children used to boast how many of them they had.

The museum is trying to obtain other things that have almost no material value but tell a lot about the time, society and the life style. Besides cecka visitors will see also Rubik’s Cube or Soviet electronic game with a wolf collection eggs. The exhbition should be open by the end of this year.

Museum Kampa in Prague might be fined for an advertisement

The Culture, Monument Care and Tourism department of the city of Prague wants to fine the Kampa Museum provided the museum won’t remove the sign on the building of the museum tempting to the new exhibition Andy Warhol – Disaster relics: Selected Prints.

According to the city edict, no covers are allowed on buildings in the historical city reserve, especially on buildings signed as a national monument, which is the case of Sovovy Mlyny, where Museum Kampa is located.

The art collector Meda Mladkova, whose foundation organizes the exhibition, is shocked by the possible fine. According to her, Prague should be glad to have an exhibition like this, an exhibition that enriches the cultural life of Prague.

Be the half a millionth visitor of The Hunters of Mammoths

The Hunters of Mammoths exhibition The exhibition The Hunters of Mammoths, that has been prolonged several times thanks to the unceasing interest of people, will welcome its half a millionth visitor today.

The visitor with the ordinal number 500,000 will get nice souvenirs, two tickets to all buildings that belong to the National Museum valid the whole year, plus a coupon in the value of 2,000 CZK valid in all medieval restaurants in Prague. The lucky visitor will also see spaces in the National Museum that are not open to the public.

The Hunters of Mammoths exhibition is displayed in the main building of the National Theatre in Wenceslas Square. It’s one of the most famous exhibition trying to stimulate all senses of the visitors. The exhibition is open until 2nd September 2007.

Exhibition of Hunters of Mammots in Prague National Museum prolonged again

Impressive staircase in the main building of the National Museum in Prague One of the most popular exhibitions of the National Museum in Prague The Hunters of Mammoths can be visited in the main building of the museum, on the top of Wenceslas Square. That the exhibition is still very popular proves the number of visitors since 11th October – almost 400,000 people.

At first the exhibition was supposed to be open until the end of April, then it was prolonged until the end of June. As people still want to see the models of mammoths and the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, the National Museum decided to prolong the exhibition until 2nd September. The 500,000th visitor, that is expected in June, can expect a nice surprise.

Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle opens a new exhibition

A new museum will be open at Prague Castleat Lobkowicz Palace which now belongs to Prince William Lobkowicz, the ancestor of famous Czech noble family. Lobkowicz Palace will show exquisite parts of Lobkowicz treasure from the beginning of April.

On the walls of recently reconstructed palace you can see paintings of Lucas Cranach or Pieter Brueghel. One of the most precious paintings are two panoramas of historic London before the Great Fire made by painter Canaletto. The exhibition includes also a collection of guns.

In the price of the ticket are also included headphones for a taped self guided tour. People can also hear the Mozart’s composition whose original score is displayed in the palace.

Successful exhibitions of the National Museum in Prague

Exhibition The Hunters of Mammoths is more successful that the organizers ever dreamed of. It has been visited by more than 250,000 people so far. Such a high visit rate made the organizers prolong the exhibition until 1st July. Updated: the exhibition is prolonged until 2nd September 2007.

The exhibition doesn’t only show mammoths and the lives of people in that era but it also touches every sense. Visitors can hear roars of wild animals and smell leather. People interested in prehistory can also buy many souvenirs, such as small mammoths or copies of the precious statuette Venus of Dolni Vestonice.

The National Museum displays besides this popular exhibition also the piano on which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played during his visit in 1787. Another exhibition is devoted to the history of Charta 77, an informal initiative against the process of normalization, and the Nobel Prize for Literature that was given to Czech writer Jaroslav Seifert in 1984. The Nobel Prize as well as the piano are displayed until 25th March.

The National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square also prepares the exhibition of precious prints of The Unity of the Brethren and the exhibition showing the jewellery of famous Czech opera singer Ema Destinova.

Mozart's piano in Prague's muzeum

Czech Museum of Music which is a part of the National Museum got a special item to its inventory. It is a hammer piano on which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart allegedly played during his first visit of Prague in 1787.

At first this special piano was kept in Vienna, then it moved to Prague’s Villa Bertramka, which is very closely connected to Mozart. Now it will a part of the exhibition of the Czech Museum of Music together with 2800 other musical instruments. Many of them belonged to well-known musicians, such as Bedrich Smetana or Franz Liszt.

Czech Museum of Music (Karmelitska 2) is open from Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 to 18:00. You can get by metro green line A, stop Malostranska. The basic entrance fee is 100 CZK (reduced 50 CZK, family 120 CZK). You can also buy a 3-day ticket for all Prague’s objects of the National Museum for 160 CZK (reduced 80 CZK, family 200 CZK).

Hunters of Mammoth until 1st of July

Hunters of Mammoths is one of the most popular exhibition in Prague nowadays. It has been already visited by 150 thousand people so far. The National museum in Prague therefore decided to prolong the exhibition until 1st July.

The exhibition shows the way of living of animals and people in prehistory. People can admire many exhibits, such as a big mammoth or the ceramic statuette of The Venus of Dolni Vestonice.

While going to the National Museum in Wenceslas Square, you can also buy a 3-day ticket that is valid in 12 buildings of the National Museum in Prague. The tickets cost 160 CZK (reduced ticket 80 CZK and family ticket 200 CZK). For the list of the buildings click here. Updated: the exhibition is prolonged until 2nd September 2007.

Big success of The Hunters of Mammoths exhibition

The exhibition of the National Museum called The Hunters of Mammoths enjoys a big success. Since October it has been visited by more than 110 000 people.

According to Radka Schusterova the exhibition is the most successful one in many years. The most visitors (4800) came on 17th November, which is a national holiday in the Czech Republic.

The most admired exhibit is The Venus of Dolni Vestonice. It was passed for Mona Lisa of the prehistoric age in New York’s exhibition four years ago.

The exhibition is open until the end of April 2007. This Monday and Tuesday the National Museum closes already at 15:00. Updated: the exhibition is prolonged until 2nd September 2007.

Prehistoric era in the National Museum

The National Museum opens a new exhibition called The Hunters of Mammoths. The new exposition presents not only a family of mammoths but also shows the life of people in prehistoric times.

This exhibition offers next to the real archaeological discoveries (the most valuable item of the exhibition is The Venus of Dolni Vestonice) also mammoth’s roars, the crackling of fire, the stamp of hoofs or the distinct smell of animal skin. The authors of this exhibition tried to illustrate the era by all senses.

It took almost two years to prepare the exposition. The authors went even to Africa to film prehistoric countryside without any trace of civilization. Now they hope that more than half a million of visitors would see their display.

The exposition is open every day (except every first Tuesday of the month) from 9:00 till 17:00 until the end of April 2007. For technical reasons the museum is open today only till 15:00, on 25th October till 13:00, on 26th October till 15:00 and on 28th October only in the afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00. Updated: the exhibition is prolonged until 2nd September 2007.

Prehistorical burial practices in Prague

A new exhibition called Udolim stinu (Through the Valley of Shadows) shows burial practices in the period from prehistoric ages till early medieval times in Prague. Visitors can see open graves and get to know burials practised thousands years back to the past.

However, his exhibition offers more. People’s lives in that time are presented on large-screen displays. Also objects found in tombs on the territory of Prague are presented there. All is based on archaeololgical discovery.

Exhibition is open from 27th September 2006 till 25th May 2007 in Muzeum of Capital City Prague (Muzeum hlavniho mesta Prahy), in halls no. 3 and 4. This museum is situated on street Na Porici 52, metro red line C Florenc, and is open Tuesday till Sunday from 9.00 till 18.00 (and every first Thursday in month till 20.00).

Jewish museum shows the best

Jewish museum in Prague has 100th anniversary in these days and therefore it was prepared special exhibition. The museum shows the best in years 1906-1940.

The museum was found in year 1906 as a last chance to save the remnants of Prague Jewish history. It was because the officials in the beginning 20th century started to demolish old Prague quarter Josefov, where Jewish community lived for a half thousand years.

That is why the exhibition has a name Against the Beast, as the Prague magistrate was called in there years by Jews. As a trustee of exhibition says they present the best what the museum can offer.

The exhibition is open until 1st October in Jewish museum near Spanish synagogue daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Saturday and Jewish holidays. Entrance fee for adults it 30 crowns.

Functioning Krajanek plane in National Technical Museum

National Technical Museum in Prague has a new exhibit for all fans of aeroplanes – a newly reconstructed “Krajanek” alias Zlin Z-24. The museum itself undergoes a reconstruction and will be completely closed for the public from mid-September till the end of the year 2007. The last chance to see the plane and visit the museum before its one and a half year long “break” is the 10th September.

“Krajanek” was the very first sail plane to be constructed in the post-war Czechoslovakia. The one to be seen in the Prague museum was built in the year 1948 and its reconstruction lasted several years. It was undeniably worth it, despite to total cost exceeding one million crowns, because “Krajanek” is really special – altogether there were only 300 planes made but this one is capable of flight. There are only two other such planes in the whole world – one in Brno and the other one overseas in England.

The museum, which is devoted to development of various branches of science and technology, prepares for the last day a very rich programme. The visitors will be able to have a look at functioning steam machines or telegraph a message using the Morse code – to name at least some of the highlights of the day.

The reconstruction should give the museum appearance reminding of the thirties. There will for example be an art deco banisters added to the main staircase. The whole museum should also have no barriers. The whole reconstruction is expected to cost one hundred and seventy million crowns.

Historical Prague has new exhibition

Would you like to know, what Prague inhabitants looked like in the primeval ages? What did they wear or how did they earn their living? How did they make themselves more beautiful? What was Prague like during the time it was the cultural centre of Europe during the fourteenth century and in Middle Ages more generally? Answers to all of these questions can be received as soon as The City of Prague Museum opens its new exhibition next week.

The development of the capital city from its earliest settlement to the eighteenth century enables the visitors of the museum to travel through the centuries. The old exhibition is currently being re-installed. The modernised version will include new exhibits and original objects including a unique model of a Gothic house. It will be also designed in such a way to entertain and engage the visitors more. Children can for example take a rest in a special area in the primeval part of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be accessible daily from 9 – 18 hours apart from Monday.