How expensive is Prague?

Prague is also known for a cheap beer and meals. But what about the other things? More you can read here.

What I’ve actually found to be fairly expensive here are electronics. You won’t save money buying CDs here. Another prime example: in my quest to get my camera working, I looked into what the Sony store charges for a new AC adapter cable for my camera. Answer: a whopping Kc 1800, or 2300 for a charger alone!

You can also compare how expensive is accommodation in Prague for tourist – cheap Prague hostels versus expensive Prague hotels.

How dangerous is Prague?

Did you heard something about dangerousness of Prague? Unfortunately Prague is in this area most known for it’s pickpocketers. And still is yet better to be careful than sorry. Erin is writing about her experience.

There are some concerns here with pickpockets on public transportation at night , and the streets do clear out pretty early . But still, I’m walking through the streets here every evening on my way home from the office feeling pretty comfortable being alone, and that’s saying something.


Does everyone speak English in Prague?

There is an article how many Czechs speaks English in Prague. Look at Erins Prague blog.

Basically, if you come for a short visit and stay in main touristy areas, you won’t have any problems not knowing any of the language. The problem comes in if you need to do some shopping outside a souvenier shop, need directions from an obscure corner of the city, or travel outside Prague at all.