New government

The reform bill was approved

The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic approved yesterday by 101 votes out of 200 votes a new financial reform bill that was introduced by the coalition of the Civic Democrats, the Green Party and the Christian Democrats.

The bill changes dramatically the tax system, introduces fees for medical care and abolishes some social benefits. It should lower the deficit of state budget but the opposition criticize the bill strongly. The opposition also claim that they will cancel the reforms as soon as they return to the government.

The approval of the reform bill is a big success for the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek who was prepared for new governmental elections if the reform didn’t succeed. The reform bill will have to be approved by the Senate and the President now. If it is approved it will be valid at the beginning of 2008.

The new government won approval

After 230 days from the elections and after nine hours of discussing last Friday, the new government finally got the vote of confidence when 100 members of the Chamber of Deputies (out of 200) voted for and 97 against the new government.

2 members of the opposition party (Social Democrats) deliberately left the room before the voting. Their defection helped the government to get the vote of confidence. Another member of this party did not used correct words when voting and his vote could not be counted.

The government headed by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek (Civil Democrats) is represented by the coalition of three political parties: Civil Democrats, Christian Democrats and Green Party.

Mirek Topolanek said that if the government is not able to promote reforms, he would resign. The first “test” of the new government will be state budget proposal for the next year.

New government asks for a confidence II

Eight months after the elections the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek asks today for a vote of confidence for his second choice of the government that was appointed by the President Vaclav Klaus on 9th January 2007. This new government is presented by the coalition of Civil Democrats, The Christian Democrats and The Green Party.

It is very likable that the new government gets the confidence because two members of the Chamber of Deputies want to leave the hall before voting and enable the government get the majority.

The result of the vote is very crucial for Mirek Topolanek who promised she would resign from the post of the chairman of Civil Democrats if his second government did not get the confidence.

New government from tomorrow

The President of the Czech Republic will appoint the new government of Mirek Topolanek tomorrow at 11:00, said the President’s spokesman.

Topolanek has got second chance to form the government that would gain support in the Chamber of Deputies. The President objects that Topolanek cannot be sure of the majority support.

The Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said that he would resign from his post of the chairman of Civic Democrats if he does not get the necessary confidence for his new government. He is going to ask the Chamber of Deputies for a vote of confidence within 30 days.

Results of the Civic Democrats Congress

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek was re-elected as the chairman of ODS – Civic Democratic Party at the congress at the weekend. Members of the party also expressed clearly, which way his negotiations about new Czech government should go.

Delegates of ODS voted, that Topolanek has to prevent the possible government of Czech Social Democratic Party (CSSD) and the Communist Party. They also refused a government of ODS and CSSD.

However, they didnĀ“t condemn the presence of CSSD in the government. It means, that with high probability there will be these two parties (ODS and CSSD) and also at least one of the smaller parties – the Christian and Democratic Union or the Green Party.

Prime minister for the second time

Few days ago the leader of Civic Democrats and the present prime minister Mirek Topolanek got another chance to create a new government that would gain the confidence in the Chamber of Deputies.

Yesterday Mirek Topolanek agreed with his nomination and was appointed for the second time the prime minister. New negotiations have already started. Especially the negotiation of Civic Democrats with Social Democrats are very important in forming the new government.

The politicians are still trying to find the accepted solution more then five months after the elections. If the second round does not succeed, the next prime minister will be chosen by the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies. If even the third round is not successful, the President can dissolve the Chamber of Deputies. New elections have to be held within 60 days.

Second chance for Topolanek

President Vaclav Klaus announced that the second chance for creating the new government will be given again to the prime minister Mirek Topolanek, the leader of Civic Democrats, but only if Topolonek accepts.

The president suddenly cancelled a meeting of the five leaders of political parties that had been planned for today. President Klaus said that the negotiations with the leaders about possible solutions have no results.

Whether Topolanek accepts the position will be known today after the meeting of Civic Democrats. The leader of Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek still hopes that he will have his chance to create the government with the support of Communist Party, which is not very supported by other parties nor the President.

New government has no confidence

After yesterday’s vote of confidence it is now clear that the new minority government of Civic Democrats headed by Mirek Topolanek did not get enough support to govern until early elections.

96 votes were for the new government, 99 votes (all Social democrats and Communists) were against, 5 deputies were absent. Mirek Topolanek’s government is going to demise next Wednesday.

According to law it is now President’s turn to appoint a new prime minister who will form a new government and ask for a vote of confidence. Whether it will be Mirek Topolanek again, ex-prime minister Jiri Paroubek from Social Democrats or somebody else it is now up to President’s free will.

New Czech government asks for a confidence

The Civic democratic government leaded by Mirek Topolanek will ask the Chamber of Deputies for a vote of confidence on Tuesday 3rd October. It will be based on the statement of policy that has been already approved.

The document is based on the programme agreement of the Civic democrats with the Christian Democratic Party and the Greens. The Prime Minister Topolanek wants to meet members of other political parties except Communists to state his policy.

The new minority government wants to rule until June 2007 when early elections should be held. Now it cannot be sure whether it gets the support that is needed.

Czech Republic has the new Government

The New Government begin their ruling at 2 p.m. today. The president of Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus inaugurated 14 new ministers. Mirek Topolanek, the head of Civic democrats is now Prime minister and his government has all legal power. The old Government has ended.

The government has now exactly one month to gain the Confidence of Chamber of Deputies. If government fails, the president will offer a change to create a new cabinet to another person. The name what is mostly listen is Jiri Paroubek, the chairman of Social Democrats party, who was second in the elections.

The new Government is now in an unpleasant situation. As it was in recent months, the right-wing parties still has only one hundred seats in the Chamber of Deputies out of two hundred. Paroubek says that no one from his party will accept this government, so it looks that Topolanek’s government can now wait for “the execution”. He has thirty days to think about his after-life.

Czech Republic has two prime ministers now

Czech Republic has a new prime minister. It is Mirek Topolanek from ODS. But all competences still has Jiri Paroubek (CSSD). This conditions still until the inauguration of the new Government.

The elections were two months ago and the Speaker of parliament was voted this Monday. It is Miroslav Vlcek (CSSD) who is in this function only temporary. Paroubek’s government resigned yesterday and the president Vaclav Klaus accepted it. After that the new prime minister was inaugurated. Topolanek must negotiated with Social democrats (CSSD) if he still wants to be a PM. After inauguration of new Government it has thirty day to approve it by majority in parliament. After the government inauguration the members of the old one will leave their posts.

The law says that the only old is in office, but there are some indistinct things. For example who has a right for Prime Minister’s salary or diplomatic privileges.

First steps of upcoming Government

Civic democrats won the elections. Christian union and Green party joined with Civic democrats to create a coalition and new government. Today they signed the deal and tomorrow the Chamber of Deputies has the constitutive meeting. There will be proposed the new Government with their deal.

After that the new Government usually takes a place after the old one. After the constitutive meeting the new Government has exactly 30 days to gain the confidence (or agreement) of the Chamber. And this is for upcoming Government a problem.

Coalition has 100 seats out of 200 and this means that it required one more seat to have majority necessary to gain the confidence. The rest of 200 seats has biggest rival of Civic Democrats – Social Democrats and Communistic Party.

So there is only one chance to create the Government: to gain any kind of support of Social democrats. This mean a heavy negotiation, because Social Democrats cannot accept some points of coalition programme at all cost and Civic democrats want to realize this points at same cost.

So this will be very interesting. If the upcoming Government wouldn’t gain the confidence, the new government would be set.