On The Streets of Prague

Czech Communists gathered to protest against Radar

More than a thousand people demonstrated against the planned US Radar base in the Czech republic. It was communists who organized the meeting at Paladskeho Namesti. At the end of their protest march they handled a letter on the USA Embassy. The letter was addressed to Barrack Obama.

Of course, as it is common during those events, nobody openly admitted that the very possibility to assemble and demonstrate is a democratic privilege, which the Czech Republic have thanks to the fact we didn’t let the communists in power.

“We assume, that by building a military radar station the Czech Republic and their citizens became a tool of one-side economical, military and international politics of the USA.” the letter says.

It is strange that in the time when Russia is as puffed as a pouted pigeon and variously attacks surrounding countries either physically, or by blackmailing them, there is still a certain group who would love to unite with them.

Peace Oasis at Prague Islands at construction

The most extensive work of Prague 1 is this year unique concept of free time use. The quite simple intention has a well-considered conception.

Strelecky ostrov
Makeover of the roads and and play components for kids, a new lift from Legie bridge and a ‘stay meadow’ intended for rest; on a blanket for instance.

Slovansky ostrov
Restoration of children railway and paving at Zofin, repair of mole, repair of roads, green, benches and bins.

Reconstruction of the complete Kampa park area, adjustment of Certovka bed and repair of riverside walls among Sovovy Mlyny and Lichenstejnsky palace. Newly, the re is going to be a bikeline established

Prague have found out that for these investments it is possible to get money from the European Union funds. In some cases, EU funds are going to cover 85% of the costs.

Reconstructions start this summer, possibly later because of the EU Chairmanship. We are going to inform about further development.

Viselec returned to Prague

The unusual statue of the nowadays very medially interesting author David Cerny is now in Prague again. It tours the world, hanging out in various cities, where it shock its citizens. Last time it was in in Michigan city of Grand Rapids where it caused a real turmoil. The statue depicts Sigmund Freud in life size, hanging by one hand from a traverse, which is placed at roofs of various buildings. In Michigan, people got scared it is a real self-murderer and called the fire brigade and the police.

Viselec toured various cities like London, Berlin or Stockholm, and his return to Prague is but a short stop before it will go on; righ now, it is at the corner of Betlemske Namesti and Husova street at the old town. It was made from fibreglass, David Cerny’s favorite material, and it is distinctive by the typical feature of its author – it arouses emotions. As all the art should, if it doesn’t want to disappear from the memory.

Illuminated Sculptures in the Streets of Prague

The project called Transparency, realized within Czech EU Chairmanship wants to emphasize the magic of Prague in the first place. The other aim would be to make contemporary art accessible for the general public. The display of the first four from the six presents renowned artists, which can admire anyone who is in Prague just now. These are just the ‘first wave’, others are going to be placed in February and April. The street exhibition continues until the end of June.

Panel with a girl silhouette ‘Ann Dancing’ by Julian Opie was put to the widow of the National Theatre so it can be seen the whole day. The statue ‘We’ by Jaume Plensa is placed on Jan Palach square shines every day from 18 to midnight. The light show ‘Mice’ by Stephan Reusse shines everyday from 20 to midnight in Dusni ulice. ‘Love Letters’ by Arthur Duff is on Old Town Square ; it shines every hour until midnight, starting 18:00.

Some gambling houses to disappear from Prague

To go to a little casino and to put ones money into a slot machine is going to be a little more difficult starting the next year. The new public notice stated to obtain to 1st January, so having a gambling house means to fulfill many conditions. Among others it is to keep tapes from security cameras for 30 days and to remove the shiny advertisements with jackpot height from the front.

The cases of those places being a meeting-place of various necromaniacs or thieves are notorious, and the city has been trying to solve it since the very Velvet Revolution. Finally, the numbers are on decrease. Even when they planned to close 226 and in the end only 80 were locked, ‘gambling survivors’ will have limit their business, meaning they will have to stop being non-stop premises.

The Royal Route in Prague renowned

Narrow streets in the Old Town are crowded. The pavements are narrow, parked cars and streets take too much of the space, which was originally, hundreds of years ago, designed for pedestrians only. The great crowds of tourists, who go to see the Royal Route, plus number of natives have to squeeze their way through everyday – that should change. The Town Hall of Prague 1 is going to make some changes, starting the Vienna-styling of streets and pavements; the streets are going to be lifted to the level of pavements.

The other visible street change will be the street surface. They are going to be re-paved, the pavements will get new mosaic paving. The current single-shift streets stay on their place, but the speed is going to be more reduced.

The whole area should be came more accessible to pedestrians, which is the main reason for the adjustments. There should be less car traffic and more aesthetics. There will be more front gardens. One square form old times returns, pushing one parking lot away; it makes place for two trees, benches and a drinking fountain.

Copa Centre on Narodni Trida – Offices, Flats, Shopping....

The new multi-functional object, which is going to grow upon the metro station Narodni Trida, is going to cost about four billions czk. Four underground and eight overground floors offer flats, restaurants, shopping centre and arcades, administrative spaces, underground parking for two hundred fifty cars, and also a new barrierless metro vestibule.

The construction is going to last about 25 months, but still it is not clear when the building works are going to begin.

The Centre is made by six together connected buildings, from which one will be connected to the tesco building. Spaces between the buildings will be made by a covered street and a business passage. The project counts with a new square, with trees, seats and water fountains.

Narodi Trida in Prague closes in summer 2009

Copa center has the construction permission. The Project is going to change lives of many for long months. After six weeks of inspecting the objections, i.a. the petition signed by Prague citizens against it, the City Hall came to an exceptable decision – the Copa Centre is going to be build.

That still haven’t the force of res judicata, that will get in a few days, if no one complains, which is probably going to happen, because people living at hand of the Narodni Metro station will have to travel to more remote places.

The new business-office-housing centre worth 154 million € is hard to stop. Developers with the image of profit make their efforts so the construction would start in January 2009, and could be finished in November 2010. The metro station will be closed for ten months.

Neo-nazis wanted to march through Prague, weren't allowed

The increasing activities of neo-nazis in the Czech republic are watched with dislike. It is not enough they formed a political party ( Workers’ party ) in order to legalize violence against the ‘socially deprived’, they are increasing the frequency of their marches (power demonstration).

This one was supposed to be the second demonstration on the Crystal Night anniversary. Crystal Night was one of the biggest pogrom against Jews.

About twenty neo-nazis made it through the ‘random checks’ to the Jewish Town already. ‘Random Checks system proven itself to be good during previous events; it is simply about holding them on one spot as long as possible. When the group of twenty saw the heavy police forces in the Old Town, they fled.

Kocka's burial: 3 pairs of horses

One thousand five hundred of funeral guests, five hundred cars, three pairs of horses, who are going to carry the body of Vaclav Kocka jr. into the newly build family tomb at Brevnov. It starts today at 11 am. Drivers going through the metropolis can expect a lot of traffic limitations.

The mourning parade is going to stop at Brevnovsky Klaster church. So be prepared to meet some heavy traffic at the area. Kocka died at a celebration of Jiri Paroubek, where he was shoot. The police haven’t still negated theories that the death and fire of Prague Exhibition Palace, which is connected to Kocka family, has the same vendetta behind.

Bronze paving stones – little Jew monuments in Prague

Anyone, who, starting toady, goes through the Jewish quarter, can bow to the victims of holocaust. Representatives of Jewish Youth Union (the Union) put ten bronze memorial stones to honour those who died in a concentration camp or in a ghetto. Placed gently in pavement they are in front of the houses, where the deported people lived. They are not pompous – the adjective for them would be ordinary.

The Union put ten stones in nine streets. The first stone was laid by the art author Gunter Demnig in Jachymova street. The other ones are in Parizska, Kozi, Tynska or in the street Politickych veznu. The Union count with much more in the future. The whole project was inspired by the similar one in Germany, the idea is the stones should commemorate ordinary folk, not anyone famous or specific.

Zizkov Tower Upgrade This Monday

enlightened zizkov tower This Monday the show with Zizkov tower starts. Prepare for blockade of surrounding streets and also for unusual sight. The action takes place on Monday 8th and it will be something that could fit into a Hollywood blockbuster, as the new tip of the tower will be brought on the spot by the Russian helicopter Ka-32, with two machines and maximum load of 12 700 kg.

Reasons for such a complicated upgrade? The Czech republic television finally changes to digital broadcasting. That asks for an upgrade of the broadcasting device, in this case the Zizkov Tower, which is not only a postmodern architectonical jewel, but also the source for TV broadcast for whole Prague.

The flying derrick is to replace the antenna during the day, providing there will be weather for it.In the case of wind, the streets surrounding will stay closed also on Tuesday. For those, who wish to watch the antenna replacement: The best places to watch it are Vitkov and Parukarka.

Narodni Trida Station is going to be Closed

The last blank spot at Narodni Trida is to disappear. The Town hall have taken the pre-steps already; first, the kiosks were moved, followed by the benches. The place has always been swarming with homeless, so they just sit on the ground. Than, the new public notice banning public drinking at chosen areas came out. Now, the surroundings of the station Narodni Trida are clean, and the developer is ready.

The metro station will be closed, as on the top of it is the new centre Copa Centra going to appear. It will be accessible from Spalena, Purkynova, Vladislavova, Charvatova streets, from the Tesco market, and from Metro B station Narodni trida. The business-administrative-residential centre is financed by Sebastian Pawlowski and the price will be approximately 160 000 000 €, the developer also invest into the metro station.

That the station will be closed for possibly 16 months have already aroused displeasure of Prague citizens and a few thousands of them have signed a petition against the metro station closure. The Prague Public Transport company defends the station needs reconstruction anyway.

Video: Tourist trip to Prague – fun, happy

This video was made by Johnyjet.com, and it depicts the trip all the way from the USA to Prague, shown in pictures and video, it is an amateur movie, however it is edited very nicely and it is fun to watch. And they show also some things that are not known to Prague people – tourist accommodation, in this case the interior of luxurious hotel and spa Alchemist.

They do some traditional sightseeing, among which is the Old Town Square, and of course the Gothic jewel of Prague, the Prague Castle. But why I put the video here – they got me with the sight I like the most, the Charles Bridge in the morning. As I say, the best sight in Prague is the Charles Bridge when the sun rises. As the vacant says: it is all mine :D it is beautiful indeed. Enjoy!

Destination Unknown Prague, Czech Republic

I have now made my way to the Prague Castle. This is the most visited sight in the whole Prague and it is easy to see why. The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Constructed in the 9th century the castle has transformed itself from an old fortress into an imposing sight that it is today.

Virtual walk is the most safe, cheap, and comfy way of travelling. If you want to have a look, how does it look like in Prague, just click the video below. In this journey, you are going to visit one of the most well-preserved historical cities.

Art Phone = Phone boots with an attitude

gamekeeper’s lodge phonebox still in atelier Walking around summer Kampa Park, a walk-by’s interest focuses on strange objects, resembling phone boots from distance, as the skelet is of the same dimension. There is seventeen of them and they are a part of the exhibition called Art phone, supporting Linka Bezpeci – telephone line for kids and teens in hard life situations alias Safety Line Association

Starting and renown artists participated on creating the boxes, which will be exhibited in the streets until 25th August. At the same time, there is the Internet auction www.aukce.linkabezpeci.cz where are these sold.

One of the boxes is a charity object by itself, as its design includes a huge moneybox. After the exhibition ends, it will serve on, placed in O2 Arena. The boxes, who more or less changed their face, are more than anything else unusual artifacts. The most significant is a booth close to John Lennon’s wall, that changed into a gamekeeper’s lodge. With antlers, incased with wood. Or a box called Ecological with compost, or Cushiony, focused on interior comfort.

Prague charity project - buy a brick, help to build

You may have noticed it when walking through the streets of Prague. It looks like a rather strange happening with a chimney-like structure in the middle of the street. This “chimney” is made of colorful bricks which are covered with names and pictures. The people who hold a patrol there many try you and ask if you are able to pull it down, but I have seen may people trying, and even when the bricks are not glued or anything, the round structure holds firmly.

You can notice various signatures and pictures at the bricks, which were written by people who contribute to the charity project. The Brick Action is a fund-raising action of a civic organization called Portus Praha. The aim of this organization is to help people with mental handicaps to live normal lives and integrate them into everyday life of the society.

The places where it is possible to see them would be e.g. Old Town Square and at the bottom end of Wenceslas Square. You can’t miss it. Read one here

In the end the Sausages from Wenceslas square have to go

Not even a petition, where loyal customers subscribe they really do want to keep the kiosks there, won’t prevent the Prague Town Council from closing them. The kiosks should have been gone on 1st July, at the present moment they are still there, but that is not going to last long. From the present 26 there should be only a few left, only now it is not clear when.

There is also a lot of people, who welcome the proposal of closing the kiosks with a relieve. They say the kiosks attracted, together with tourists, a weird sort of people who were getting drunk there. The owner still keeps protesting, he doesn’t like the idea he should take the kiosks away, when he recently bought new ones.

Prague Bans Public Drinking ... Soon ... ?

The council of the capital city of Prague have agreed on a bill, banning drinking of alcohol on chosen public spaces. The deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated the locals complain about being annoyed or offended by drunks, that seek some typical places on everyday basis. When he talked to deputies of Prague parts, he reportedly even needed to calm their efforts to ban it almost everywhere.

When reading the list of ‘no drinking’ zones, I could nor resist the feeling the law is mainly intended as a tool to repellent homeless and other individuals from places of their hang-out. Typical is the Narodni Trida square just behind Tesco, also the Wenceslas Square would need to get rid of some drunks. The space in front of the Main Train Station is notorious. What surprises is the Kampa park, which was somehow the park where even ‘mainstream’ locals go to have their drink in, because the location is so pro-tourist and expensive one has to travel a few tram stations before he/she can afford a beer.

If the bill will be passed, it will definitely bring changes, significant changes to the face of the streets. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a tool for police bullying, but sustains its original purpose – to bring the locals revelation from the mess.

Olympic Day Run in Prague

Olympic Day was held for the first time in June 1948 with a total of 9 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) hosting ceremonies in their respective countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In an effort to encourage all NOCs to commemorate and celebrate Olympic Day, the IOC Sport for All Commission launched the Olympic Day Run concept with the objective of promoting the practice of participation in sport by men, women and children from all corners of the world and all walks of life, regardless of athletic ability. The first Olympic Day Run was held in 1987, over a distance of 10km, with 45 participating NOCs.

Over the last 17 years, the Olympic Day Run has developed into the only worldwide celebration of the Olympic Day, and helps to spread the Olympic ideals to every corner of the world.

25th June 2008, in 15 Czech and Moravian cities the traditional Olympic Day Run takes place.

Those cities are Brno, České Budějovice, Hodonín, Chrudim, Jilemnice, Liberec, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Mladá Boleslav, Most, Ostrava, Praha, Stříbro, Turnov, Vrchlabí and Zlín.

“It is not merely a run for health or win. We want to remind to the participants the idea of Olympism and fair-play fight” The Olympian Imrich Bugár, director of the race, says.

The Czech Olympic Committee is among the organizers from the first year. Those are public races, in categories from pupils to veterans. To participate is for free, the participants do not pay any charges.

Event: Prague , 25th June 2008
09:00 : youth – the area of Troja slalom canal
17:00 : the main 10 km race – adults at Strahov, area among stadiums of Rosickeho and treningovy.