Prague Smichov Beach is now Opening

The Smichov Bank of Vltava has a new layer of nice white sand and wooden floors for tables were laid yesterday. The place is coming back to life again. For the fourth time, it will be possible to take a seat, have a drink and sunbathe or chat under an umbrella, in the very centre of Prague.

The Smichov Beach is opened everyday since 10 to 22 hours until the half of September. The full capacity of the place is about five hundred people, so no wonder the place with a view of Vysehrad and Podskali hosted about 40 thousand people last year.

The all-day ticket to the beach is 50czk, small kids for free. There will be concerts of various groups and thematic evenings focused e.g. on mediterranean cuisine. There is a beach volleyball field, of course, you can play petanque. The place is sweet.

Paris' Hilton visit in Prague became a news-reporter hunt of her person.

paris Paris Hilton came to Prague on Sunday, she was accompanying the guitarist Benji Madden of the group Good Charlotte. As there were news-hunters running after her since the moment she got out of the group’s bus, she tripped over and hurt her chin, in one moment when she run from the pack chasing her.

It happened close to the Old Town Square. When the couple saw Astronomical Clock, they went for a meal. During the time they were in the restaurant, reporters formed a massive group in front of the building. When the couple tried to escape, Paris tripped.

The famous blonde, who didn’t quite charmed critiques by her acting and singing, accompanies her boyfriend the whole march on his tour. When they were in Germany, German tabloid Bild wrote they are planning a baby during the tour. The child should get its name according to the place of its conception. So maybe it’s name could be Prague.

Public Sex in Czech Rep. , sentence: 400 hours of community service

Village discotheque at the Czech Republic countryside got distraction one night, when a Czech man, aged 30, had made sex with his ex-girl-friend, aged 40, both being really drunk.

The case got publicity, when the woman first testified she couldn’t defend herself, as she was ‘totally drunk’. The case could develop as a case of rape, however, the court decided that their action was only breach of the peace, as they used to be a couple, and also because when the police came, she ‘ did not behave as any victim of a crime and laughed.’

The witnesses reported the visitors at the disco encouraged them, and some filmed the action by their mobile phones. When the man saw he is being filmed, he took belt from his pants and lashed some of them.

Professional barman show in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar

Professional barmen in the Czech Republic will show their skills in the final of the 5th Havana Club Grand Prix in Lucerna Music Bar on Thursday 12th July 2007. The best barmen will compete in two disciplines.

The barman show will be accompanied by the music of DJ Pedro Rodriquez and the performances of group Gulocar. After midnight there will be DJ Orion and DJ Mike Trafic with go-go dancers.

The evening programme will start at 18:00 and it will continue until 2:00 in the morning. Tickets are available in advance in Lucerna Music Bar or via and for 140 CZK, but the number of tickets is limited.

Mafioso party or a houseboat party in Prague tonight

If you don’t know what to do in Prague tonight, we’d like to inform you about two parties held in the city. The first one is a party on a houseboat on the Vltava river, the other one is Mafioso party in the city centre.

The houseboat is called U Bukanyra and right now it’s anchored on the nabrezi L. Svobody under the Stefanikuv bridge near botel Albatros. The Shadowboat party will offer drumandbass, many cocktails and a special atmosphere. The party starts at 21:00 and is for free.

Another possibility is to go to the Mafioso party where you can compete in the contest for the best Mafioso dress. You can look forward to dance performances of swing, step, tango and salsa. The party takes place in Tropison Club (on the 5th floor of the shopping centre Kotva in namesti Republiky) at 22:00.

Roxy Birthday Night in Prague tonight

One of the most popular clubs in Prague, Roxy (Dlouha 33, Prague 1), will celebrate today the ‘15th birthday’. Big celebrations will take part not only in the club but also in a large tram the capacity of which is about 160 people.

The tram, equipped by a bar, a sound system and lighting show will start on namesti Miru (you can get there by metro green line A) at 22:00 tonight. After 2-hour-long journey around Prague it will stop in front of the club where the party will continue.

If you don’t feel like taking the tram, the programme in the club starts already at 21:00 and the entrance is until 24:00 for free. The music will be provided by the best DJ’s of Roxy club.

Finish Midnight Sun celebrations in Prague

Midnight Sun is one of the holidays in Finland which celebrates that the sun doesn’t set. To experience the atmosphere you don’t have to go to Finland but to Prague. Finlandia Vodka decided to bring the celebrations there as well.

Even though the sun will set here, you can learn Finish traditions connected with this holidays. One of the most important symbol of the celebrations will be a big bonfire. People can listen to Nordic traditional music, learn Nordic dances, watch fire effects and special projections, and drink vodka.

The celebrations will take place on Cisarska louka street nearby Smichov (metro line B Smichovske nadrazi) on Thursday 28th June 2007.

Paul Oakenfold in Amazing City party in Prague

The world’s most expensive DJ Paul Oakenfold will be one of the stars at the party Amazing City that will take place in T-Mobile Arena (Za Elektrarnou 419) in Prague Exhibition Ground on 13th April 2007.

Visitors can also look forward to Eddie Halliwell from England, who is DJ no.1 according to the music magazine Mixmag, then to Johan Gielen from the Netherlands, Judge Jules, Matt Hardwick and Daniele Divoli from England, and Czech DJ LayDee Jane.

The party will be full of music, multimedia laser show and professional dancers. Tickets (as well as printable ETickets) for 715 CZK (VIP 1,350 CZK) can be bought via Ticketpro.

St Valentine's parties in Prague

Some of Prague’s clubs offer today special actions to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. For example, couples who will come to Rock Cafe (Narodni 20) with a red tie and a red top will have a special discount on drink Heart (Srdce). Music bands La Grupa, Multiplayer and Deset oci will play there rock love music.

Club Tropison (nam. Republiky 8) prepared an extra Valentine’s night. Visitors can dance salsa or Argentinean tango. Couples can tried their luck in a competition for the most interesting dancing.

Music club Face to Face (Stvanice island 1125) organises Primerous Fuking Valentine Party with a lot of music and competitions. The best competition will be the one for the sexiest couple in the Dance of St Valentine.

Sensation White will come to Prague

Prague’s Sazka Arena will host the World’s Leading Dance Event – Sensation White. For the first time in the Czech Republic, Prague will be one of the cities to experience the Sensation White World Tour.

All participants are required to wear white clothes, both the top and the bottom. Only shoes can have different colours. Small prints and logos are allowed. Minimum age is 18 years, which will be strictly checked.

The 40,000 tickets for Sensation White 2006 edition were sold out in six hours. Tickets for the Prague event will be on sale from 6th February (on internet from 7th February 8:00 until 31st May). Tickets cost 790 CZK until 28th February 2007, 1090 CZK until 30th April 2007 and 1290 from 1st May 2007.

For orders from abroad you can write to Payment is possible by banking transfer, the tickets will be sent by post. For more information about the event click here.

Party of Radio Wave

Czech Radio Wave (100,7 FM) is going to celebrate their first anniversary by a party in Prague’s club Abaton (Na Kosince 8 / Povltavska 2175 street) in Prague. The evening will be devoted to musicians of various music genres.

Among bands performing in Abaton will be playing Czech-Roma hip hop, Khoira, Nierika mixing styles, but also Please the Trees, a band nominated to Eurosonic Awards 2007, and many others. Visitors can also look forward to sexy break dancers

The party is held on Friday 12th January from 19:30. Tickets can be bought in advance for 150 CZK or at the entrance for 180 CZK. The proceeds will go to gorilla preservation.

SexAppeal party soon in Prague

All those who love parties should not miss mega party SexAppeal held on 3rd November in the Industrial Palace at Prague Fair Ground. The organizers promise a party that will be unlike the others.

Visitors can look forward to DJ’s and decoration from the biggest club in the world Privelege Ibiza. The Industrial Palace will change into a big club full of bars, dancing floors, long catwalks, decorations, cameras and lighting effects. The performers will dance on the dancing floors together with visitors, lots of cameras will broadcast on large screens. There will be several fashion shows and other performances. Special services will be provided in VIP lounge.

The price of the ticket is util 3rd November 480 CZK, at the entrance before the party 600 CZK. VIP tickets are for 1380 CZK. Tickets can be bought through Ticketportal and Ticketstream. Only from 18 years old.

First 300 visitors (from 14:00) with a valid ticket for SexAppeal can go to Erotica Sex Praha 2006 on 3rd November for free.