Police work

Police cleaned children playgrounds

Police has special action to clean playgrounds, sport grounds and parks away from injections of drug addiction people.

Police men do this job periodically, but yesterday it was complete action on Whole Prague. It was found 221 injections in surrounding of sport grounds, fortunately nothing was found directly in playgrounds and sand-pits.

In years the number of dropped injections is lowering.

Drug dealers has been arrested

A three member gang of Israel drug dealers and importers were arrested yesterday after six month long monitoring. Police operation with codename Merec has a success: 4200 Ecstasy pills, cocaine, marijuana, LSD and 500 000 crowns was found.

The gang provided drugs into Prague clubs and discos. They was main dealers of Ecstasy in Prague after their price-out of a competition. Members of the gang can be arrested at ten years.

Police on two wheels is training

Municipal Police of Prague wants to have good motorcycle riders. The reason is simple: Municipal Police on two wheels can get to every place in Prague faster than in car, because it isn’t limited by traffic jams, which are very frequent in Prague.

But training this 15 policemen is little unusual. Best way how to be at least good rider is to train with best riders. So teachers are Czech representatives of motorcycle race Enduro like Europe vice-champion Karel Scheder.

Policemen trained riding, slalom and braking at wet surface, riding with a distance, escorting of a car, passing hurdles or turning to an opposite direction.

Prague Municipal police has 40 motorcycles and 80 drivers.
Municipal police has new competences like weighting trucks or buses, and there will be better connection between Police CZ and Municipal police.

A woman was beaten by policeman

Katerina Jacques, number two of Green Party at Prague and the head of the government’s human rights section was beaten by policeman when she was protesting against neo-Nazi demonstration.

It is hard to describe it objectively, investigation is still on the way and results will be maybe at the end of this week, but there is some info.

Yesterday Katerina Jacques with friends, her kids and party colleagues followed ultra-right movement National Resistance demonstration march with anti-Nazi banner.

The rest of an incident is not same. There is police version and version by Jacques and their friends.

Jacques says that she was attacked by furious policeman and brutally arrested, the police says that Jaques didn’t obey police order and she had to be arrested with force.

Here are links to English-written articles of this case.
Czech News Agency – Ceske noviny
Radio Prague
A video of this incident by British lists -Michal Vlk
Photos of this incident by Michal Vlk

Interior Minister Frantisek Bublan says that the policeman was set off duty and Bublan says that policeman behaviour was most probably inadequate.

Students help policemen

Symbiosis between Prague police and students will be this summer again. This cooperation will be this year for the sixth time. Students will help with translation and they will supply information to tourist.

Prague uses mobile standpoints, where everybody can use the services of a policeman or a student. More than 14 000 tourists used this service last year. The number of mobile standpoints is increased every year. You can find 32 specially modified wagons in Prague this season.

Students work every weekend until July, during of school holiday every day from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. They have better salary than usual summer job (80 CZK per hour) and they have to be good in English or German and to know Prague very well. Thanks to this policemen have more time to do their job in Prague streets.

Centre will be protected by more policemen

Touristic season is coming and Prague will raise number of policemen in centre from 250 to 300.

Biggest problem is small criminality like pickpocketing, street exchange, begging, of disturbing in night. Street exchange is dangerous for people unfamiliar with Czech banknotes. It can happen, that exchanger will sell you for example old Bulgarian banknotes instead of Czech.

Most guarded places will be tourist attractive places like King Road, Old Town Square, Celetna street, Wenceslas square or Narodni street.

But policemen can’t be simply relocated from one part of Prague to another-thy will have to make overtimes.

End of criminals on Wenceslas square

Very famous Wenceslas square was suffering because of prostitution, pickpocketing and drug dealing.
Prague magistrate decided to make decisive step and cleans up whole square. Prague mayor Pavel Bem summoned dozens of policemen, uniformed and under covered for few weeks to square.

Jiri Sellner, Prague 1 Police chief: “Over one thousand were engaged in the oldest profession. Of the people we checked, 1,600 were foreign citizens, of whom 350 ended up in police custody. Sixty of them were people already wanted. We also recorded 2,183 criminal offences and gave out over 1,500 fines totalling 628,000 crowns (25,500 US dollars).”