Prague sport events

Extreme sports Sunday

Go Zlute lazne (Yellow Spa) host third volume of extreme music-sports festival G2 Joyride 2006. Over one hundred sportsman present their skills in adrenaline sports.

Czech championship in wakeboarding e.g. water-(snow)boarding is a most attractive part, but there is a lot more. Visitors can see para drop to Vltava river from a plane, water-ski exhibition or a beach rugby.

Other parts of G2 Joyride are a breakdance contest (XStream zone) or final part of a Prague streetball league (Streetball zone). Quicksilver zone will offer tricks on a skateboard, a free style BMX of tricks with a footbag.

The admission for this large event is free.

Prague Dragon ship championship

Dragon ships, that have over two thousand years long history and this sport is made by over fifty millions people over the world. Czech Republic won European and World championship so it was decided to prepare a championship in Czech Republic.

The championship is planned at the beginning of September. It is expected over 2000 sportsmen at 200, 500 and 2000 metres long sail. This will be of course at Vltava river in Prague-Podoli.

Czech association prepares everything for the championship as well as for the national team. The national team had problems with their ships this June. Someone set on fire all ships and everything was destroyed. The offender was caught and caused damage is 1,300,000 Czech crowns.

Five medals for the Czechs from the World Championships

Czech canoeists and kayakers managed to win five medals this weekend during the finals of the World Championships in Troja. They thus got the same number of medals as three years ago and confirmed that the Czech Republic belongs to the world top in this sport. The total number of medals won by the Czechs was exceeded only by the French.

The medals include two gold ones for Volf and Stepanek who were a great hope mainly after their perfect qualification. Their time was more than 2 seconds better than that of the German runners-up Becker and Henze. The bronze medal went to the Olympic winners Hochschorners from Slovakia. Stepanek and Volf have already bronze from the Olympic games, silver from the World Championships and they also won gold medals from European Championships. Being best in the world and getting the medals at home thus perfectly completes their impressive collection.

Volf and Stepanek praised the support from the watchers. On the other hand, Stepanka Hilgertova, who was laid the greatest hopes on, ended up on the fifth place. She was really disappointed and complained that she could not properly concentrate. The gold went to Jana Dukatova from Slovakia who deserved the victory given her perfect skills.

Canoeist Jezek ended up as third and won deservedly the bronze medal. This was seen as a remarkable achievement given he was starting in the finals from the sixth position. Jezek also admitted he doubted his chances to win a medal. His best placing before this weekend was the tenth place from the same competition last year. His celebrations were mixed with lots of work such as repairs of the wireless network. Jezek namely also actively helped with the organization of the championships – concretely with the IT.

Thursday's successful qualification and the Olympic Games

Three Czech kayaks as well as three canoeists were successful in yesterday’s qualification races. Volf with his partner Stepanek, who brought a bronze medal from Athens, ended up as clear winners since they finished seven seconds ahead of the runners-up. Today’s programme includes further qualifications of canoeists and kayaks – including the Czech star Stepanka Hilgertova.

According to Jan Burgermeister, a Czech deputy, Prague will be ready for the Olympic games by 2016 – also in the case it should not candidate. This claim, that we touched upon in relation to the current championships, is based on the fact that canal for water sports is the most expensive facility and Prague does not have to invest into it at all since it is ready.

Prague Mayor Bem also supports the idea of Olympic games in Prague but he prefers a modest version to minimise the risk of unnecessary investments. The supporters claim that all of the sports facilities, infrastructure as well as additional accommodation would be built anyway and do not therefore represent in any way financial burden.

On the other hand, the opponents claim that additional eleven stadiums with Olympic dimensions would have to be built and this can under no circumstances be seen as an investment that would take place also without the games. The organizing city also has to provide 45 000 hotel rooms but Prague currently offers only 30 000. The decision about the candidature will have to be met by the end of this year.

Slalom Racing World Championships officially start today

Tonight will Krizik fountain sing and perform its light show for the participants of the Slalom Racing World Championships, which was reported about recently. The official opening starts at half past eight and there is no entrance fee. Should you want to take part, the only condition is to bring a ticket. It does not have to be bought but only printed out. The link can be accessed here.

Sixty-five countries will take part in the championships and thirty out of this total could be labled as “exotic” since the competitors have only little experience with this type of competition. Their expenses are covered by the organising ICF and their “development programme”.

By the end of the last week three quarters of all the tickets for the races were sold. This is not at all surprising because of the past successes on the part of the Czech competitors. The Czech team is complete and their couch Jiri Pultera expressed his confidence.

Stepanka Hilgertova, who the most people lay their hopes on due to her two Olympic medals, also admits that competing in “home waters” will be extraordinary. She expects stronger feelings and also greater support from the watchers. Nevertheless, she also fears that it may be hard to keep concentration at its maximum under such circumstances.

Slalom Racing World Championships in Prague

Four hundred contestants representing seventy countries will compete in Prague from 2nd till 6th August for the title of the world champion in slalom racing. The competition returns to the Czech Republic after almost forty years.

The organisers count with an extraordinary interest of the public. The reason is that the Czechs have never returned from this competition without a medal. Therefore, the beginning of August in Troja offers an unprecedented opportunity to witness the victory of Czech representatives “at home”. Our most famous competitor will be Stepanka Hilgertova who won twice at the Olympic games – in Atlanta and Sydney.

Organizers thus decided to extend the capacity of stands and provide additional 300 places. Other “extras” awaiting the watchers and participants include a renovated boathouse, new gyms as well as restaurants and climbing walls. The evening opening ceremony takes place on Tuesday 1st August at Krizik Fountain and the programme includes Vangelis, Smetana’s Vltava and fireworks.

Given the fact that slalom racing is an Olympic discipline, this championship may be seen as a stepping stone which enables Prague to move closer to the organisation of the Olympic games themselves. Prague contemplates candidature for organising the games in 2016 or four years later.

More about the whole event can be accessed at the official pages of the championship.

Legendary table-tennis player Walder returns to Prague

The forty-year-old Swedish star Jen-Ove Walder is considered the most successful table-tennis player since he holds every title possible – including being a World Champion as well as an Olympic winner. Walder will come to Prague in August (18 – 20) to compete in Prague Open 2006.

The last time the player visited Prague was seven years ago. His participation in the Prague tournament follows difficult negotiations which lasted two months. One of his opponents will be Peter Korbel, who is Czech number one table-tennis player.

International Golf Week 2006

Monday till Friday of this week will be in Prague devoted to golf. The inaugural International Golf Week is an open forum of superb professionals from the area of golf teaching. The participants include for example Hank Haney – a private coach of the world-famous number one Tiger Woods.

Golf week is meant to address people interested in golf or those, who would like to learn about this sport a bit more. The programme consists of training sessions as well as of presentations about training methods. There will also be a possibility to become involved in various discussions and debates or to try a golf tournament. The individual events take place in Golf Center Cechie in Prague and on the premises of Golf Resort Karlstejn.

The objective of the organizers (INGOLF Golf Learning Centre ) is to enable all of the fans of this sport to participate in the event. Golf amateur players, instructors or professionals are all welcomed to participate, learn and train as well as to meet golf’s absolute stars. To learn more, visit the official pages.

Adrenalin excitement reaches Prague

What about trying to find out where your boundaries of strength lie and whether you fear? What about testing your stamina?

You must overcome your fear, your team must be strongly connected together. Testing yourself is super experience. Who can run down the rock, ride water scooter, fly above the canyon hundreds meters in 100 m high, etc.?

After six years in Decin the opportunity to experience an unprecedented challenge reaches the capital city. Saturday 22 July will definitely be an exciting day for the watchers, who can try their own “small challenge”, but much more for the participants of Adrenalin Challenge Prague 2006 .

The competition for three-member teams is designed to test the abilities, strength and courage of the members as well as to enhance their teamwork. The disciplines will include for example abseiling from Vysehrad mountain or becoming familiar with Vltava river whilst trying to jet ski.

There is also the possibility of enjoying the complementary programme such as races of dragon ships, fire show and dances. Barman show as well as combat sports are also expected to belong among the highlights of the day.

More about the previous years in Decin can be read here where the quotation was taken from .

Basketball Final Four 2006 in FIVE days

Final Four, match of four best teams of European league starts this Friday at Prague Sazka Arena. Every year is tournament in different country and city. This year it is Czech Republic and Prague. Sazka arena is very well prepared. Year and a half of preparations and fifty millions CZK is cost for organisation Ceska sportovni (Czech sporting), which put together “biggest European basketball holiday”.

Although tournament is in Prague it was impossible to hope that Czech team will get to it. Basketball is not sport no.1 in CZ, so financial support is many times lesser than in another European countries. Best four are MACCABI TEL AVIV (Israel) and TAU CERAMICA (Spain) – first match, CSKA MOSKVA (Russia) and FC BARCELONA (Spain) – second match.

Ceska sportovni had to make a lot for this tournament: Let make and buy special equipment, adjust beds and showers for tall player or be prepared to set optimal temperature in hall and in dressing-rooms. It makes Final Four in Prague best equipped and prepared of all previous FF. It makes fastest sales of all too.

It was expected and now it is clear, that most visitors are abroad, especially from Greek and Israel. From total amount of 15 000 tickets rests 200 classic tickets and 50 top sites. Every tickets are sold in “packs” – tickets for every matches sold together. Price starts at 2 300 CZK and TOP VIP costs 42 000 CZK.

If you want to buy them, then continue to site of Sazkaticket.
Every other information should be at Ceska sportovni pages or at Euroleague sites.

Eurofighter box match

If you are fan of box, you could not miss “boxing day” in Prague. Evening full of box will expect you 9th May at 6 P.M. in Sazka Arena.
Boxers will fight for EBU Championship WBO and championship of Czech Republic.

Main fight will be match between Lukas Konecny (CZ) and Humberto Aranda (Costarica) for Intercontinental – Championship WBO. You can also see boxers Rudolf Kraj and Ladislav Kutil and more.

Cost of tickets is from 95 CZK to 3990 CZK for platinum seats.
Tickets can be purchased at or at every terminal of Sazka.

World Synchronized Skating Championship

This year championship was in 30th March-1st April in Prague T-Mobile Arena.

If you even don’t know, as I until Sunday didn’t, what synchronized skating is, there is little explanation: Synchronized skating can be described as combination between figure-skating and traditional synchronized swimming. A team of 20 people exhibits trained choreography set to music. The team creates different figures during few minutes of exhibition, trying to be still synchronized. Team members can be women and men as well.
This is youngest skating sport and gaining growing popularity.

Winner team in Prague championship, from total number of 21 teams, is Finland I. Czechs were unhappy because they’ve only on the 14th place.

Prague International Marathon

Traditional Marathon, now as a half-marathon starts 1st April at 12.00 AM from Old Town Square. Everyone can try this challenge and maybe win :-)

Running across the historial part of Prague is quite unusal experience what no everyone can digest.

More info you can find at official PIM pages.