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Baby Puma yagouaroundi in Prague Zoo

He is a little over a month and does not make any big adventures yet. This little baby of Puma yagouaroundi in Prague Zoo is quite a rarity. “If we could raise him here, it would be only second time in the history of our zoo. The first and last time was in 2000” The speaker Vit Kahle rejoice at the possibility. The new pair of yagouaroundi was put together on probation last year.

Since 4th January, when the mother breed him the little yagouaroundi grown up nicely. “He is nice, big, he is well and examines his surroundings.” Kahle talks enthusiastically about the life of the little beast, which is still being carefully taken care of by his mother. Similarly, the Cape Ground Squirrel mother takes care of her long-expected baby since February.

Unusual Rats in Prague Zoo

Zoo Prague brings us one of the biggest rats of the world in the brand new exposition at the top floor of the Indonesian jungle pavilion – the Phloeomys pallidus, or ‘cloud rat’. With respect to their noculturnal life the exposition was conceived as a night one, illuminated by ‘moonlight’ only.

Their house is full of branches for climbing and shelters which substitute for the natural caverns.

The massive 2kg rats introduce themselves in the brand new exposition in the upper floor of Indonesian jungle pavilion, this Saturday 17th January.

Zoo Prague have been keeping these uncommon rodents from the north of Filipino island Luzon since 2007 and in 2008 the first baby cloud rat was brought up. The baby celebrated its first birthday and it is the very one you are going to see in the pavilion.

This breed of rodents belongs at the world zoos to rarities and specialities for the experts.

Prague Zoo – another successful year behind

The Prague Zoo just blossoms under Petr Fejk’s lead, nobody can doubt that. In 2008, about 1,2 million visitors passed its gates, which lists it among the most visited in zoo parks Europe again. Prague zoo is among the seven best zoos in Europe, according to Forbes magazine. When you enter the zoo, you automatically contribute to protection of wild animals.

Every year, the park gives us something new. In 2008 it was the very expensive and quality pavilion for gavilas, which are not possible to see anywhere in Europe. In 2009 they plan for example the new exposition of sea lions, sweetshop for families with kids or a lookout tower. It is a students, children, retired and dog friendly enterprise, which improves its services every year.

The first Czech-born gorilla celebrated 4th birthday

A Celebration in Prague Zoo took place on Saturday, starting 11am, and it was not a small one. It was four years since the time the Czech Republic witnessed birth of the very first gorilla baby – Moja. To wish her good luck wanted not only crowds of visitors, but also the zoo management and invited VIPs.

As an every year, in front of the gorilla pavilion a platform was build, on which have performed the congratulates – Czech teen songstress Ewa Farna, the director Petr Fejk, and Spejbl a Hurvinek puppet theatre.

And what did she get for her birthday? A cake, some wooden toys, but the biggest gift is a brand new wooden play structure. Beside the birthday celebration, the visitors could try to spend time in gorilla fashion – in the education hall all the interested person could have build a gorilla den, or solve a brain-teaser, how to find hidden delicacies.

Prague Zoo Keeper lost his bet with Gorilla, he lost less pounds

It is easy to get a few pounds more on the huge gorilla body without anyone noticing, but the gluttonous female Shinda from Prague zoo had yet too much of extra pounds. She had 106 kg in September, and her movement in the yard was more of a powerless rolling than walking. So, her keeper Marek Zdarsky applied reducing diet on her. No bananas, apples, only vegetable. At the beginning, her reaction was naturally anger, but in a month she got perfectly used to it.

The slimming achievements are clear after those three months – Shinda is now only 96 kilos. But her keeper ended up worst, as he didn’t got under 97 kg. That was the condition of the bet, he made with other zoo keepers, so now there is no champagne for him, on the contrary, he had to buy and serve juice to the Gorilla. “well… its kind of embarrassing” he commented the fact he is heavier than the animal.

Prague Zoo can still use their logo

Prague Zoo can go on using their horse logo, the court decided. This is the end of the long-term dispute, when the artist Michal Cihlar sues Prague Zoo for using the logo. The artist made it for the Zoo in 1998, but due to their mostly personal dispute he retreat from the cooperation, demanding to get money for every use of graphics he ever made for the Prague Zoo under a contract.

The Director of Zoo Petr Fejk, who made the contract with him, declared the legal proceedings the artist entered surprised him and the whole Zoo – Cihlar has never complained during the nine years the Prague Zoo has been using it. “I assume his contemporary behaviour is a purposeful operation with effort to get more money” and the court agrees with him.

The Zoo tried to find a new artist, but they weren’t successful yet. The Campaign ‘Made by Nature’ became, from a substitutional one, a full campaign nowadays.

Prague Zoo celebrated by Japanese day

The Zoo in Prague celebrated its 77th birthday in Japanese style. At the same time, the giraffe male Vaclav had his first birthday going on as well. The garden have also introduced plans for more support for the “frogs sound a warning” programme, which should support help for the most endangered species of amphibian.

The celebrations were in Japanese style, initiated by Petr Fejk blowing Japanese flute shakuhachi. Those who came dressed as a a character from a manga movie, or in any other traditional Japanese dress, had free entry. The visitors could try calligraphy, learn origami of animals, or try Japanese tea.

A part of the day belonged to signing of new partner contract with Mercedes-Benz, and exposal of borrowed cars, with also one veteran car of the label.

Prague Zoo Human-Gorilla Diet Bet

The keeper of Gorillas in Prague Zoo Marek Zdarsky made a bet with his colleagues, he is going to drop weight faster than his ward, the female gorilla Shinda. They both have 105 kilos and aim to get to 90 kilos as fast as possible.

When Zdarsky is going to win the bet, he is going to get a five-litre bottle of champagne. If Shinda drops weight faster, she will get two litres of nature orange juice.

Shinda started to grow slim two weeks ago and Zdarsky made a too tough regime for her. “I was under pressure of my colleagues from Prague Zoo, who were pitting her.” Zdarsky explained why he went for diet.

The gorilla’s diet consist of six kilos of vegetable and twigs for nibbling. Shinda is not by far happy from looking at her fellow gorillas eating kiwis or apples. What diet her keeper uses for himself he didn’t revealed.

Baby Cheetahs in Prague Zoo

Like the last year, the year 2008 means joy for Prague Zoo cheetah department. This time there is four cubs – 1male and 3 females. Last year, there was 5 of them, which meant first success after long ten years of waiting. This year’s cubs are the proof, that the cheetah couple is well matched, and so the concept work of Fejk’s team harvest the fruits of their endeavour.

Little cheetahs were born on 29th July. The mother Wazima, born in Holland Wassenaar in 2003 takes exemplary care of them, the father is Eddie, born in 2004 in JAR. The cubs are now hidden in their lair, waiting to grow up a little before they show up. Prague zoo is the 7th best zoo in the world, the animals feel very comfortable.

Addition at Prague Zoo - Malayan Tiger

On Friday 1st August, the new addition to the family of animals at Prague Zoo arrived. It is a two years old male Malayan Tiger from Borneo. His name is Kawi, coming from zoo Lok Kawi; he was chosen by Prague Zoo experts in person. Kawi arrived to Frankfurt by Singapore Airlines, there he was received by Prague Zoo employees.

The Zoo, which Forbes Magazine evaluated as the 7th best in the world improves all the time. The last famous additions are Gavials, for whom they opened a new pavilion. Out of India, only ten zoos in four countries have them. The Prague group of three males and four females is one of the biggest.

And now, you can enjoy a really sweet video of a tiger in Prague Zoo. They are typical cats – just chilling out lazing around!

Prague Zoo plans: One of the best to become even Better

us seal show If you like Zoos in general, the Prague one is renowned enough to be liked, but the golden era is not going to last forever, and the manager Petr Fejk is very aware of the fact. His plans for future enhancement of the Zoo are quite extraordinary for such a small country the Czech Republic is. Judge for yourself – to make a seal pool in the American style, with platforms and performances few times a day. Expect no circus – the performances start from the idea animals should move naturally, and should enjoy it in the first place. The future trainers will be send directly to the USA, to learn from the masters.

Fejk also came with the idea of letting people into the new huge parrot aviary that should be finished next year; if it will work, that would become an integral part of the Zoo. Another news will be the planed lookout tower, and not an ordinary one – it is going to be a replica of the over a hundred years old wooden lookout tower of Jizerske hory. The list of goodies ends with a sweetshop, which is to be placed in a newly reconstructed historical cabin in the Zoo.

Camel Cub and Numerous visitors in Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo has a new offspring to be proud of. A few days ago, the mother camel Rona gave birth a little male (he doesn’t have name yet, Prague Zoo knows how to enjoy baptism ceremony and do not rush) that now can be seen in the yard by those who want to pay him a visit.

At the moment, he is the only cub in the family of seven camels, who reside in Prague Zoo. They are not the ‘prominent family’ like the famous Gorillas, but still are quite visited animals. Camels are remarkable for their adaptation abilities, as they can survive in extreme conditions (of course not the case in the Zoo).

In addition to welcoming the young one, the Prague Zoo have welcomed the 500.000 visitor of this year. Last year was record-breaking in the number of visitors ; almost one million three hundreds thousand people came to the Zoo, forming a record of the whole animal park. Based on LN

Prague Zoo in search of young female elephant

A young female elephant is really a scarce commodity. The director of the Prague Zoo, Petr Fejk tries to get one, but – there are none.

“Prague Zoo makes a new elephant pavilion next year, designed for ten animals. But at the time, we only have one male and two females, who are now quite old and can’t have the young ones.” Fejk explains, why they are looking for those animals.

“We first looked for females in European Zoos, but they don’t have any free Indian elephants there.” Petr Fejk sighs. “During the last thirty years, the elephant population in Europe have grown old. Wee need to check Asian Zoos and elephant farms, but we don’t have enough contacts.”

If they would be successful, and breed a baby elephant, they would be the first zoological garden in the Czech Republic, that have achieved that. But that wouldn’t be too unusual – they are the first zoo in many respects. Source: MF

Gavials have opened! In Prague Zoo

gavial in prague zoo The Prague zoo opened a new pavilion for endangered crocodiles. Out of India, only ten zoos in four countries have them. The Prague group of three males and four females is one of the biggest. Gavials in Prague zoo are still young. They are about 3,5 years and 1,2-1,7 metre. When adult, they should have up to 5,5 metre.

gavial pavillon The Prague Zoological garden will probably move even higher in the Forbes magazine list. “it is a complete rarity” said Petr Fejk, the manager. “in all the zoos of the world, there is only 19 of them.” Fejk also labelled the presence of those animals in Prague for an act with international overlap.

The scarce crocodiles needed to have a brand new pavilion build. It is called Chambal, after one of the few rivers in India, where a large group of gavials still lives.

Use a Zoo Bus

The Zoo in Prague is managing the flow of thousands of visitors everyday, but sometimes, the traffic around just doesn’t. Full parking lots, people parking wherever possible, or stuffing themselves into full buses. Now, this may became a history, because the Zoo brought a long–expected innovation – a Zoo bus.

It goes every 10 minutes, every weekend, at the same trace as the bus 112, which means from Nadrazi Holesovice (Metro C) to Troja, and back, without changing or unnecessary stopping. And the best news – it is free for everyone. And what is inside? LCD television with movies or Zoo information. Do you want to try?

Spring mood: Prague Zoo visited by Record-breaking numbers

The Prague Zoo has welcomed 17.000 people yesterday, which is the historical maximum. The record-day of 16.000 visitors was in 2002. The reason is very warm and pleasant spring weather, which pulls people out from their flats.

The other day, which will be also very potent in visitor number, will be this Saturday. The Zoo prepares for a festive opening of the new pavilion, which hosts oriental Indian Gavials.

Prague Zoo Cherish Saved Leopard

illustration photo Prague Zoo rejoice after two weeks of tight waiting. The keepers have checked the feline pavilion, which was closed for three weeks because of valued baby Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) birth.

When it was born, its mother Buri missed her lover Lozun to such extent she left her baby. The Zoo keepers were doubting, whether she will be back. That would mean to feed the kid artificially, like the Berlin zoo did it with Knut.

The keepers made a trick, which worked: they carried all the boots, where she could sleep, from the pavilion, so she at the end returned to the maternal one. And started to take care of her only baby again. They checked it last week, and saw it was happy and well fed.

This probably be another case of endangered specie baby of Prague Zoo. It shows it is really one of the world’s elite.

Forbes Magazine: Prague Zoo the 7th Best in the World

What did Forbes Magazine stated about Prague Zoo?
“Despite its modest area of 111 acres, Prague Zoo has 4600 animals of 630 kinds. Just last year, a few young of Comodo varan, Rothschild giraffe or Panther turtle were born there.”

Petr Fejk, the manager of Prague Zoo was surprised: “I still don’t get it, this is a really prestigious company we were put in. Of course we are very flattered.”

What was the thing that made Troja stand up the most? “Probably because the zoo is active and friendly. The animals and visitors feel the same here – they both feel nice.” Petr Fejk

The Best Zoos of the world
By Forbes magazine

1. Animal Kingdom (Orlando, USA)
2. Basel Zoo (Basilej, Switzerland)
3. Beauval Zoo (France)
4. Berlin Zoo Garden (Germany)
5. Bronx Zoo (New York, USA)
6. Chester Zoo (Great Britain)
7. Zoo Praha
8. National Zoo of S. Africa (JAR)
9. San Diego Zoo (USA)
10. Schönbrunner (Austria)

Gavilas like Prague Zoo

gavial Gavials are doing well. Acclimatization goes faster, than the Zoo, with Petr Fejk in front, expected. There were no complications so far. The animals spend most of their time at a heated island close to the glass by the pavilion corridor. They move flexibly in the water, demonstrating, they are from all crocodiles the specie most adapted to swimming and fish hunting.

gavilas Gavials like flowing water, and they appreciate artificial stream and the waterfall they have. They started to ingest without problems, and they have great appetite; 50-70 fish in total weight 2,5-3,5 kg every second day.

Together with gavials, 10 turtles of two kinds share the spacious pavilion. The turtles were scared at the beginning, but when found out the crocodiles aren’t interested, now they get up their backs and sunbathe.

The article basis and pictures come from

Baby Cloud Rat born in Prague Zoo

ma cloud rat in prague zoo The cloud rats are a group of nocturnal rodents native to the forests of the Philippines.

Wikipedia states: “The Filipino Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau has begun breeding Northern Luzon slender-tailed cloud rats in captivity. London Zoo and the Bronx Zoo are the only locations outside of the Philippines where cloud rats are bred in captivity.”

cloud rat - Phloeomys pallidus If we want to be precise, we should edit the Wiki article, in order to add a new city into the list; Prague Zoo had a baby cloud rat born last month.

Maybe it is a sign of the coming year of the rat, but there were also traditionally uberstandard care of the Fejk’s Team. Zoo Prague gained two couples of these rodents last year. After the necessary quarantine they were placed into a carefully developed environment, the Zoo modelled after their Brazilian forest nature environment.

The baby Cloud Rat was born on 11th January 08, the young was born with hair, having about 120g.