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Digital Television Era in Czech Republic begins in Month

The term of analog broadcast end is finally known. After two years of obscure debates the digital TV age in the CR finally begins. In June, a new station Z1 of financial group J&T wants to be the first Czech ‘commercial news station’ TV Barradov, another of those six new channels, we have been waiting for two years.

Z1 wants to make money by the yet unexplored way in the Czech Republic; every half an hour broadcast news and the rest fill with ‘publicistics for richer and more demanding audience’ the TV Z1 leader announced yesterday.

Petr Cech in glare of popularity

Petr Cech became the global Adidas face. The German sportswear company announced yesterday that the goalkeeper of the Czech Football representation Petr Cech becomes a member of the global team of football stars of the company. That means, Czech will now be, for at least 5 years, a member of the “stall”, together with David Beckham, Kaká, Lionel Messi or Steven Gerrard. Adidas prepares a special series of products with Cech’s name.

CSA to Fly from Prague to Brno 3x a Day

737s The regular flight from Brno to Prague, that takes place two times a day, is to increase its possibilities by setting three flights a day. The new service should provide better connection of the main flights from Ruzyne Airport into other countries of the world. Martina Zabloudilova from CSA stated yesterday.

Until the end of the year, the company plans to increase frequency of the connections among the two Czech biggest cities in the country up to four a day. Brno offers flights to Moscow, London and Spanish Gerona on daily basis.

Hooligans Spree worth 19t Euro

Police have accused 21 people after the derby, Strahov stadium got damages worth 0,5 millions czk (19t €). Two of hooligans are accused of attacking a policeman, one policeman got also burned by a smoke candle.

The Monday match brought violence, which has not been seen at a Czech football match yet. The stadium controller counted the total of 500 ripped seats; 400 of them at the site of Sparta fans.

It only demonstrated the necessity of new anti-hooligan laws, which are practically non-existent here in the CR. As violence of ultras is increasing every year, the present situation will only lead to some serious injury in the future. We need to learn from England, how to deal with rowdies, as soon as possible.

Interesting Prague Fact: Do you want to buy really cheap car?

ford-sierra I am simply going to assume you do. The obvious choice would be to go to a car pool, but in Prague, you can go also to a municipal hall. But first, you have to write them a letter, you are interested in buying a car, which was left on a street and nobody had claimed it.

For example a Alfa Romeo 1,8l was bought for 7 000 czk, or Ford Sierra for 2560 czk. Sounds really cheap, doesn’t it? The car sale works in a way the winner of the car is the one who offers the most. Probably can be lengthy, however if the prices are so low, I would suggest just bidding 7000 czk and wait, what happens… Not an easy way, but the cheapest one for sure.

Last year there was 300 cars for sale. Odbor dopravy magistrátu hlm. Prahy contacts are here

Prague centre to start collecting toll again

According to the Prague Mayor Pavel Bem, entering the Prague historic center by car should be paid in 2011-2012. How much? It should be 2-3 euros. Toll won’t be paid at night, during weekends and locals should get discount.

Prague is packed with cars, and this proposal could literally bring some fresh air to the centre areas. The narrow streets of the historic city, proclaimed a world relic by UNESCO, are not build for automobile expansion.

Prague Airport Prepares a Map of Its Expensive Restaurants

If you ever landed on the Letiste Ruzyne airport in Prague, it may have happened to you too – you ordered a coffee or a meal and you paid a price that is normal…maybe in hotel Hilton. Of course the restaurants placed there do not intend to reduce their prices; only the Airport wants to print a brochure with a map, differencing restaurants placed in the hall according to prices.

The reason, why the prices of meals and drinks at Prague Airport are so high, is half of them are owned by the same company. Lots of people complain on the net about the fact that London or Frankfurt airports are cheaper then the one in Prague, which should correspond to the rest of prices at Czech market, which are just much lower.

Vlacil's classic on Vltava River

The unusual film performance is possible to see in Prague in the evenings, until Saturday 23th February 2008 on Vltava River. At a sliding caisson close to the Manes’ Bridge a water wall, working as a projecting screen was made. Sequences of films of a Czech Director Frantisek Vlacil are screened there. The project is a part of an accompanying programme of the exhibition about this artist, which takes place in the Emperor Stables of the Prague Castle

Pilsner Urquell Dominates Czech Market

urquell Last year, the Czech beer brand Pilsner Urquell held its 17% share on the non-alcoholic beer market.

Half a million hectolitres of nonalcoholic beer has been sold in the Czech Republic only. A year before, it was 328 thousands hectolitres. The general director of Urquell Mike Short claims, the sales of non-alcoholic beer are growing up in the whole Europe, but not so fast as in the CR.

Urquell’s brand is called Radegast Birell and it competes with another 25 brands on the Czech market.

The Biggest Czech Solar Power Plant Working

biggest czech solar power plant This project was co-financed by the European fund for the regional development MPO CR. It is placed in Busanovice, Southern Czech Republic.

The production of electricity of this powerplant is 628 000 kWp per year, which makes it the biggest solar power plant not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the Eastern Europe. This enterprise can supply more than thousands of households.

Grands for this powerplant from the OPPP fund were 29,2 mil. CZK (1,1 mil. €), the total costs were 85 mil. (CZK 3,3 mil €)

Lenka Smidova qualified for Peking

lenka smidova Czech duo Lenka Smidova and Lenka Mrzlikova have qualified for the Olympic Games in Peking at the World Championship in Melbourne in the ship class 470. They have gained the last fifth position. The winning pair are Erin Maxwell and Isabelle Kinsolving from the USA.

Lenka Smidova so have a chance to gain her second Olympics medal. She gained one, when she won the Silver Medal in Olympics 2004 in Athens, Women’s Europe class.

Lenka Smidova is the most sucessfull Czech yachtsman of all times.

Case of Police Attack on Katerina Jacques in Prague continues

katerina jacques The ex-policeman Tomas Cermak, who, according to the chargers, attacked and brutally beaten on 1st May 2006 Katerina Jacqes, a parliament member of the Green Party on an anti-nazi demonstration, gets back to court on 5th February.

Even when neither the state’s attorney nor the judge wanted prosecution, the Prague city state representation insist on the process. The reason is, the references on Cermak on which bases he was exempted, are considered bribed.

CSA profits after three years of losses

csa flies into plus numbers Czech airlines have earned 563 millions CZK (19,4 mil. €), which is over 886 millions CZK (30,6 mil. €) more than the last year. The figures were published by the company president Radomir Lasak. Their financial plan, designed within their three three year restructuring strategy, expected profit about 40 mil. CZK.

Return of CSA into plus numbers was one of the conditions for the company privatization. Among the applicants of the company take-over are Russian Aeroflot, French-Netherlands Air France-KLM and Korean Korean Air.

Prague hotels almost booked for the New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve massive parties in Prague Prague hotels announced they are almost full for the New Year’s Eve. That means, from the total number of 87 000 beds, about 86 000 has already been booked. Some of the hotels have been receiving reservations since April.

Overextended terms are traditionally the start of the advent, especially the first weekends in December. On Christmas time, Prague is usually occupied by people form Greece, Netherlands and Turkey. During the New Year’s Eve the countries with most tourists in Prague are Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Germany. Czechs do not appear on the hotels guestlists very often that days. The expected number of visitors in Prague at the New Year’s Eve 2008 is about 100 000.

The access to the metro station Mustek - B will be closed

Due to the replacement of escalators in the metro station Mustek on line B, the entrance and exit from the station to the vestibule in Jugmannovo namesti will be closed. The closure will start on Monday 10th September and it will be finished on Friday 7th December 2007.

The entrance and exit from metro station Mustek line B will be available only via the station Mustek on line A. The subway underneath Jungmannovo namesti together with the information bureau of the Prague Public Transport Company will be open to the public.

Main Runway of Prague Ruzyne Airport is open again

Prague Ruzyne Airport Planes can use the main runway on the Prague Ruzyne Airport again. It was closed for necessary modifications since the 7 th August and the planes had to use the side runway. That´s why they flew over Prague districts Repy and Bila Hora and disturbed the inhabitants with noise.

The side runway is also used in cases of a strong crosswind, for example 8% of flights used it last year. Another runway is planned to be built for the Ruzyne Airport in 2013, which should solve the problems with noise once for all.

Richard Gere may visit Prague soon

Richard Gere According to Nedelni Blesk, Hollywood star Richard Gere is allegedly going to visit Prague this September. He should be present at the Prague’s premiere of his newest film Hoax.

As Nedelni Blesk informs, during Gere’s visit of Prague, probably on 12th and 13th September, he’s is going to have a dinner with Miss World Katerina Kucharova. Richard Gere would like to eat in a restaurant with typical Czech meals and with a nice view of Prague.

Besides Katerina Kucharova, Richard Gere wish to meet ex-president Vaclav Havel and the Mayer of Prague Pavel Bem.

Drivers can expect traffic jams on D1 in Prague

From 1st July 2007 the highway D1 leading from Prague to Brno will be partly closed due to the construction of a shoulder road. The partial closure will start at the crossroads of the highway and so called Jizni Spojka in the south of Prague.

One of the two remaining lines from Prague will be open for the transport from the opposite direction. That’s why drivers can expect traffic jams, especially in the morning peak. The road improvements should be finished by 9th September 2007.

Brad Pitt is shooting in the streets of Prague

Brad Pitt is shooting in Prague While Angelina Jolie is busy in Prague acting in her new film Wanted, Brad Pitt loses no time to earn a bit more money here. Those who were lucky could see him near the National Theatre by the river Vltava last Monday.

A Japanese bank chose him for their new commercial set in a nice scenery of the Czech Neo-Renaissance and the river bank. Brad Pitt could have been seen walking along the National Theatre in a dark suite and with a mobile phone in his hand.

According to Aha! magazine, the shooting will take several days, so it’s still possible to meet Brad Pitt in the streets of Prague.

Prague flag on the top of Mount Everest

Today at 6:42 (CET) Prague Mayer Pavel Bem and his expedition reached the top of the highest mountain of the world Mount Everest. He carried the flag of Prague with him. He’s the 10th Czech person who managed to get to the top.

All members of the expedition are all right. According to experienced mountaineers, now they have to master the most dangerous journey back to the camp. It will probably take two days.

Pavel Bem’s expedition started on 23rd March this year. Mountaineering is one of his hobbies. Mount Everest is his schoolboy’s dream. He should be out of the office until 25th May.