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Walk the World - Fight Hunger also in Prague

Besides the thousands of marathoners in the street of the centre of Prague, about 300 people were marching from the Strelecky Islands to Prague Castle and back yesterday to support the project Walk the World – Fight Hunger. This project tries to call attention to the problem of starvation in many countries of the world.

All the participants in the world had the same kind of T-shirts. Prague’s participants had to start the march a bit earlier due to the Marathon which closed Charles Bridge. Last year there were about 2,000 people marching through the city.

Low unemployment in the Czech Republic

The unemployment in the Czech Republic is the lowest of the last 8 years at the present time. It decreased from 8 % to 6.1 %, which is a biggest decrease since the break-up of Czechoslovakia in 1993.

Generally, the unemployment in the Czech Republic is lower than the average of all the countries of the European Union. It has now decreased below the average of the old 15 members of EU.

About 100 thousand people in the Czech Republic have found a job during the last year, so the number of unemployed people has decreased to approximately 311 thousand.

The lowest unemployment is in Prague, only about 3.5 %.

Rachel Weisz is reportedly in Prague

Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, the star from The Mummy, Enemy at the Gates or Runaway Jury, is reportedly in Prague to act in a new film called Brothers Bloom written adn directed by Rian Johnson. The film for 20 million dollars will come to the cinemas in 2008.

Rachel Weisz acts an eccentric millionaire who meets two brothers (Adrien Brody from Oscar film Pianist and Rinko Kikuci from Babel) – con men who decided to perform one last con. The story is placed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Wind warning for this Sunday

Meteorologist warn that a very strong wing could sweep through the Czech Republic this Sunday. The speed of the wind could reach up to 110 km/h (68.3 m/h), at the peaks of northern mountains even more.

The wind will rise on Saturday night. The wind warning is valid until Saturday 22:00. Meteorologists warn that people should not be close to bigger trees, whose branches could break and fall. People should also be careful about fallen power lines.

The inscription was damaged deliberately

The Hebrew inscription on the Crucifix and Calvary on Charles Bridge has not been damaged by a vandal but by a person who damaged the inscription deliberately and who had prepared necessary equipment before the act.

The restorers announced that the inscription was cut with a pair of pliers or scissors. The municipal authorities filed a lawsuit yesterday against an unknown defendant. The valuable inscription will be most probably displaced by its replica.

Some Czech phone boxes accept euros now

Tourists coming to Prague do not have to change euro coins to Czech crowns any more to make a phone call from a phone box. There are about 6 000 chosen phone boxes in the Czech Republic which except euro coins as well.

These phone boxes owned by Telefonica O2 are mainly in places attractive for tourists. They accept coins with the denomination from 10 euro cents to 2 euros. After inserting the coins, the display will show the credit in Czech currency.

Petrin Tower and Mirror Maze closed this weekend

Petrin Observation Tower that offers a nice view of Prague together with the nearby Mirror Maze will be extraordinary closed this weekend. According to Vlasta Petrikova from Prague Information Services, the attractions will be closed because of water pipeline breakdown.

Petrin Observation Tower and Mirror Maze are open off the main tourist season only at weekends and on Christmas and spring holidays. From 14th February the tower and the maze will be open daily for two weeks.

Prague's airport Ruzyne is open again

Just several minutes ago, at 9:00, the Prague’s International Airport Ruzyne started to operate regularly. For almost 30 hours it was closed because of heavy snowfalls that made taking off and landing of all planes impossible.

Prague Airport had to cancel 345 flights yesterday and 43 flights this morning. 447 flights are scheduled for today. Travellers are still recommended to contact their air carrier about information concerting their flight. They should also avoid a last-minute arrival at the airport.

Changes at Tesco store?

Everybody who wants to buy presents for Christmas has to wait in long queues before the cash desks now. The department store Tesco which has many shops in Prague (e.g. in Narodni street), is developing now a new system of the cash desk – without the cashiers.

Instead of the cashier the customer will be welcomed by automates that will charge the goods thanks to the barcodes. Customers will be able to pay cash or by credit card.

The system should discourage people from not paying for the goods. Each cash desk will contain information about the exact weight of every product. The system will check whether the weight of the goods in the basket correspond to the weight of the goods already paid by the customer.

Functional bullets found in Kampa

Kampa is a popular place near Vltava river in Prague. Yesterday somebody found functional projectiles on one of the benches there. An expect in pyrotechnics took the bullets to the safe place to destroy them.

According to the police, there were 17 bullets coming from the World War II. The bullets might have been found by a worker who was digging nearby in Certovka stream on Sunday.

It is not the first case this year that somebody has found a unexploded ammunition in Prague. Last June an artillery shell was found and destroyed in the storehouse in Veleslavin.

10 millionth traveller in Prague airport

Prague International Airport Ruzyne is the biggest airport in the Czech Republic. It is connected with 104 cities all around the world and it has contracts with 46 air carriers. It is the biggest airport in Middle and East Europe by the number of passengers.

Today in the morning Prague airport announced that 10 millionth customer checked in. It was Dagmar Peskova, an owner of a beauty parlour. She’s flying to New York to visit her friend. She won two vouchers for trips in Europe for two persons.

Exquisite halls of Prague Castle open to the public

As we already informed, some institutes opened their representatives buildings to the public. Prague Castle is open to the public twice a year, this year it will “open the doors” again on 17th November.

Visitor can see exquisite halls of the Castle – Spanish Hall, Rudolph’s Gallery and lounges of South Wing in New Royal Palace.
The Prague Castle Guides will inform about the furniture and the use of the halls.

The Castle is open from 9:00 to 17:00. The last tour starts at 16:30. Access to the exquisite rooms is through Matthias Gate from the I. courtyard.

Changes during the winter season

Even though Prague is beautiful throughout the year the coming winter brings some changes that Prague tourist should be aware of.

The funicular railway changes its timetable for the winter one. From today the railway takes the visitors to Petrin with the intervals of 15 minutes from 9:00 to 22:00 and 20 minutes from 22:00 to 23:20.

The end of October also means the end of tourist season in Czech castles. Except Karlstejn, which closes with exhibitions on 26th November, will be most castles in the Czech Republic closed to the public and open again in April next year.

Prague Castle Administration announced that Castle complex will be open in the winter season from 6:00 to 23:00. The Prague Castle tours will be open from 9:00 to 16:00. The exhibition “The Story of Prague Castle” will be closed at 17:00. Prague Castle Gardens will be closed, except the Garden on the Bastion which is open during the opening hours of the Castle complex.

Wallenstein Garden closes on 1st November and open its gate on 31st March 2007. The garden is closed for winter because of its annual upkeep.

Prague in 6th place in popularity

According to Tomio Okamura from Asociace ceskych cestovnich kancelari a agentur (Czech Travel Bureaus And Agencies Association) Prague is the 6th most visited place in Europe, before Barcelona and Vienna.

The most visited city in Europe is London, then Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and then Prague. Last year 6,3 million tourists (mainly German, British and Italian) visited the capital of the Czech Republic. Even a higher number of visitors is estimated for this year.

Since 1989, after the revolution, the number of tourist has risen by 250 per cent. Average expenses are 2800 CZK per visitor per day.

Jewish sights closed today

One of the most significant holidays of Jewish calendar is Yom Kippur which means ‘the day of atonement’. This holiday started yesterday with the sunset and follows ten days of repentance after the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah, this year on 22nd September).

Some information appeared that the terrorist threats in Prague may have a connection with this holiday or the Jewish New Year. Since Saturday morning 23rd September Prague faces enhanced security measures, especially in the centre.

Due to this holiday, Jewish Museum, synagogues and Old Jewish Cemetery, which belong to the most visited places in Prague, are closed to public today.

PayPal service is in Czech Republic in full version

PayPal, an American company very known for E-Bay users, could be used in full version in Czech Republic in four days.

Czech users can use only sending via PayPal service until now. This Thursday brings an option to accept money and even to send them to client’s bank. Sending and receiving is for free.

New daily newspaper for Prague

Prague will soon have another daily newspaper. The publisher Vltava-Labe-Press aims to find a place on the Prague market after the former Vercernik Praha ceased to be published last autumn and the daily paper Sip appeared. Vltava-Labe-Press is certainly experienced concerning newspaper publishing since it issues dozens of regional daily newspapers both for Bohemia as well as in Moravia.

The new newspaper will be called “Prague daily paper” and should appear at the beginning of autumn. This newspaper will not be free but Prague already has four free newspapers – three are given to people in the mornings (their names can be translated as Metro, 24 Hours and The Metropolitan Express) and the fourth one (Courier) comes to letter boxes of Prague’s dwellers.

Ancient history in Prague

Dolni Brezany, village located very close to Prague, was according to the latest discoveries inhabited during prehistoric times. Archaeologists found here tiny pieces of ceramics decorated with small straight engravings. A part of a house as well as stones used for corn grinding were also among the discovered historical relics. This means that Dolni Brezany were one of the oldest agricultural areas during the neolithic times. Discoveries also included remains of the primeval Celtic settlement and an axe.

Another piece of ancient history can be seen in the very centre of Prague – in the National Museum. The museum bought from private collection namely Greek vase Lutroforos. This valuable vase was used during wedding rituals as well as when unmarried people were being buried. It required lots of restoration works but can be now seen in the museum exhibition.

Another daily news - 17th May

Tickets for Nick Cave performance are now available. He will perform 30th September 2006. Prise of the ticket is 200, 650, 990, 1350, 1750 and 1950 Czech Crowns.

Big gas lamp-post at Hradcany square was light up after many years. It was reconstructed, because it was built in 1865. Next lamp-post waiting for a repair is at Loreto square.

Charles Bridge which has a collision with a ship on Saturday is without any damage. Now there is only question, what made a hole into the ship.

Prague news 12th May

Martina Navratilova is out. She and Barbora Strycova end at quarterfinals. They was defeated by double Harkleroad-Mattek 4:6, 2:6. Martina don’t know if she would play next year again.

New James Bond is now shot in Plana, where is exterior for a hospital, where James Bond in new movie Casino Royale will be operated. Than the crew will move to Loket and than to Karlovy Vary.

Czech Crown has a new record. It reached a prize 28,15 crowns for an euro yesterday. Crowns also is reaching a record with dollar. This is good news for Czech customers, who want to buy foreign products, but it is bad for Czech exporters.

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