Prague Public Transport Trains Gaining popularity

Public Transport Trains are still getting more popular in Prague. It has been established just a few years ago – when you hear the message ‘přestup na liky typu S a další spoje’ while in train or metro, it means you can change to a train, which can take you to the other side of Prague without stopping. While it can seem seem as a risk at first, when one takes look at and searches one’s connection, one finds out it can be really fast.

To pay for the train ride is not different from paying for the rest of Prague Public transport – either one buys a ticket in a vendor machine, the same as for metro and trams, or use the increasingly popular sms ticket. Even though some train stations still have the communist feel and look, to be fair it should be said that there has been done a lot for improvement. And the Main Train Station in Prague doesn’t look like a station at Ukraine anymore.

Unique Bohemian Train for the Rich

The New project of Czech Railways (CD) is called Bohemian Train. The unique train is formed by waggons of EuroCity and EuroNight trains, included are two restaurant and one sleeper waggon, one second and two first class cars.

On Friday morning, the first luxurious train of this kind left Prague Hlavni Nadrazi on its way to Berlin concert of Elton John. For the exclusive service and comfort including tickets to the British singer concert, a few tens of people paid 20 000 czk.

The offer of luxurious train travelling is intended for high clients. Czech Railways have confirmed the first ride of the train was used mainly by businessmen. For the price of 20t czk they can choose various delicacies from the menu card, use their bed in the sleeping-car, and have their private shower.

Orient Express Now in Prague

There is probably no train more famous than this one. The luxury on track, the train set Orient Express has arrived to Smichovske nadrazi in Prague yesterday. It arrived from Venice and Vienna. It is going to sty in Prague until Saturday, when it heads to Paris.

The train was developed by Belgian businessman Georges Nagelmackers and made its first journey in 1883. The first journey took passengers from Paris to Varna (Bulgaria) and were then ferried by steamship across the Black Sea to Constantinople.

The train set has seventeen cars altogether, among which three restaurant cars, with French cooks and Italian waiters, one bar car with a piano and a pianist and two service and baggage cars. The rest is sleeping cars. How much is such a trip? About 1 830 €.

Czech Railways – Tickets in grocery shop

The project is now being tested in Ricany close to Prague. The ticket office is closed, tickets are possible to buy in the local Pont shop. They have the machine Ticket Pont Centrum.

The idea is simple: Are you in a hurry, need to buy a ticket, something to eat and read, and have time to stand in only one queue? The point is that it is good for business, and good for the Czech Railways (CD), because they don’t have to pay a ticket seller.

The CD have found inspiration for the project in Switzerland and Scandinavia. If the Ticket Pont Centrum function will be satisfactory, it may spread and be seen all around the republic, so prepare for it.

The Prague main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi may not be accessible

In June, some of the trains going to the Main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi in Prague are not going to stop there, due to the continuing reconstruction works. The platforms are being modernized, new trolley linking being established, the tracks are rearranged, and the close tunnel to Smichov repaired, such are the reasons given by the Czech Railways.

The first stage of reconstruction, which started in January, has been brought to finish – the luxurious boutique Sasch opened, soon followed by Neo-Luxor bookshop. The second stage has been started, which means half of the entrance hall is closed again. There should be 3 000 m2 commercial areas.

So during June, July, August and September, if the train which was supposed to stop at Hlavni Nadrazi stops at somewhere else in Prague, it is normal.

Reconstruction of Prague Main railway station underway

secession hall of main train station Prague This weekend the Lockers and Luggage Storages were moved to the first floor. All the changes which are due to reconstruction of Prague Main railway station, can be found on an information orientation plan.

The North part of the railway, where the works are underway, has been closed into some kind of a giant box, which increases in size and the traffic goes around it. The reconstruction is sequent so the station is in function, you just have to look for things. Foreign investor is the Italian company Grandi Stazioni.

Even when the reconstruction was delayed, we can see the face of the largest secession building of Prague changing to the good, hopefully. Prague Main railway station has suffered many years not just of the notorious D1 expressway, built right in front of it..

Prague Main railway station (in Czech: Praha hlavní nádraží, abbreviated as Praha hl.n) is the largest and most important railway station in Prague. It was opened in 1871 as the Franz Joseph I station. During the First Republic and from 1945 to 1953 the station was called Wilson station after US president Woodrow Wilson.

No smoking in Czech trains since December

Smoking will be absolutely forbidden in Czech trains since December 2007. Last smokers´ compartments, which are still in some express trains, will be abolished. Czech Railways (Ceske drahy, CD) wish to follow the European trend of restricting smoking in public spaces.

The fine for smoking in trains will be 100,- CZK. The ban will apply also for the international trains, running from Hungary or Poland, where smoking is still permitted. The passengers will be allowed to smoke only till they arrive to the Czech borders.

A similar ban on smoking in trains will be in Germany and Austria since 1st September.

First class in Pendolino trains will be more expensive

pendolino Travelling in the first class in SC Pendolino trains will be more comfortable but also more expensive. Czech Railways want to offer more types of newspapers, more food and newly a glass of bear, but the price will be 12% more expensive from 1st September.

Travellers will be also able to buy the travel tickets for Pendolino via their mobile phones. The service is called Teletiket. Customer will pay for the ticket with their credit card.

A new fare SC Net will enable travellers to travel by Pendolino trains as well as regional trains with only one ticket. More information about customer fares and reductions can be found at

Masaryk railway station in Prague will be closed during summer

Due to the maintenance of the rail switches and protecting devices many trains won’t terminate in Masaryk railway station (Masarykovo nadrazi) near Florenc. The service disruption will last from today until the end of August.

The trains between Prague – Kralupy nad Vltavou will be rerouted via Prague-Holesovice to the final destination Prague-Liben. The trains between Prague – Kladno – Zatec – Chomutov will depart/arrive at the station Prague-Bubny. Between 9th and 20th July the terminal will be shifted to the station Prague-Dejvice.

There will be no additional transport. Travellers can ask for tickets for the Prague public transport by showing the train ticket in the booking office of stations Prague-Masarykovo nadrazi and Prague-Holesovice. More information about the service disruptions can be received at the railway stations and on the phone number (+420) 840 112 113.

New railway tunnels in Prague already in 2008

Main Railway Station in Prague The public transport in Prague will change a lot, when the new railway tunnels will be built under the Vitkov Hill. Now it seems, that these tunnels will be finished much sooner, than was expected – probably already at the end of 2008.

The new railways will be much used for travelling within Prague, which is not usual at the present time. The tunnels will connect the Main Railway Station (Hlavni nadrazi) and Masarykovo nadrazi with districts in the north of Prague – Liben, Vysocany, Holesovice. The trams and metro should therefore be not as overcrowded, as they are now. The new railways will also be the fastest way to travel from one end of Prague to the other.

It is the most important railway building in Prague since the World War II. The building company Skanska promises, that people will have the chance to try the new railways already next year.

Czech Railways has changed the timetables

From yesterday people in the Czech Republic travel according to a new timetable of Czech Railways. However, the difference between the old one and the new one is not so big.

The biggest changes are in the regions around Usti nad Laben and Karlovy Vary. The changes concern especially the departure and arrivals of trains, the number of trains stays almost the same.

From today travellers can also use special discounts – CD Net and RegioNet which enables them to travel for the whole day (in the whole country or in one district) for special price. For planning your journey online, click here.

Czech Railways introduce new types of reductions

Czech Railways offers two new types of travel discounts for all travellers valid from 10th June 2007. Besides other discounts (here) you can use CD Net and RegioNet.

CD Net offers a one-day ticket for transportation in 2nd class in all kinds of trains (except higher-quality EC and IC trains, than you have to pay a supplementary charge) in the whole country. You can buy either a ticket for one person for 390 CZK or for two to five persons for 780 CZK. You can travel any day, the ticket can be bought up to two months in advance.

RegioNet is meant for travelling in one district in the Czech Republic (e.g. central Bohemia). These one-day tickets are valid only in the 2nd class of ordinary trains (in Czech Os or Sp). The tickets cost 130 CZK for one person and 260 CZK for two to five people. The tickets can be bought up to two months in advance.

Orient Express arrives in Prague

For the first time this year the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express will come to Prague. The luxurious train goes from Venice to Prague four times a year. It waits in the Czech capital for two days and then it continues to Paris and London.

The first train this year arrives at Prague main station at about 17:00 this afternoon. It continues again from the main station on Saturday 21st April. Grand tour (in July) goes from Venice, via Vienna, Banska Bystrica, Krakow, Warsaw to Prague.

Train of Orient-Express have been going through Prague for 13 years. If you want to try this extraordinary experience and connect it with the visit of Prague, Express train will arive at Prague again on 24th May (leaving Prague on 26th May) and 27th September (29th September). Grand tour leaves Venice on 9th July.

For more information, visit here the official websites of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Derailed train blocked the railway transport

One the most frequent tracks in Prague was blocked for nine hours last weekend by a derailed train. The train EuroCity 107 went to Poland and derailed between the Prague’s Main Station and Liben. Nobody was injured.

The accident was caused by a broken switch. The railway inspection now investigates whether the driver did not drive too fast as well. The locomotive of the train and two railway carriages left the track on Saturday before 10:30.

The accident happened on the main track that leads to Ostrava, Brno, Decin, Mlada Boleslav or Hradec Kralove. Other trains on that route were delayed or did not leave the stations.

Polish trains cannot enter the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic refuses to let Polish trains in the country. No Polish trains have the necessary permits to travel on Czech tracks and people travelling from Poland have to find another connection to Czech cities behind the Czech borders.

According to the railway department of the Czech Republic, the Polish trains do not meet the safety and technical regulations required by Czech railways.

Polish newspaper Dziennik Zachodni stated that Polish railways asked for the permits and got a list of requirements from the Czech railways. The list is, however, still being translated from Czech to Polish.

New time table of Czech Railways

Czech Railways (Ceske drahy) issued a new time table that is valid from 10th December. This time table brings a lot of changes in quantity of connection and the prizes of tickets.

Trains Pendolino will be prolonged from Prague to Bratislava and Vienna. The trains will go to Bratislava once a day, to Vienna twice a day. New EuroCity trains will go to Zilina (SK) via Horni Lidec, which will safe 50 minutes of traveller’s time. The train connection from Prague to Ostrava will be 13 minutes faster. There will be about 5,5% more trains running in the Czech Republic.

Czech Railways plan to increase the prizes of return tickets and customer fare (for this fare you need to own In-customer card). Tickets for journeys more then 50 kilometers long will be 12 % more expensive. When you buy a customer card, you will have 30 % discount on tickets no matter how far you travel.

Faster through Prague by trains

There are two new railway tunnels built underneath Vitkov in Prague and people had a chance to see them over during the weekend.

The purpose of the building is to integrate Prague and suburban railway lines into the city´s public transport. The tunnels will improve the connection between Prague railway stations, which should make travelling by train through the city faster. The old tunnel used so far, will be free and can be used as a cycle-way.

The new southern tunnel will connect Hlavni nadrazi (the Main Railway Station) with the stations in Vysocany and Holesovice. It is 1365 metres long. The other, northern tunnel, is 1316 metres long and will connect Hlavni nadrazi and Liben station.

The first trains should go through the tunnels in two years. There will be more trains in operation than now and some trains will connect the city center with the suburban areas.

Trains will be faster than metro

Prague still improves their system of public transport. Now is one of the best in Europe. Next step is better using of railways in Prague.

Problems with star-shaped metro system can solve surface rail transport much faster than trams, which are used only in central parts anyway. Of course that Prague uses railways for distant travel, but Prague citizens can use train as well as bus, tram or metro: tickets, short-term as well as long-term, can be used in Prague an out of Prague at some rails.

Works on new railway tracks with combination of the old tracks used only for freight trucks offer another effective type of transport. New train sets with gas-engines will help with that.

This brings not only new transport lines like connection of Smichov, Vrsovice, Zahradni mesto, Malesice, Bechovice, but also completely new stations. These steps will make faster and more straight transport in Prague.

Main station repair will be late

Prague Main train station (Wilson station) should be reconstructed now, but still nothing happens. Italian investor Grandi Stazioni advance the date three times.

Last expectations talks about the end of November and the investor says, that works will definitely start this year. Now the works wait for a building permission and also selection of a construction company. A company will select the order of build plan, but certain is that works will start in the entrance hall.

The works have had started this March, than this summer. Last change was planned to October. The deadline and plans won’t change. You can read about the reconstruction in an older article.

More train stops in Prague

Prague wants more stops and stations for trains. Now it has more than forty stops, it is planned to build another nine and reach number of fifty. This could be in ten years.

Planned stations are Rajska zahrada, Podbaba, Liboc, Exhibition Grounds in Holesovice, Bechovice central, Karlin, Zahradni Mesto, Slavia or renewed Vysehrad station. First will be Rajska Zahrada. This station could be functional next year.

As vice mayor of Prague says, Prague could make some investments for train stations in Prague, but most important is now finishing of Prague inner and outer circuit. New train stations should help to lighten another forms of traffic, most welcomed is transport by car of course.