The traffic returns under Vysehrad sooner

The Vysehrad tunnel is going to open for the traffic tomorrow morning. The closure, which was so much needed for tramway track repair, was ended four days earlier. The period of extensive traffic limitations ends, those twenty thousand cars return to their regular trace. On the contrary, the unique boat carriage stops going.

The term was shortened, because even when there was snowfall, it came later than the road-menders were afraid, so the frosts didn’t stop concreting. The concrete itself was of the special, fast-solidifying kind, which ables tramways to start going immediately.

The first estimations of the expenses is about 30 millions czk, also because there were three companies working non-stop 24 hours a day.

Prague Public Transport (MHD) gets 40 billions CZK

Prague Public Transport MHD gets 40 milliards CZK 40 milliards CZK (1.3 milliards €), which represent approximately a year’s budget of whole Prague, are planned to be invested to the modernization of the public transport in Prague.

New tramways and buses and repaired old train sets are to be bought throughout the next ten years. This project is about to start the next year, as instructs an informative material of the town councilors. There are 33 new tramways going to appear in the streets of Prague. We, who are so much comfortable with the old ones, that recall the spirit of 1960’s, are off our luck, because the new trains are already being build by Skoda Transportation. Let’s just hope the design will be harmonious with the old nature of Prague city center.

Metro C, the Red line, is now the only line that has only new trains to show off. M1 class trains are going to stay there, but 33 from 48 classic Russian trains are at least going to be adjusted before this years’ end. The city is still paying off the last 20 M1 trains, so the plans for buying of new trains count for 2010-2018.

Advantages and disadvantage of trams with Porsche design

Tram Skoda T14 design Porsche Many people in Prague admire the new design of twenty new trams Skoda T14. The Porsche design was awarded the best product of 2007 by the Design Centre of the Czech Republic.

These modern trams were constructed especially for the narrow streets of Prague, the price of one tram is 57 million CZK. Porsche trams can be seen on lines 3, 9, 12, 14, 22 and 26. The city of Prague wants to buy 60 of them by 2010.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of the trams. The trams is partly low-floor, modern, safe, with camera system inside the vehicle and with a comfortable cabin for drivers. On the other hand, the trams are too noisy, there is not enough space for the passengers there and the front door can be used only by the drivers (which confuses blind people). The developers are now trying to relieve the disadvantages.

Every sixth tram in Prague goes too fast

During the last six months of this year 17 trams derailed and 11 crashed with a car in Prague. The accidents were mostly caused by the drivers of the cars, but still, several accidents were made due to speeding.

The inspection has measured the speed of trams 10,564 times this year. 3.1 % of drivers exceeded the speed limit, some of them even by 10 km/h. The last control was made in Vltavska street, in Senovazne square and Charles Square in Prague. 6 out of 48 trams didn’t follow the required speed.

The director of the Prague Public Transport Company Petr Blazek said that the drivers will be sanctioned. The last accident in Prague happened in Palackeho square in June due to the fact the driver of the derailed tram exceeded the speed limit 10 km/h by 9 km/h.

Two trams crashed in the centre of Prague

Two trams (no. 18 and 3) crashed in Palackeho namesti in the centre of Prague today early in the morning. Several people were injured, one woman had to be taken to the hospital.

The accident was caused by a tram that went from Palackeho bridge to Charles Square (Karlovo namesti). The rear part of the tram derailed and crashed into another tram waiting at the stop. Then it fell on the pavement.

The tram transport had to be diverted via Myslikova street until 9:30. The cause of the accident is still not known yet, one of the possible causes could be that the driver drove too fast. The accident is being investigated now.

Prague will get more modern trams Porsche

Travellers on tram lines no. 3 and 9 in Prague can enjoy the ride in one of twelve modern and especially low-floor trams Porsche that have been riding in Prague since the end of 2005. Prague will have now another 15 of them till the end of this year.

The trams can be recognized by an elegant design. Even though some passengers complain that there is less space in the new trams, many others, especially people on the wheelchair or mothers with prams, appreciate the low floor of the trams. The Prague’s municipal authorities plan to have 60 low-floor trams Porsche by 2009.

It is not clear yet what routes the new trams will take. Eva Dydova from Prague Public Transport company says that it will depend also on the suggestions from the organisations gathering wheelchair users and handicapped people.

Historical trams in Prague again from this Saturday

After winter, tourists and Prague inhabitants can look forward to historical trams going through the city again. It will transport passengers at weekends and Czech national holidays until mid November.

The first departure of the historical tram no. 91 will be at noon, the last one at 17:35. The first ride is scheduled for this Saturday. Tickets will be sold by the driver, regular tickets for public transport are not valid there. The tram can be also hired for groups or on special occasions (tel. 296 124 902).

The trams go from stops Vozovna Stresovice to Prazsky hrad (close to Prague Castle), Malostranska, Malostranske namesti (near Charles Bridge and Kampa), Narodni trida, Vaclavske namesti (Wenceslas Square), Masarykovo nadrazi, Strossmayerovo namesti and Vystaviste (Prague Exhibition Ground in Prague-Holesovice). The route of the tram can be diverted due to road restrictions.

Every sixth passenger in Prague travels without a valid ticket

Since January, travellers using Prague public transport at night can meet ticket inspectors together with police officers who take care of the safety on night trams and soon on buses in Prague as well as they penalize everybody without a valid ticket.

As MF DNES reported, the Prague ticket inspectors gave more than 2000 penalties and ejected from the trams more than a thousand of homeless people. During one month, the employers of Prague Public Transit Company inspected about 21,300 travellers on night trams, 15% of them didn’t have a valid ticket. There are about 6% of such travellers during the day time.

The ticket inspectors can give penalties up to 950 CZK. If you pay immediately or withing 15 days at the office, the penalty is lowered to 500 CZK. The ticket inspectors at night shifts start at 22:30 in metro. After the metro is closed, the inspectors joined by police officers travel on night trams. See also when you’re not obliged to pay the penalty.

New tram in Prague for disabled and mothers with children

Travelling by trams in Prague with a pram or in a wheelchair is not so easy. It will partly change soon. A new tram, modernized from an older version, suitable for mothers with small children and disabled people will appear in Prague from the next week.

The modified tram will have a bit lower floor than other trams, it will be one meter longer and will be less noisy. Travellers can recognize it by the symbols for disabled people and prams clearly placed next to the door. The modernization of the tram cost 8 million Czech crowns.

Although there is only one tram of this kind in Prague right now, there should be another tram ready at the end of February and 8 new ones at the end of the year. Besides this new tram, there are 18 low-floor trams in Prague. All together there are about 900 trams transporting passengers in Prague.

Good results of patrols in night trams

Since 16th January 30 uniformed men take care of the safety in night trams. They have the right to eject people from the transport if they break the transport regulations, they do not have a valid ticket, or they are drunk, stinky, or dirty. Now it seems this action has results. There are less drunk, aggressive and homeless people in the night trams.

The first days the officers had to eject about 50 people per night, after 10 days it was only 10. Unusual situation was on Tuesday night when it started to snow in Prague. The officers ejected 90 people. The patrol travel in the trams haphazardly, there is no regular system that could be traced.

Right now there are 30 officers designated for the night patrols but the number will gradually rise. Officers will be present also in night buses and later this year in metro.

Conductors in night trams from tomorrow

The night from 16th to 17th January is the first night when conductors appear in Prague’s night trams. The conductors can be recognized by black uniforms.

Night trams run in Prague in nine lines. The most critical lines are 54, 58, and 59. The conductors will watch closely especially trams going to Andel, Lazarska street and Main Station (Hlavni nadrazi). Their shift will start about 0:30 and finish at 6:00.

From tomorrow 30 conductors will guard in some of the 60 trams running at night. In three months their number will increase five times. Prague Public Transit Company hopes that this action will improve the quality and safety in trams at night.

Conductors on night trams in Prague

As we have already informed, the travelling by night trams in Prague should be safer next year thanks to the presence of conductors on board. The Prague Public Transit Company announced that the conductors will appear on the trams for the first time between 10th and 15th January 2007.

The conductors will be Prague police officers, sometimes together with ticket inspectors. They will be not in every tram, but only in selected lines. They will be responsible for the safety of passengers and absence of homeless people sleeping on the trams.

In the future the Prague Public Transit Company wants the police officers to give fines to people without a valid ticket. Nowadays only ticket inspectors can do it.

Travelling at night will be safer

Prague people and visitors can expect safer travelling at night soon. Dopravni podnik, a.s., the provider of public transport in Prague, announced their plans to put tram conductors into every tram going at night.

This action should improve the services and increase safeness in night trams. Night trams are often places used by homeless or drunk people as a “cheap hostel”. A lot of people also say that travelling at night is not very pleasant for the danger of being robbed or attacked. There are also lots of people who do not buy tickets when travelling at night. This all should change with officers on board.

When the conductors appears in trams is not clear yet. If everything goes fine, the first trams conductors will be present from 1st January. In other case the latest date is the end of the winter.

Tram driver was riding drunk

An anonymous passenger called to Public Transit Co. yesterday afternoon. He said that the driver of a tram drunk some alcohol during a ride. Transport supervisors immediately arrived to control the driver.

The driver has 0,9 per thousand of the alcohol in a blood. Supervisors called police and after their arrival police measured out 3,3 per thousand.

The driver can be charged with a menace under habit forming substance. A hearing can be made after drivers disenchantment. He will be fired with no doubts.

A new tram got off the rails

A new low-floor tram has accident yesterday. The tram got off the rails during it’s testing on a test rail in Hostivar depot. The tram hit a car parked near rails and badly injured one technician and a driver of a tram.

The tram is third one with Porsche design. First one is already on tracks, second one is used for training and third one was tested. The accident happened during testing of brakes in “cut off test”. The tram rode maximum speed and the driver has had use an emergency brake, but it is highly possible that the brake didn’t work.

The overseeing technician has been hit by the tram. The driver impacted the fascia-board and the wind-screen, he split a chest vetebra, but he immediately run to help to his colleague. The technician has a double fracture of his right leg, broken left blade-bone and three ribs.

Prague Public Transit Co. now research the accident. The damage on the tram is expected at 56 millions crowns.

Tram semaphore are obsolete

Trams use obsolete and relatively dangerous stoplights in Prague as well as in another Czech cities. Some Prague cross-roads are dangerous because a tram has almost no time between tram “red light” and green light for cars.

Tram semaphores are different from usual road semaphores. They has T-shape made of four lights. Combination of alighted lights shows which way the tram can ride (left, right, straight) or if has to stop. But this monochromatic semaphore has one problem: A driver of tram can’t be prepared for stop sign, there is no yellow “set!” light.

This mean that driver can reach the cross-road in same time when stop sign appears. It is impossible to stop immediately, because of safety of passengers, so the tram has to continue in ride. But green light for drivers appears in very close time, at some places after three seconds.

That’s why Prague a council-member Mr. Steiner want to discuss with other city halls in Czech Republic and try to change traffic law. This can bring new semaphores, like has Germany or Austria. This would be great help for drivers of trams as well as for car drivers.

Trams returned to Vodickova street

Yesterday evening put an end to ten days without any trams passing Wenceslas Square because of the collapse of the house in Vodickova street. The reasons for the accident are still unknown and the investigation continues.

The trial empty tram explored the terrain at seven o’clock in the eventing and trams with passengers came half an hour later. The trams have to abide by a very strict speed limit of ten kilometres per hour. The remains of the house, now secured by a steel construction and scaffolding, can be passed only by one tram at a time to reduce the vibrations caused. Ten lorries removing the rubble were needed to clear the area.

The return of trams into Vodickova street easies public transport situation in the capital city slightly but more changes are expected in the course of the next few days.

Night trams will be more expensive

Prague transport service suggests changes in night trams. Fortunately the reason is totally comprehensible.

Night trams and buses can be invaluable help in late night hours, their work starts in 11pm and they journey ends in early morning hours at about four or five am. They substitute day buses, trams and metro. This service in dark hours brings some problems.

Many passengers are homeless, drunk, or without ticket. Drivers of tram have problems with them. Some of them are aggressive and they refuses to leave the tram. Drunk people can easily filthy a vehicle. So it was decided to have a tram conductor in each tram. This new position brings new need of finance so it is expected that cost for a ride will be about 40 CZK. Passengers with long-term season tickets won’t pay any additional money.

500 millions CZK for tram repairs this year

Reconstructions are awaited in Prague public transport. Modernization of fifty five trams will cost 412 millions CZK. This extend their lifetime for twenty years. It is much cheaper than buying new ones. Only seven new trams could be bought at same cost. Nevertheless Prague Public Transport Company wants buy new 20 trams to the end of year 2007.

Rest of investment will be used to repair big tram crossroads Ohrada, Palmovka and Vapenka. It is expected that repairs will start in summer, when is traditionally low traffic during holiday.

New Porsche tram has interior problems

New Prague Tram, what rides in trial time in area of Prague center has interior errors, says engineers. The tram should undergo interior changes. There is too small space for standing travellers in area with seats, so it makes walking through harder. This problem could be removed by adding one step into seat area.
Another change in compare with older models is front doors which are only for tram driver.

But technical problems are none, especially when we will compare new tram Porsche with new train Pendollino, which is know for large amount of errors.