U.S. radar base near Prague

Russia: You Czechs Belong to the Eastern Europe

The foreign minister Sergej Lavrov expressed Moscow still perceives the Czech Republic as a sphere of Russian interest. Why? It happened, again, because of the radar. Karel Schwarzenberg wanted to explain a news reporter, who asked a question where he formulated ‘eastern Europe’. Schwarzenberg replied: “At first, we should make clear the Czech Republic doesn’t lie in the Eastern, but in the Middle Europe.” His comment was nevertheless more for the Russians. “and I want to add” he continued “that the radar is not, in any case, aimed to be targeted against the Russians”

Than, Lavrov took the floor “Unfortunately, I have to remind you, that according to regional groups OSA the Czech Republic and Poland lies in the Eastern, not in the Middle Europe.” He said, clearly devising to what Russians claim the whole time; Czech Republic and Poland have to realise, they are still in Russian sphere of influence. Even when Schwarzenberg laughed at it later, some after-taste remains.

Clinton decides to shelve the Czech Radar

Hillary Clinton comes with her wide smile, Czech Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg by her side. And she announces: The new American government turns the streer. The anti-rocket shield is no longer important to it. “We may return to the question” she keeps the back door opened “but now, we are very far from doing it.” They are starting diplomatic relations with Iran, so the country the radar was intended to protect us against could become an ally. The US and Iran have not been communicating for thirty years.

Minister Schwarzenberg didn’t put a surprised expression on the press conference. He already predicted the radar negotiations are going to be delayed. So, how it is possible to explain the rhetoric? One of the explanations is, the US want to save money during the financial crisis. The second, Iran and Russia can really became countries which won’t, by rhetoric, armament or secrecy, make the world fear them.

Schwarzenberg negotiates in USA today

Schwarzenberg went to the US for an assurance that the new American government under the lead of Barack Obama intends to continue in the program of the anti-rocket shield in the area of Poland and Czech Republic. Today, he is going to talk with Hillary Clinton, who is the leader of American diplomacy since January. It seemed recently, like if the Americans wanted to retreat from the contracts in order of making new ones with Russia, those about disarmament.

Speculations, that the US could avoid the construction were however quite reduced, when on Saturday the American Vice-president said Obama is not giving up on the anti-rocket shield. Schwarzenberg is one of the first Foreign Ministers who meets Clinton in her new function. They haven’t talked together officially for some time, but they did when Schwarzenberg worked for the ex-president Vaclav Havel. As he says “We know each other. Or more precisely, I am one of the million of people she knows.”

Russia welcomes warming negotiations with USA

The United States and Russia relations, which were ice aged last year, now come to a thaw. The Russian vice-prime minister Sergei Ivanov appreciated the offer of Joe Biden to ‘restart’ the collective cooperation, made on Saturday on 45th security conference in Munchen.

The Russian politician also repeated that Moscow is prepared to negotiate about the anti-rocket shield in Europe. Kremlin offers the White House cooperation with judging the security risks with judging security dangers and united anti-rocket shield instead of anti-rockets in Poland and Czech Radar. And if USA don’t build, Russia reputedly won’t fulfil their threat to put their Iskander rockets by the Polish border.

Biden Promised that the government of the new American President Obama is going to, as the opposite to the G.W. Bush government, cooperate more with their western allies and with Russia.

Obama Prepares Disarmament, What About Czech Radar?

The end of plans for US radar base in the Czech Republic? According to the report of yesterday edition of British edition of The Times this scenario is probable. The American President Barrack Obama want to reduce the number of strategic nuclear weapons, which USA and Russia have. Even if happens, both countries would still dominate world in the number of their arsenal. Obama wants to reduce them of 80%. Still, they would have over thousand rockets available.

Russians didn’t wait with their response – on the very day the vice prime minister Sergej Ivanov announced Moscow is “without any doubts” ready to sign a new agreement.

The planned radar base is something Russians don’t want to allow in the Czech Republic. The Americans haven’t abandoned the plan yet, but freezing the project could make Russians more helpful. The Times has informed Obama wants to create a special office led by Gary Samore, who negotiated about rockets reduction during the reign of Bill Clinton.

Russia changed its mind – no rockets in Kaliningrad yet

Iskander Rocket The Russian government holds their plans for locating the rockets Iskander in Kaliningrad by Polish borders, Interfax agency announced it with appeal to one unnamed source among high grade representatives of the Russian army.

Moscow wanted to install Iskander rockets on the most west part of Russia- in Kaliningrad enclave squished among Poland and Latvia – as an answer to antiorocket bases in Poland and radar in the Czech Republic.

Probably it is a reaction of Russians to Barack Obama being the new US president.

“We discontinue our plans to build rocket base in Kaliningrad, because the new American administrative has decided not to hurry with their plans on building the anti-rocket shield in the Eastern Europe.” Interfax quotes the general.

NATO stood behind the Czech Radar

The North Atlantic alliance have firmly stood behind the American Anti-rocket Umbrella in Europe. Ministers of 26 member countries of NATO in together final declaration stated, the defensive system in Poland and Czech Republic is going to be an essential benefit for the member countries security. At the same time, they appealed to Russia for more reserved attitude.

“We regard it to be a positive contribution for the future safetiness of our allies” is states the written declaration of the meeting. This is, among others, a clear proof, that those who see the Radar Base as a solely American action are wrong. The ministers have also appealed to Russia to step aside from “confrontation declarations” which could harm the collective relations. The alliance doesn’t like Russian declarations about spheres of influence and threats of rocket disposition in the area around Kaliningrad.

Czech Senate passed the Radar treaty

The senators of the ODS, KDU-CSL and the Club of opened Democracy have preferred the arguments of the government before the votes of the citizens and said ‘ok’ to the radar base in Brdy. The Upper chamber of the parliament have 81 seats; 29 social democrats and 3 communists were against, the rest were for.

The proposals of CSSD to postpone the decision for a year were not answered, mostly because it was clear they would postpone it long enough to get to the government and cancel it together with the communists in the end.

Mirek Topolanek gave the lead of yesterday debates by saying it is absolutely unacceptable to bow before the Russian neo-imperialism, only to get short goodwill of Moscow. Now, the parliament needs to discuss it once again, and if it will be signed by the president, it is good to go.

Klaus said, he is going to sign it, so we may see the structure built after all.

Czech Senate Approving the Radar Treaty

The Radar treaty passed through the parliament, and now it also has to get through the senate, to be approved. The Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg start the meeting by saying: “We have to decide, which message we are going to send to Obama’s America.” when he asked he senators to support the programme.

The senate has to decide, whether they approve, first time since 1989, residence of foreign soldiers on the Czech territory – the radar in Brdy would be operated by Americans.

The Prime minister Topolanek emphasized the base is not aimed against Russia, which protests against it aloud. But he also objected to Russian activities aimed to cancel the plan realization. “For me it is unacceptable to be the Prime Minister who is going to obediently bow and open doors to Russian neo-imperialism. “ by which recalling the 20-years stay of Soviet army at Czech ground.

It depends on, which signal are we going to send to Obama’s USA, Schwarzenberg continued in the theme which Topolanek started. He continued, we are going to show, if we are allies, or whether we need some more time to think.

Russia offered USA Joint Shield – This may be Turning Point of Radar Negotiations

The Russian president Medvedev announced they put great hopes into the new American administrative. Moscow is ready to negotiate with the USA about the anti-rocket shield in the middle Europe. Medvedev said it in his Saturday speech. At the same time, he added Moscow is not going to attack as the first against the Czech and Poland radar bases, which is the first time Russian representative doesn’t spit out threats as he speaks.

The highest Russian representative also promised the USA a dialogue about creating the united programme of the anti-rocket defense, which could be backed by the Russian Radar placed in Azerbaidzhan.

That the bases in Poland and Czech Republic will be build once seems more distant every day. Even when the contracts were signed by the US and the CR in August, now it waits to be agreed on by European Parliament. The speeches against were made by not only by Berlusconi, but also the Czech left wing now gains power, plus there is strong lobby paid by Russia which made a lot of people disagree with the construction.

Berlusconi expressed love to Russia by aversion to Radar

The Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi claims the project of the American Radar in the Czech Republic is “a provocation of Russia” he said that during the official visit of Russia. He added that “the process of EU, USA and West drawing apart from Russia” should be stopped Corriere della Sera informs. “The problem in relation of Russia and the West exists and it could change in a catastrophe needlessly.” he points out. The strong statement was heard before today initiation of the EU and Russia summit in Nica.

Berlusconi also says what caused today tense atmosphere: “…the provocative project of the American anti-rocket defense in Poland and Czech Republic, the foreign recognition of Kosovo and the planned entering of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. The Russian President announced that he is going to move nuclear rockets to Kaliningrad last week.

72 yo Berlusconi likes to provoke, it is question whether he puts himself int the role of a possible middleman among Moscow and Washington, or on the side of Moscow.

Obama is the President, will it change Czech Radar negotiations?

As the Social Democrats (CSSD) won regional and senate elections in the CR, with their programme i.a. focused against the US radar base, whether it will be build is still a question. But still – most of the society has all the negative US policy connected to the character of G.W.Bush, with him gone, the chance they will finally built the thing will increase.

The world of Czech public space dominated Kremlin propaganda against the radar, and neither G.W.B nor the ODS bothered to explain the Czech society the radar is actually good. FSK (formerly KGB), on the contrary, didn’t waste time and spend years by an anti-radar crusade. Thanks to it, now almost 2/3 of Czechs is against the radar, but that can change. Change is what Obama won with, right?

Obama may negotiate with the EU and NATO more than Bush did, he also started to negotiate the radar matter with Czechs, using YouTube ( watch here ). Russia traditionally threatens, we are slowly getting used to them haunting us with weapons, so Medvedev announced they are going to build radars as well as an answer.

Czech Radar Matter Put Simply: Russia or USA?

The whole debate around the radar can be indeed put that simply: To which area of power want the CR to belong? Fools, irresponsible pacifists and people linked to Russia will say: we do not want to belong to any groupement of power. This answer guarantee to Russia they have a chance of returning one day. This is the way our world works, there are no neutral paradises, and for small countries, especially for those ‘in the middle of the road’ will always be necessary to unite with a strong country.

Those people who protest so vehemently against the radar should ask themselves: Which radar do I want? To protest against the US is easy, when we live in a country which is democratic thanks mostly to the USA. When there will be the Russian radar build, there will be no protests, as the protesters will be locked up, or worse.

The arguments, which country is better are clear to everyone, and still, the opposition CSSD which won the election, now want to close the radar negotiations, a few steps from the approval. But they may make a real mistake – their government will be there for four years, but the question, where the country goes is much more important and long term. If they say they do not want the radar, they should say openly: I don’t want the Radar, I like the way of government Russia has. And behave according to it.

The Civic Democrats (ODS) have probably last chance to accredit the radar

The citizens have expressed in these elections clearly what they do not want: no reformation of health service and no ‘American’ radar. The regional and senate elections were more a referendum against the Topolanek’s government. That’s why, in getting to senate, succeeded the significant antagonists of the Radar. It is very probable the matter is going to be discussed at an early date.

The plan of ODS, which in its old compound still has the absolute majority, should be as following: to authorise the radar contract today, than to list it on the tomorrow senate negotiation and authorise it as well. The vice-chairman of the parliament Lubomir Zaoralek has admitted this chance is real. The Radar negotiation was one of the main international activities of the Government and it wants to finish it successfully.

Czech Army: Spies watch planned Radar indeed

The second journalist source confirmed, foreign secret agents collect information about the planned US base in Brdy. “The military intelligence have, in 2007, noted among others concrete interest in information about the possible construction of the anti-rocket base” has written the Military in their annual report.

They didn’t specified, what is the ‘concrete interest’, but as we know from the annual report of BIS (Czech CIA) those are Russian agents. But, the report is not solely limited on the Radar, we can find out that: “The target of intelligences of various states are to gain secret information about NATO, armed forces of the Czech Republic, new weapon systems or new technologies used in Czech Army.”

Vaclav Havel defends USA radar in CR

The Czech ex-president defended the project of the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. Reasons? An ally bond of the CR to its allies. Vaclav Havel expressed his stance to the anti-rocket defence during a forum in London. In the British Library, Havel discussed the topic over the English edition of his book Prosim, Strucne – Briefly, Please. The ex-president belongs to the long-term supporters of the base, he also says Czechs should be grateful to the USA.

“We owe to the USA for many things, for the very existence of our state, and when they want something small, once, something by which we cold repay them a little bit, we are reluctant. That is morally and psychologically very unsympathetic.” said Havel.

At the basis of opinion pools, the opposers of radar still outbalance those in favour. Moscow did its part by financing anti-radar motions. Even when the radar negotiations are on a good way, the time works against it – the elections will be soon and the main supporting political party will probably lose this time.

BIS: Russian secret agents led campaign against the US radar

The Czech agency BIS (Czech FBI) found out Russian secret agents aimed to manipulate Czech Politicians and media in order to increase aversion against the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. BIS informed Russian communities have been trying to contact media and politicians in their long-term campaign aiming to destabilise the integrity of the European Union and NATO.

Russian intelligences tried to secretly gain influence in state and political structures, they also tried to get into civil associations. Russian secret agencies have also, according to the BIS 2007 report, actively tried to make an impression, Europe under NATO lead started to rehabilitate Nazism, denying Soviet role in WWII.

On the Czech territory the intelligences also focused on collecting economical information and supporting of Russian financial interests. Source: HN

Movie about US military base

A more than a year the authors of Cesky Sen (Czech dream) Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda have been shooting a document Cesky mir (Czech peace). The film depicts ‘Czech radar struggle’ and will be screened this spring.

The duo focus on specific Czech stupidity. If you haven’t seen the movie Cesky sen, it is simply about amount, at which consuming replaced religion in Czechs. They made a fictive hypermarket Cesky sen, with advertisements, with billboards, TV campaign. Thousands of people have gathered at the ceremonial opening, only to find out it was a hoax. Some wanted to kill them.

Another movie about Czech stupidity comes – because 75% of Czech population is against the American base. The USA saved us during the WWI, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us during the WWII, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us from the hell of communism under Russia, didn’t want anything. Now they want to prevent we get occupied again. FOR FREE. Czechs are stupid enough to be against it. Will the documentary mirror help the republic from retardation? No. But it is a great idea.

The authors are known for their sense of humor, so it will be a comedy. I am looking forward to it…

Topolanek: The best campaign for the radar was the conflict in Southern Ossetia

The Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek stated, the recent bloody conflict among Georgia and Russia worked as the best campaign for reasoning we need the American radar base at our territory. The official materials to the US base nevertheless speaks about the base having no connection with Russia whatsoever.

The official American explanation of the interconnected system of anti-air defence in Poland and the CR is a protection against dangerous states such as Iran. The anti-rocket system doesn’t relate to Russia. But Russia took it from the beginning very personally, and they are also those who became notorious with various threatening of both the states.

Last Page of Czech Radar Treaty Soon Ready

The Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg announced on Sunday the SOFA contract will be ready soon. SOFA defines terms of American troops at the radar base. According to Schwarzenberg, his meeting with the defense minister Vlasta Parkanova and the Prime Minister Topolanek, which takes place on Thursday 28th August 08 should settle all the remaining points of the contract, so it will be ready to be signed with the USA.

The last points SOFA treaty needs to settle are mostly concerned with taxes. Both the CR and the USA had different conceptions.

The NATO radar is intended to locate incoming military missiles to the states of the EU and the radar in Poland is to destroy them. The Poles have signed their contracts rapidly, after Russia invaded Georgia. Schwarzenberg also expressed his concern for the conflict in Georgia is going to continue.