Danger of Avalanches in Krkonose, Czech Republic

If you are going to the Czech Republic to ski, you should take care of warnings that you can see at various places. From the night of 1-2-2009 to 2-2-2009, about 35 cm of snow fell. That makes about 115 cm of snow which is now on the ridges, and that makes … third degree from five of avalanche danger.

Hikes in third degree of avalanche danger require experienced appreciation outreaching common experiences. Possibilities of various hikes are limited, warn the mountain rescue services.

Krkonose historical maximum of avalanche danger is the fourth degree. There is a few tens of them every year, which, however, do not get to populated places. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be dangerous – in Krkonose the last mortal accident happened to a 36 yo skialpinist last December.

Winter in Prague, January 2009

The last Christmas and celebration of the New Year are successfully behind, and the winter hit us with full strength, as far as I remember it was at least four or five years since it was so cold and there was so much snow. Kids are happy, they can enjoy winter pleasures, but we are used to less enjoyable problems with streets and pavements. This weather usually causes traffic completely collapses, because the services didn’t manage to clean the snow.

Beginning of this year, however, differs positively – those who care about the streets being rideable did their job well. All the main streets are rideable and the few crashed car plates were mostly the drivers fault. Even when the by-street can’t be treated with salt for the sake of ecology, they are pulled nicely and drivable. I hope that the trend will continue in February, when there will be more snowing.

Minus 34 °C, Cold in Czech

Czechs wean for cold. Such winter became unusual in this land, now we have to deal with -30°C at night during the whole week. One can guess that in combination with snowing it makes trouble, and really – on Mo and Tu, 72 got hurt in Prague only. One homeless froze to death to such extent his joints wouldn’t move.

Doctors in these days strongly warn three groups: elderly people, cardiac patients, and parents of little kids. “If there is less than -5°C parents should naturally check whether their kids have enough of suitable clothing.” Seniors and cardiacs shouldn’t go out at all when it is below -10.

The centres for flash burn care have a lot of work as well – frostbites are cured by similar methods. If the spot on the skin is white and blood doesn’t return to it, it is necessary to go to a doctor. In the second phrase the spot will became red on the contrary. But – if you do not stay outside you should be fine. For more weather in Prague check here.

Metropolis prepares for a week of snow

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute announced on their web: “We expect that on Monday the whole area of the Czech Republic is going to be covered by coherent snow cover of 1-10 cm height.” A simple announcement, that can evoke joy or worries – joy for kids and those who love winter sports, worries of rescue workers.

During the weekend it was easy to spot families with kids, the little ones wanting to enjoy those few hours snow usually stays in Prague. But the metropolis didn’t offer only sledging, the snow moved to Stromovka after the Tour De Ski attracted, and it brought fun for numerous ski-runners.

Freezing weather, which started during Christmas, probably culminates in the half of the week. The temperatures are going to drop to -15 Celsius at places. For precise forecast continue here.

Prague – No Christmas Snow

Meteorologists warn that snow is going to be a bit of rarity during the Christmas season. Probability of snowing during the holidays have dramatically lowered in the past 100 years. And in the coming tens of years, when the north pole will grow even smaller in size, white Christmas are going to be even rarer. Reuters launched a study in cooperation with German weather institute, finding out that in the lowland-located Berlin are the future generations probably not going to see white Christmas at all, leaving them dreaming about it.

Of course, the chances for snow are different at different places and the elevation above the sea-level and distance to the sea still give hope for Prague there are going to be white Christmas a few times still. But not this year – the temperatures are right above zero. But there is also other reason, beside global warming – as our calendar changed in 1752, Christmas moved 12 days to the earlier date. In January snowing is more common.

The Czech New Year's Eve could be on ice

Recent Weather forecast revealed how it is going to be in the close future, regarding weather – This Christmas are probably going to be muddy, as the temperatures will be below zero only at mountains. But – on 26th December snow can appear even in the lowlands. At least Czech Hydrometeorological Institute states so on their web.

Daily temperatures at the time before the New Years’ Eve in The Czech Republic should vary between -3 and 1° C, according to calculation of numerical models snow should appear also in lowlands on 1st January.

The first week of the new year the meteorologists forecast cloudy and overcast, sporadic snowfalls, snowing at mountains. Night temperatures minus two to minus seven ° C, daily minus four to zero. Temperatures and precipitations should be average.

Prague weather during Christmas

Snow – during Christmas it is going to be only at mountains, the lowlands will be too hot.
8th – 14th December – cold North-West flowing with cold mornings, following cold days.
15th – 21st December – inverted cloudiness with daily temperatures about 0°C
22nd – 28th December – traditional warming

This week is going to be somewhat cloudy with sporadic rainfalls, which can be snowy at the mountains. During the week, freezing fog can appear. Daily temperatures are going to be between 0° and 4°C.

According to the experience, the traditional weather during Christmas is about 0°, so usually only wet mud and no snow, but that applies to Prague. Above 650 m could be snow this year. For actual Prague weather continue here

Prague covered by snow this weekend

And here it is again, the nature didn’t waste time by waiting and started freezing us. Tonight, we can expect up to -15 °C. Such cold wasn’t here last year, now it seems we can prepare for a really tough winter. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, you can use those quite advantageous prices at Czech down runs and mountain hotels, if you are attracted by romantic Prague dressed in white, you are welcome as well.

Yesterday heavy snowing brought about four centimetres of snow, even in Prague. The temperatures were around -2 °C in the night and about zero during the day. It traditionally brought along high accident frequency, the road maintenance worked through the night so the roads would stay passable, still some drivers were out with summer tyres. As usual.

First 2008 snow, Czech weather

The winter reports for duty once again. On the Krusne hory mountain top Klinovec lie, after whole-day snowing, about ten centimetres of snow. The meteorologists warn, that the eastern part of the country, especially Jeseniky and Beskydy will be having strong winds all week – the 100 km/h drift arrived to Lysa hora and in to Beskydy yesterday. Warning before the strong wind applies especially for Olomoucky, Moravskoslezky and Pardubicky districts.

This summer was normally hot, with all the marks of cold winter ahead, the meteorologists foretell this winter will have freezing temperatures, probably snow. The autumn looks according to it – now Prague is rainy, foggy and cold.

First snow in Czech Republic in September

The temperatures have broken from pleasant summer into chilly winter. Last week on Wednesday people were wearing shorts – this Wednesday winter jackets and hats. Even in Prague, which is usually much warmer then the rest of the country.

In Jeseniky, there is more than five centimetres of snow. And according to weather forecast, on the mountains it will be snowing until the end of the week. The Czech Hydrometeorological Prediction Center promises the weather will improve during the weekend, however:

I you are going to the Czech Republic, take your winter jacket and hat, and some good shoes with you, unless you want to risk getting sick. This morning in Prague the temperatures were about 5 °C, the daily temperatures are around 8 °C. In the rest of the country it is 2°C – 6 °C.

Weather in Prague in August

It is cloudy again, there are rain showers and temperatures to 25 Celsius. The weather forecast for August 2008 in the Czech Republic is only slightly better than forecast for July. People who were preparing for hot summer at a dam or a lake at the Czech republic change their plans, either for other kind of vacation, a bike or a wellness one, or they change for last minute trip abroad.

According to weather specialists, there is no reason for being annoyed. Summers of the last years were extremely hot, now it returns to the normal state. So, how is the ‘normal’ August going to look like? At the beginning there will be some improvement, after the fist few days temperatures will go down to 20-26 Celsius. For up-to-date forecast for Prague click here.

Yesterday storm flooded Mustek Metro in Prague

The expected rainstorm, which brought yesterday cloud burst, stroke the life in the metropolis. The metro vestibule at the lower part of Wenceslas square, at Mustek Station, traditionally wasn’t able to deal with so much water and got a decent amount of water inside.

Fire brigades had a lot of work to do when unwatering the station, but it wasn’t the only place where they had to go. A few houses in central Czech Republic needed to unwater as well, also a lighting set a shed close to Prague on fire. Luckily, no one got seriously injured.

Dry and hot weather of the last days increased the danger of fire. The record came on Wednesday, when fire brigades had to go to 148 fires.

An Extraordinary Storm This Evening

Massive storms accompanied by strong wind are heading to the Czech Republic today from the west. It should strike Prague as well this evening. The meteorologists recommend to prepare well, especially if you reside close to Lipensky or Orlicky lake, in a camp or an auto camp.

Stefan Hadzak from Czech hydro-meteorological institute warns it will be no fun from evening to morning in Central and Southern Bohemia. Tomorrow, temperatures are about to drop 10 Celsius, which means the tropical 30°C will go down to more enjoyable 20°C.

If you are looking for up-to-date weather in Prague, take a look here.

Rainstorms in Prague

Yesterday storms brought a short memory of the floods in 2002. The tropical weekend ended in fierce rainstorm. The water forced out many units of fire-brigade. There was water to be pumped out not only in basements, but also in Metro A/B Mustek at the Wenceslas Square. According to meteorologists, there were 2-cm groats falling in Prague that evening.

Meanwhile people travelled on by Metro, even when they had to get to it through 10cm of water at Mustek, the Zizkovsky vysilac television tower was hit by a lighting, and out-of-function for five hours, while it wasn’t possible to tune up the Czech Television in Prague. In June we can expect warm, but not tropical weather.

The Czech Republic in Danger of Floods

The Czech Republic is going to be hit by extreme rainfalls in comming days. According to meteorologists, some regions should prepare to high degree of flood. The strongest rainfalls are expected in the Jeseniky region. In Olomouc and Moravskoslezky regions the Czech hydro-meteorological office have already announced flood thread.

The rivers that could overflow the banks are especially those at Ceskomoravska vrchovina. At some locations, 100 mm of rain would be possible to fall.

In Vysocina, meteorologists warned of flood possibility as well, in Pradubice and Kralovohradecky region there is flood alert. Nowadays storms can be accompanied by hails. So, to sum it up – watch the weather news, avoid activities connected to watercourses, drive slowly in storms.

April 2008 Weather in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, spring definitely wins over winter. Another 30 days should be over average in temperatures and rainfalls. The beginning of May should greet us with temperatures around 25 Celsius, according to Czech Hydro-meteorological office.

In the time from 11 to 20 of April should bring same heavy raining, with day temperatures around 16 Celsius, but supposedly higher. At the end of April, day temperatures should be up to 20 Celsius. If you are interested in exact Prague weather forecast, click.

Snow came back to Prague

We are standing at the beginning of spring, yet the reality is different; we had spring two weeks ago blooming snowdrops, mating rabbits; birds coming back, now it snows.

It is undoubtedly a reason to rejoice, if you are a skier, because you may have the first chance to ski on natural snow in mountains, but quite a reason to be wary, if you are a driver. There were many traffic accidents.

So, if you are going to the Czech Republic, be careful during driving, there will be snow and frosts on the roads.

March ducks are nesting. It means spring is here.

When we went to our offices today, even when Prague should becovered in snow in February, the reality is different; girls in skirts, we just in sweatshirts. If we step out of our building now, there is pleasant 20 Celsius – we can go out in t-shirts. I can see the comments which will appear under this article: “We don’t give a damn what you are wearing” but the point is, for people who are heading to Prague as a city on the North, prepare for a winter like by the Mediterranean.

The nature is giving clear signs the spring has begun ; blooming snowdrops, mating rabbits; birds are coming back. March ducks, as the name tells, come back to nest in March – that they are coming back in February means only one thing – Klaus is wrong, global warming is real. I can see the comments again; “How can you state such a thing, there is no expertise, proving that … you damned left-winger” well, there is not, but come to the CR, you will see the proof. It’s February and here is spring already.

The sun brought Prague citizens outdoors

If you plan to go to Prague those days, you should prepare for a very mild winter – present temperatures in Prague are not probable to drop below zero during the day, much probably are to move around ten Celsius, the mood is spring-like, people go to parks and gardens to hear birds singing.

Zoo Prague reported to have 12,5 thousands visitors over the Saturday and Sunday only. Warm weather makes it hard for winter sports organizers, all the ski slopes had to be cover with artificial snow.

Year 2007 was extremely hot in the Czech Repubic

hot weather in Prague 2007 According to meteorologists, the year 2007 was extremely hot. The winter was not only the warmest one in the history of machine temp. measuring in the Czech Republic, but also warmest in the history of the Middle Europe.

The deputy of the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute Radim Tolasz wrote for the CTK: “The average temperatures are 9,1 Celsius, which is 1,6 Celsius above the long-term average.”

More than five times more of hot tropical days prepared the year 2007 for Czech folk. Also, there were two times more days with storms. Long-term average of rainfall of 674 l/m2 was grossed up of 77 l/m2

The first tropical day with temperatures higher than 30 Celsius was in 14th May already. During the whole year, 32 days with storms were in the Czech Republic, normal year has 17 storm days here.