Animals from Prague ZOO should help Wild Animals

Photo from zoopraha.cz The following article is based on an article by Petr Fejk in MF Dnes.

The year 2007 brought records of Prague Zoo. The first one – there has never been so many visitors in Prague Zoo as this year. Until today it is 1 240 000. It is the third year in a row, when we have the visit rate higher than a million, that meas we are among the world elite Zoos – in Europe there is only 15 of such a brand.

The second historic record is the number of nursed cubs. About 1 200. Including extra-rare Komodo dragon lizards, the famous Tatu gorilla, tigers, giraffes and other species, for which the other Zoos wait in line. Just to contrast: ten years ago it was 300 cubs.

Both those records are a great success. Especially just a few years after the floods. But this success doesn’t just bring more money – the Zoo wants to become a middle man, passing its success on. We want to let the cubs come back to the wild, where they come from, and where they disappear on a large scale. The animals in Zoo should help the animals in the wild. That makes sense.

New Giraffe Born in Zoo Prague

giraffes multiply in zoo prague

In the ‘African house’ a new baby giraffe was born, which makes the total number of giraffes born in Prague Zoo: sixty!. The youngster is a girl, was born on 17th November, is very active and can be seen since this weekend together with the rest of her pack.

Zoo celebrated the respectable number by a baptism ceremony of a giraffe boy Faust. The name was given by Milan Steindler, the dean of the 1st medical faculty of Tomas Zima. Faust truly is a hellish name, in spite of the blond baby giraffe doesn’t really show a link to hell.

There is no winter dormancy in Prague Zoo, giraffes are busy – they have increased their numbers of ten baby giraffes in the past two years! At the present moment, it is possible to see 17 Rothschild giraffes in two packs, both led by alpha males there.

Less stressful journey to Prague Zoo

Almost everybody who has once travelled to/from Prague Zoo, either by bus or by car, can talk about an unpleasant experience. Buses (no. 112) are full of people and can’t even hold all the people waiting at the stops. Cars are trapped in traffic jams. The Prague Zoo and the city council are trying to solve this problem, but so far in vain.

The Public Transport Co. advices that there are other ways how to get to Prague Zoo in Troja besides the bus no. 112 from Nadrazi Holesovice (metro red line C). Another possibility is to go by metro to Kobylisy (metro red line C), change for buses no. 102, 144 or 186 and go to stop Na Pazderce. Then it’s about a 600-meter-long walk through a small wood to the greenhouse Fata Morgana in the Botanical Garden or to Prague Zoo.

In the future the city plans to intensify the water transport or create ecological trains, so that the trip to Troja won’t be spoiled by a stressful journey there.

New success in Prague Zoo: baby gorilla

Prague Zoo can be proud of another success. Since last weekend you can see there two new babies tiger, from last night a baby gorilla. The baby gorilla is the second gorilla born in Prague Zoo. It was born today soon after the midnight and the birth was without any troubles or assistance of people.

The baby gorilla can be seen in the arms of its mother Kijivu online thanks to the web cams placed in their pavilion. It’s a part of the Czech radio’s project Odhaleni (The Revealed), that won ARKive Interactive Awards in the Wildscreen competition. You can see it online here. The beginning of the birth was reported to the health workers just thanks to the people watching the gorillas online.

The first gorilla in Prague Zoo is Moja, born in December 2004. Her mother is also Kijivu. The oldest gorilla in Prague Zoo is Kamba whose baby was born dead in April this year.

Rare Komodo Dragons were born in Prague

Prague Zoo is very proud of three new babies lizard born behind their gates, the offspring of the largest lizard in the world – Komodo dragons. The Prague Zoo got their parents as a gift from the President of Indonesia. The President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus himself had to guarantee that Prague Zoo will take a good care of them.

Only 12 zoological gardens in the world have managed so far to reproduce the Komodo Dragons. There are about 150 Komodo Dragons in human care in the whole world. Prague Zoo has to build a new exhibition for the young as their parents are very aggressive.

Adult male can be up to 3 meters long and weigh 100 kilograms. They can prey on deers, pigs or even buffaloes. Their victims die of blood poisoning, as Comodo Dragons are twice as dangerous as Cobras.

Gorilla baby in Prague Zoo died during birth

Yesterday more then 250,000 people were watching online the delivery the second gorilla baby in Prague’s Zoo in Troja. At first the birth was without any complications until the gorilla mother Kamba tore her umbilical cord, which lead to the suffocation of the partly-delivered baby.

At one moment Kamba was in danger too. The Zoo had to call gynaecologist anaesthetist from a hospital to help Kamba with the delivery of the dead foetus. The medical help took one hour. Kamba is stabilized now.

Kamba, 35 years old (equivalent human age is 50) was giving birth for the first time in her life. Another hope for Prague Zoo is now gorilla Kijivu, the mother of the gorilla baby Moja, expecting her second baby in May.

Historically first wedding at Prague Zoo

Some people want to get married in very untypical places. So why not in a zoo? Zdenka Trtikova and Radek David said their ‘I do” in front of about 100 guests and a couple of giraffes in Prague Zoo.

They got the idea from a Czech TV series. They are the first couple who got married in Prague zoo, but there are already three more wedding ceremonies planned in spring. The couples have to pay 11,000 CZK for renting the place.

Prague Zoo can now competes with other unusual places for weddings. A couple got married in front of the box office of Strahov stadium in Prague, because they met there for the first time. Another couple got married in the catacombs of Vysehrad.

Birth of the baby gorilla will be probably online

Thousands of visitors came to Prague Zoo to see the baby gorilla Moja which was born in December two years ago. People far away could also see the life of gorillas in Prague Zoo online thanks to the ‘reality show’ The Revealed that was evaluated as the best in the category ARKive Interactive Award in the prestigious competition Wildscreen.

Another baby gorilla will be born soon and again three cameras are there to broadcast what is happening. It is most likely that the birth will be online. “We don’t want to make a show from it. It’s important that gorilla Kamba won’t be disturbed and will give birth in the presence of other gorillas,” said the spokesman of Prague Zoo Vit Kahle.

Kamba is the oldest gorilla in Prague Zoo. It was born in Africa in 1972, probably in Cameroon rainforest. This will be her first baby. Another gorilla, Kijivu, is expecting a baby in May.

News in Prague Zoo and Botanical Garden

Prague Zoo wants to attract more visitors, even though last year it was visited by more than one million people. Its popularity is enhanced by the good location near Botanical Garden and Troja chateau.

Prague Zoo expects two new baby gorillas. At the turn of January and February and in May two gorillas are expecting their young. Zoo owns a new couple of tapirs coming from New Orleans. Soo new caracal will arrive to Zoo. Also a new refreshment with outside tables will be open together with a cafe, a confectionery, new public toilets and a gift shop.

Botanical Garden in Prague promises better information boards, new pathways and better sanitary facilities. There might be a new garden house soon. Botanical garden plans several new exhibitions: Palm Days (16/1 – 4/2), Orchids (10/2 – 25/2), Haptic Exhibition: Magical Flowers and Animals (21/4 – 29/4), Exhibition of Butterflies CR (1/6 – 30/6) and Carnivorous Flowers (4/9 – 16/9).

Prague Zoo raises prices

Prague Zoo raises the entrance fees. From the 1st January the tickets will be 10 CZK more expensive. That means that adults have to pay now 100 CZK and children 70 CZK. Family tickets cost 300 CZK. The annual tickets stay unchanged (except family annual tickets that costs now 1200 CZK). There will be no seasonal discounts any more.

Prague Zoo is sponsored by the City of Prague so that it can keep the low prices, otherwise the price would be 180 CZK. Still the tickets to Prague Zoo are very cheap compared to Western Europe or even some zoos in the Czech Republic. There is also possible to buy so call Troja card (Trojska karta) which enables visitors to see Prague zoo, Botanical garden and Troja chateau for very good price.

Prague Zoo breeds more then 5000 animals of 650 species. These days visitors can see many young animals born around the New Years Day. Today for the first time people can see young giraffe born on 20th December or little leopards born on 26th December.

Prague ZOO open during holidays

Zoological garden in Prague is open during winter. There are approximately 40 to 50 thousand visitors during winter. Prague ZOO is also open on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Visitors can bring food those day and feed the animals together with the breeders.

Prague ZOO is open during winter from 9:00 to 16:00, on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day only till 14:00. In cold season the Prague ZOO displays an exposition Nothern Forest with reindeer and elks.

Prague ZOO also celebrates these day 2nd birthday of the first gorilla born in Czech ZOO. At the end of January gorilla Kamba will have her first baby, in May gorilla Kijivu will give Moja a little brother or sister.

Awarded gorillas online again

Gorillas from Prague ZOO are online again on www.odhaleni.cz. People can watch gorilla family here or buy DVD that has been awarded Panda statuette in the prestigious competition Wildscreen in the category ARKive interactive awards.

This DVD shows the summarized version of reality show where the main characters are gorillas. By selling this DVD and other things connected with this show the authors of the project have earned 250 000 CZK so far. They have already invested 100 000 to the first-aid station for gorillas in Cameron. The rest of the money will be invested in creating Czech research centre in Angola.

Thanks to the show the gorillas from Prague ZOO are the most famous animals in the Czech Republic. 8 out of 10 children know the name of the youngest gorilla Moja. Prague ZOO is expecting two more young gorillas next year – gorillas Kamba and Kijivu are pregnant.

ZOO will welcome the millionth visitor

Try your luck in Prague ZOO and become the one millionth visitor of this popular zoological garden this year. The jubilee visitor is expected to go through the zoo gate around 11 am this Friday.

The lucky person can look forward to the ceremonial programme with jazz music and elephant riding. The partners of the zoo prepared for the visitor lots of souvenirs and gifts, such as a DVD player from Coca-Cola, 5000 CZK from Komercni banka, a gift pack of biscuits from Opavia and many more.

Last year the millionth visitor came through the zoo gate exactly one month earlier – on 20th September. The delay of this year is caused by the very long winter.

Month of young animals in Prague ZOO

Year 2006 was very successful for Prague ZOO. A large number of young animals were born this year. In October you have a special chance to see them from a small train ‘Moja vlacek’.

This train is called after a gorilla girl Moja. Before you get to the gorilla family in the monkey pavilion, you’ll see small penguins, beasts, flamingos, tapirs and tortoises on the way. Journey starts from the educational centre (vzdelavaci centrum) at least 3 times a day, first journey starts at 14:30, at the weekend already at 12:00.

Another train will take you to young animals in northern part of the zoo. Here you can see kangaroos, antelopes, horses, camels, bisons, wolves and cloven-hoofed animals. You can finish the journey in the African house to see 4 small giraffes. This train starts at the northern gate of the zoo (near the refreshment U medvidku).

75 years of Prague zoo

Prague zoo in Troja is the most visited zoo in the Czech Republic. Every year it attracts more than one million of visitors. On 28th September it commemorates 75 years from its foundation.

First visitors could go through the gates of Prague zoo on 28th September 1931 where they could see wolves, a lioness, ..... and parrots. The zoo has enlarged since that time significantly, the latest addition is the African house or the pavilion Indonesian jungle.

To celebrate this special occasion the zoo is going to come back to the atmosphere of 1930s. In Troja you can hear swing, see people in period costumes or synchronized swimmers in the sea lions’ pool, wearing striped leotards.

The programme starts at 11.00 and offers a lot of things to see, e.g. the performance The story of lioness Sarka (Pribeh lvice Sarky) – one of the first animals in this zoo, a vernissage of pictures near the elephant pavilion or ‘christening’ of a young tapir.

Little gorilla has been rescued

Young gorilla Moja, that she is precious of Prague, has been saved by an attendant Marek Zdansky. It happened yesterday and both of them were in danger.

Zoo attendant just came to work and he noticed that group of gorillas were sitting near gap on the rain. Then he saw that young gorilla Moja is in the water with face under water. He immediately jumped into ditch and pulled the gorilla out. He has to go to ground where was whole group of gorillas where was also 315 kilograms wight male Richard. Then Zdansky shook Moja to wake her up. Moja started to scream. Fortunately mother of Moja only take her and went back into pavilion.

Gorillas couldn’t do nothing to help the young one because they can’t swim. The attendant made this large risk also Moja is the first gorilla born in any Czech zoo. Moja was borned 13th December 2004, but her sex has been recognized by DNA test as lately as this May.

Night zoo continues

As you can read read in our last article about Prague zoo, visitors has unique chance to visit the zoo in the night. This offer has unexpected success and the zoo decided to continue until the end of September.

Night walk in Prague zoo offers chance to see night life of other animals, sleeping herd of antelopes, hear howl of wolves and much more. The tour is every Friday and Saturday in 8.00 p.m. 8,30 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. It takes two hours.

Tours should be reserved in advance because each group can have a maximum of 25 people. The bookings can be done via mail (pr@zoopraha.cz) or using the telephone (296 112 230).

Prague Zoo in the night

Last weekend was the first opportunity to visit Prague Zoological Garden during the night. The visitors could have a look at the animals under the veil of night and gain thus a unique experience. Night visits allow namely the participants of the special tours to have a look at animals that are usually asleep during the day. Not to mention that the whole garden has a completely different atmosphere.

Prague Zoo will open its gates in the evening several more times – more specifically each weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from half past eight, nine o’clock and once more half an hour later. The special tours are led by guides and last approximately two hours. They should be reserved in advance because each group can have a maximum of 25 people. The bookings can be done via mail (pr@zoopraha.cz) or using the telephone (296 112 230). The adult ticket costs 140 crowns and children pay a half of this sum. The price for parking is already included in the entrance fee.

This weekend is bound to be very busy because the night tours will be preceded by a very rich day programme. Saturday is a special day for a young Giraffe girl – she is going to be christened. All children who come with a coupon from ABC magazine will have free entrance. Penguin Humboldt celebrates his tenth birthday on the following day. Both days will certainly be very exciting since they are going to be filled with many competitions.

Romantic musical Thursdays in Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo prepared for these holidays a very varied and interesting programme. After yesterday’s fathers’ day, there is also another additional reason for a visit to the zoo today – or more precisely tonight. The visitors can namely enjoy a concert of Klezmerim band that is to take place in the educational centre of the zoological garden. You may know the band because of their Prague Klezmerim album.

The name of the band, Klezmerim, is derived from Hebrew and means musicians. Their music is purely instrumental and the instruments are the piano, violin, clarinet and the contra bass. The musicians in the audience would also recognise the sound of the guitar and percussion.

The concert represents the highlight of the evening but the pleasant atmosphere can be further strengthened by a poetic walk through the dusky garden with romantic lighting.

Fathers' Day in Prague Zoo

Emu called colloquially “Daddy” (descriptive translation) celebrates his thirty-first birthday tomorrow. Prague Zoo thus prepares a special day – not only for the emu bird but also for all fathers.

Tomorrow is the day when a new tradition called “fathers’ day” starts. All fathers can look forward to getting a discount when buying a ticket – instead of the full price (90crowns) they will only have to pay children’s price (60 crowns). There is also another present to be enjoyed – free beer. Given the current hot weather it will certainly be deeply appreciated.

The objective of the authors of the new tradition is to change the fact that currently it is mostly the mothers or grandmothers who accompany children when visiting the Zoo. Emu “Daddy” will become the “patron” of all fathers as well as of their special day. He can thus hopefully make more fathers to come with their children to enjoy the entertainment in Troja, where the Zoo can be found.