Compact archive February 8, 2006

Does everyone speak English in Prague?

There is an article how many Czechs speaks English in Prague. Look at Erins Prague blog.

Basically, if you come for a short visit and stay in main touristy areas, you won’t have any problems not knowing any of the language. The problem comes in if you need to do some shopping outside a souvenier shop, need directions from an obscure corner of the city, or travel outside Prague at all.


Benedictine monastery and much more

I’ve found great pictures of Benedictine monastery, Prague churches and towers, Vltava river and beautiful panoramas.

Prague is really beautiful, its historical center is very compact and most of the interesting places are within walking distance from each other. Prague is also being called the city of hundred towers referring to its immense number of churches and chapels, do you feel like counting?

You can see them at Quilting in Prague blog.