Compact archive February 27, 2006

Distateful food

Here I found a two stories about food what appeared on a table. I will appreciate any comment.

I can only describe it as a very large piece of meat, accompanied by one lonely broccoli floweret. I’m pretty sure it was pig, although I am not sure exactly what part of the pig it was. I am thinking either the ass or thigh. I became pretty grossed out by the fact that I was eating meat off a bone that had the circumference of my femur.


What can I say, the wrong starter came initially, we ordered Mozzarella but were served with a bowl of greesy brown water with what cameron described as 4 testicles at the bottom with a couple of twigs. Needless to say we sent that away and got our mozzarella. Main Course (or as you will find out on Thursday what turned out to be a Curse) was Trout with potatoes, which wasn’t nice but I decided to eat it anyway seen as I was hungry. Cameron refused to eat his (what looked like) Chicken feet on a stick and had a few bread rolls.