Compact archive April 5, 2006

Czech women's basketbalists wins the European championship

After many years of loosing in final match, this Sunday Czech basketball players from Brno finally won European championship in Samara, Russia. Their victory 68-54 was mostly supported by American Nykesha Sales from WNBA with her 16 point score.

However, this excellent success was weakly mentioned in Czech medias, including television, newspapers or the Internet.
As it looks, Czech sport is focused on man sports, especially football and hockey.

Through Prague with new Porsche for less than 1 Euro

If you expected that the price to rent a luxury car like Porsche came down, I have to disappoint you, the point is elsewhere.

From today Prague transport service company (Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy) start full operation of new Porsche tram in Prague on the line No.3 which connect Modřany and Hloubětín.

So, if you want to experience the ride in Porsche trams, you will catch it near Wenceslas Square – in Vodičkova street. The ride will cost 20CZK (0.7 EUR) and you can ride up to 75 min.


World Synchronized Skating Championship

This year championship was in 30th March-1st April in Prague T-Mobile Arena.

If you even don’t know, as I until Sunday didn’t, what synchronized skating is, there is little explanation: Synchronized skating can be described as combination between figure-skating and traditional synchronized swimming. A team of 20 people exhibits trained choreography set to music. The team creates different figures during few minutes of exhibition, trying to be still synchronized. Team members can be women and men as well.
This is youngest skating sport and gaining growing popularity.

Winner team in Prague championship, from total number of 21 teams, is Finland I. Czechs were unhappy because they’ve only on the 14th place.


Czech economy is rising

About a month ago, the Czech economy hits it’s record growth of GDP. The Czech crown has strenghted against dollar and rating agency Moody’s changed its A1 OUTLOOK of foreign and domestic currency ratings from stable to positive last week.
Czech statistic office has revealed in foreign trade strade of 7.1 miliards crowns (of 308 million dollars). The expectation was bigger, but importance of oil and gas in winter time, has lowered the surplus.

This trend will be in next two months influenced by upcoming elections.