Compact archive April 6, 2006

The end of floods

Water is on many places of Czech Republic still at high level, but meteorologists claim, that there is no danger of rising. Water is decreasing very slowly, but constantly.

There is no danger in spreading bird flu because of floods, but it seems that flood will have extremely increasing effect on mosquito’s population.

Four days was man captured on the island on Dyje river because of floods. He lost 10 kilograms of weight and survived with an empty can from lemonade, a knife and a lighter.


Problem of foreigners with nurseries

This article is describing the problem, which you can have as well, when you are staying in Prague for a longer period of time and you have a small child. State nurseries have different rules of government stipend for Czechs and the others.

Our best guess is that the filtering system so obvious in middle to high school education in Europe gets its start with 3 year old, and that these meetings are designed in part for the director to check out the parents and child and decide if she wants to see them again. It’s a guess only because we didn’t get a chance to hear the regular spiel.
Instead, as we sat down for our meeting, the director said, “Aha, you are the foreigners who visited us during open house. I’m so sorry to tell you but because you are not EU citizens, your daughter probably cannot go to this school.“

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Magic Flute in the Estates Theater

This nice article brings us a description of the Estates Theater with beautiful photos. Then you can also read a rating of Opera.

But I have to say that this Opera was one of the strangest things I have ever seen!! The story wasn’t just sad or depressing or lame but it just made no sense! Elements of story were set up and never paid off. And the chartacters!! OMG. The motivation? I was wondering if Mozart actually wrote the book for these shows or only the music?

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