Compact archive April 7, 2006

Water and photos

An article by one foreigner who is living in Prague describing water rising in Prague. Fortunately water level in Prague was low.

With the warm temps, much of the snow and ice from the winter has begun to melt and flood the Vltava. Maybe it’s because I’m not tuned into the local news media, but there is very little hype about this. There have been some extra barriers put up, but really, no one seems that worried. Apparently this happens every year, and 3 or 4 years ago there were some real bad floods, so this year’s is pretty paltry in comparison.
In any case, the Vltava has flooded, and has provided some interesting photo opportunities.



Biggest Sokol physical training in Prague

Sokol, one of the oldest (150 years) body and mind training organization in the world is preparing themselves for 14th Vsesokolsky slet (All sokol-meeting or literally Falcon fly-together), which is prepared each six years as a presentation of member efforts.

Sokol continues on Ancient Greek tradition of kalokagatia – perfectness of human mind and body with most known motto: In health body, health spirit. So is Sokol free-entering organization based on physical efforts as well as cultural, national and mind development.

14th Vsesokolsky slet is starting on 1st july 2006 in Prague with almost 20,000 exercising members in various


World War II fighter ace honoured

Almost 95 years old fighter ace Frantisek Perina, who as many Czech pilots fought on side of France and later England was honoured just two days before his birthday.
In 2000 he got honorary rank Major General, because of his heroism – he shot down 12 enemy planes during World War II.
Yesterday he got a medal, Chief of Staff Major General Pavel Stefka gave him a replica model Spitfire, and also got a honour sword.