Compact archive April 12, 2006

Some piece of knowledge from Prague

I have found this article describing some tips from Prague. What this author found out during visit of Prague you can see here. It’s interesting from my side, because it’s really long I’ve seen rudeness of Czech people and this thing is described very often by visitors. Maybe I’m so polite to everyone, that they can’t be rude on me. Maybe I’m too tired to see their sour faces ;-)

Does Czechs really have so bad behaviour?

Well, here are what I think are cool observations about the Czech Republic. – They love dogs here. Cute little dogs, in particular, and the fuzzier the better. Long-haired dachsunds abound. The curious thing is how many of them are wearing muzzles. – As soon as the sun comes out, all the girls come out in short, short skirts. Unfortunately, their fashion sense is stuck in the 70’s, and they cover up the legs with really cheap, shimmery pantyhose. C’mon gals, show off those gams. Pasty and white won’t get any better if you don’t let ‘em see the sun.

2nd European Conference of Apidology

There is some invitation for conference in Prague.

It is 10th- 14th September in hotel Pyramida. So if you are interested in bees, please continue here.


Czechs are jealous

This article mostly describes behaving of Czech people: Czech Republic is great but the worst what can Czechs offer are Czechs. An opinion one of visitors is here

So, what’s my beef with them? I don’t want to get into too much detail but the facet I found the most distasteful is the enviousness and avarice I encountered in almost every context of life in Prague. Put simply, when Czechs see that you have money, they immediately assume an attitude of very thinly disguised jealousy. And when they figure out you’re a foreigner to boot, they simply hate you and they don’t even try to disguise it.


A ride without ticket is more dangerous now

Travellers in Prague public transport should buy proper tickets even more than previous. Prague transport service now hired more controllers. Now it is 133 and number should grow to 155. So it it possible that you will be checked more frequently.

Ride without proper ticket will cost you 950 CZK, or when you are willing to pay it just on place only 500 CZK.

So it is cheaper to buy some of many tickets for example at cost 20 CZK 75 minute ride or at cost of 80 CZK 24 hour ride. And believe me, controllers check Czechs as well as foreigners.


To visit Troja

Prague Troja is for tourists attractive as a peaceful place with Prague zoo, botanical garden and Troja chateau. But there is problem with way connecting Troja and rest of Prague. This road is only one and is it thread for fluent transport of Troja visitors and Troja citizens.

But solution offered paradoxly floods. Anti flood mound which could be built this year should offer new way how to get to Troja.
So lets hope that this will be solution for this problem.

Note: If you want to get Prague zoo, than is best way to use bus 122 from metro station Nadrazi Holesovice.
More you can find at pages of Prague zoo.


More tourist in Prague hotels

In year 2005 more tourists visited Prague hotels and hostels than in previous year. It was in year 2005 4,1 millions and this is by 6.3 per cent more than in 2004.

Prague holds first place in tourism in Czech Republic, most of new tourists are foreigners. Tourist now visits more stared hotels like 4-star hotels, than hostels and camps like it was in previous years.


Vlasta Burian on exhibiton of posters

Vlasta Burian Czech voted King of comedians now has an exhibition which includes dozens of posters.

Vlasta Burian mostly playing in movies during First Czechoslovak Republic and World War II is maybe biggest movie star in whole Czech cinematography. Posters with his movies has been exhibited by an private collector Milan Wolf in opportunity of 115th anniversary of Vlasta Burian’s birth.

Unique collection can be seen every Wednesday from 1 to 6 PM in Branicka street 71. There you can see tens of posters and about 150 photos.


City hall versus sprayers

City hall battle against sprayers lasts many years. Now it seems that Prague wins. In year 2002 sprayers damaged in Prague6 35 per cents of buildings. In 2005 it is only 4 per cents. Prague hall decided for hard action against sprayers and their “creations”. When sprayer paint a building, Prague magistrate deletes their work in 24 hours. Sprayers have no chance to show their work for public and one of their strongest motivations is away.

In Prague is sprayers community in number of 300 firmly connected to music genre of hip-hop. As one ex-sprayers says, people are spraying because of bore and Adrenalin of being caught. Sprayers and his work is very similar to exhibitionism. Sprayers are mostly males in age of sixteen with no or small sexual experience and spraying is a way how to shock a public.

Now sprayers in Prague have more problems to make their “art” in public places. Prague washes their work with water, uses chemicals or simple repainting. Where it is possible, like buildings which are not monuments, anti-sprayer paint is used. This makes facade easy to clean just with wet sponge. Painting the trains or another parts of public transport is now very hard, because depots are protected with guards and camera systems. And after all, when sprayer is caught he will have serious problems with law: the spraying is valued as a crime.


Wenceslas square will be changed

Traffic on Wenceslas square, as well as on it’s surrounding will be changed. Prague City hall decided how will look square in ten years.

Parking lots disappear, arterial will be removed behind National museum and trams will connect Wenceslas square and Vinohradska street. Green will be added and square will offer more space for pedestrians than cars.

Parking lots should be underground, National museum will have free breath, because two parts of choking arterial will be removed and this will also offer better access for visitors of museum and exhibits as well ass whole building will be in better safe. This project is also connected with Prague transport circuit around city. This will shift main amount of traffic out of city.
Trams as a connection between Kralovske Vinohrady and New Town will continues at least to Jindrizska and Vodickova street.

The time for changes is expected to ten years and cost to two billions CZK.