Compact archive April 13, 2006

Political challenge in old style

Prime minister Jiri Paroubek (CSSD) challenged Mirek Topolanek (ODS), leader of strongest opposition party on duel in time of coming elections. Paroubek used old style: He send a message of challenge to political debates in medias send by historically dressed delegates in historical chariot. They arrived to office of ODS and offer to Topolanek weapons: Sword, pistols and election programme. Delegates also brought recommendation of Paroubek to Topolanek to choose election programme.

Leader of Civic democrats (ODS) didn’t want to react, then he accepted. All it was happened because Paroubek says that Topolanek avoids Paroubek’s challenges, but Topolanek refused this accusation.

“This kind of challenge is little bit a fun,” says Paroubek.
But challenge was accepted. Fortunately Topolanek truly chose election programme as a weapon – otherwise there would be chance to lose one or two of strongest politicians at Czech scene.


National theatre will be repaired

Historical building of National theatre in Prague needs to be repaired. Facade is heavily damaged by cars with their exhaust gas and vibrations. Damaged is not only coat but the wall itself.

Repairs will start this or next year and first repaired part will be Northern side in direction to Café Slavia. Building is not repaired in one time because of traffic, which leads next to theatre.

Second repaired thing are statues and sculptures. Many of them were in wrecking state. some of them are restored but some of them still wait for repair. They are statues Dance, History, Poetry and sculpture Drama in total cost of 650 000 CZK.


Tourists left in Prague 90 billions last year

Prague brings about 80 per cents of this amount. Capital has some aspects that can make a city attractive. Tomio Akamura from Association of Czech travel agencies says that it is two aspects. First: If city want to be world famous it has to have water in centre like river, lake or sea. And second: Streets of Old Town. It is unique in the world that you can walk on Prague King road an hour and you are still in medieval town.

Moderate Prague tourist spends 120 dollars a day, the biggest amount spend Japanese – 147 dollars, second are Russians, third are Israelis. Biggest part of this cost is pay for a hotel.

Very popular as a souvenir is now Czech garnet.


Olympic games in Prague?

Prague mayor Pavel Bem, who supports idea of Olympic games in Prague for long time comes with proposal to make plebiscite not only for citizens of Prague, but for all people of Czech Republic. Bem thinks that Olympic games in Prague is question for whole Czech Republic. This idea is supported by research, that making OG will require changes in whole Czeh Republic, especially in traffic.

The Olympic games could be earliest in Prague in years 2016 or 2020. All requirements will cost 135 billions CZK, when all indirect expense is calculated 600 billions CZK. Positives for tourism are on the other hand obvious.


Biggest archaeological research is finished

Archaeologists finished biggest research in history of Czech archeology. This research was in center of Prague at namesti Republiky square in area of former barracks. There will be built new commercial zone and most important buildings of archaeological research will be component of the zone.

The area has a size of Old Town Square and research took three years. Archaeologists found three Romans palaces of different types. All three buildings are conserved and visitors of commercial center will be able to see it. This buildings was destroyed shortly after build because building of new wall to protect young Prague. Only basement left for next generations. This palace is biggest roman palace found in Czech Republic. Most interesting part is roman toilet. Why? Because in later times during medieval, toilets does not exists: even aristocrats hadn’t this equipment. There was found putamen of lime what shows fast trade contacts with world.

In addition, archaeologist found about five millions of artifacts. Among them is for example ring from 12th century with Hebrew inscription, medieval scissors or rest of maybe oldest glassed window in Bohemia lands.