Compact archive April 19, 2006

Prague islands on Vltava river will change

Vltava river has seven islands in Prague with different purposes and content. Some of them will change face on account of next floods.

Slovansky (or Zofinsky, “Slavic”) island has new anti flood equipment including barriers.
Strelecky (“Shooting”) island will have only current restaurant and park.
Stvanice island should be mostly revitalized. It is panned to build park, sport ground. Ice stadium and tennis-court still.
Cisarsky (“Emperor”) island will remove colony of gardens and cottages, sewage disposal plant will be extended by one third. Remain of park and riding club will continue its existence.

Rohan and Liben islands are not islands technically, but still they are in small level above the river. Concreting plant will be demolished, there would be park and recreation place. Golfers, gardens and bazaar should disappear.


New Prague cycle track

Prague has new bicycle lane. Yesterday was officially opened by vice-mayor of Prague Jan Bürgermeister. On bike, of course. The lane is about two and half kms long and starts in centre of Prague near Rudolfinum and leads on quay to Libensky bridge. There can bikers continue to north to Roztoky or to east to Kyje.

The bicycle lane was officially opened in these days because of floods in last weeks. Now it leads on side-walk, cobblestones and one part of lane is next to an old batching plant and new building site, where will be a park and a recreation place.
But all this imperfections will be removed.

Prague counts with 34 millions Czech crowns in year 2006, which will be used to build bicycle lanes in Prague. That is in comparison with last year with 18 millions CZK huge difference. But there is still problem with travelling on bicycle in Prague: Most of lanes are for trips, but get to some place in Prague on bike is still a problem.

Longest cycle tracks have from 13 to almost 27 kilometers. This one leads from National Theater through Karlin, Hrdlorezy, Kyje, Dolni Pocernice and Dubec to Kralovice.


Changes of metro intervals

Metro is changing intervals. Intervals will be shorten in weekday evening on A and B line from 10 minutes to 6-7,5 minutes in time between 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.
On the other hand metro interval will be extended in weekend
morning until 7 A.M. to ten minutes on each line.

Changes on B and C line are immediate, A line will make changes at the end of April, after testing new Skalka – Depo Hostivar sector.