Compact archive April 20, 2006

Unique comics of Milada Horakova

Milada Horakova, one of heroes of modern Czech history, was unjustly incriminated, judged and executed by Communistic regime in 1950. Many famous people, notably Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill or Eleanor Roosevelt, petitioned for her life, but in spite of this the sentence was confirmed and she was hanged on June 27, 1950. Now, after many years, was for Czech historians big surprise that there was an comics written and published in USA describing her hard life and manipulated trial, where she was as enemy of communism sentenced to death.

This comic book you can see at iDnes. Don’t worry about Czech language, if you click at pictures you can read original English text.

More about Milada Horakova you can read at Wikipedia.

Prague is second most beautiful city

Public inquiry was made at six abroad travel fairs. 2500 informants was asked by company Stem/Mark and they answer, that Prague is most beautiful city after Paris.

Prague is even most beautiful for people who Prague visited not yet. Ninety per cent of them want to visit it. 98 per cent who already did, says that they like it in Prague.

This year can be Prague attractive for tourist on account of 250th anniversary of birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Prague is also planning to attract tourists out of main places like Troja or Vysehrad.


Memorial of Unknown Pig

New statue will be build at Andel pedestrian zone in centre of Smichov. City hall of Prague 5 will make this statue called Memorial of Unknown Pig as a memorial for all people who drop litter to places, where they shouldn’t. It is part of campaign against black dumping grounds.

Sculpture will be made from old refrigerators, kitchen-stoves and other dump. Capacity and weight of statue will be same as is amount of litter dropped in Prague 5 at wrong place in one day. It is about 3 tons a day. There will be also photographs showing creating and expanding of black dumping grounds.

Sculpture will be made at night between 26th and 27th April.

Bigbeat megaconcert at Letna

This concert will be on 1st May and this happening is made in protest at communism. It is because in last years, Letna plain on 1st May was place where gathered friends of Communistic party.

You can hear and see on concert performers like Aneta Langerova, Hana Hegerova, Hudba Praha, Skyline? Laura and her tigers, Ivan Hlas and more. Performers are playing for free.

Action is called “1st May without communists forever” and there will be with concert projections of thematic documentary films, exhibition of photos or workshops.

It is expected about 15 000 visitors. Admission free.