Compact archive April 21, 2006

Eurofighter box match

If you are fan of box, you could not miss “boxing day” in Prague. Evening full of box will expect you 9th May at 6 P.M. in Sazka Arena.
Boxers will fight for EBU Championship WBO and championship of Czech Republic.

Main fight will be match between Lukas Konecny (CZ) and Humberto Aranda (Costarica) for Intercontinental – Championship WBO. You can also see boxers Rudolf Kraj and Ladislav Kutil and more.

Cost of tickets is from 95 CZK to 3990 CZK for platinum seats.
Tickets can be purchased at or at every terminal of Sazka.


James Blunt in Prague

James Blunt in Prague 2008 here

James Blunt, young British star will play in Prague.
His album Back to Bedlam is now in top ten most sold albums of world, more than six millions people bought it. He awarded two BRIT AWARDS.

Concert will be at unique place of Prague castle in Lumbe’s garden 2 under open sky, on 18th July 2006.
You can get tickets at Ticketstream. Tickets are available as for an opening price of 450 CZK (only the first 1000 tickets). The maximum price for standing tickets is only 550 CZK (day of show, if any tickets are left!). Due to the prestigious venue, the audience capacity will be strictly limited! People should buy early.

Concert in Prague is part of world tour with places like Australia, Japan, USA, Mexico and Europe.


Centre will be protected by more policemen

Touristic season is coming and Prague will raise number of policemen in centre from 250 to 300.

Biggest problem is small criminality like pickpocketing, street exchange, begging, of disturbing in night. Street exchange is dangerous for people unfamiliar with Czech banknotes. It can happen, that exchanger will sell you for example old Bulgarian banknotes instead of Czech.

Most guarded places will be tourist attractive places like King Road, Old Town Square, Celetna street, Wenceslas square or Narodni street.

But policemen can’t be simply relocated from one part of Prague to another-thy will have to make overtimes.


Prague Spring without a famous conductor

Wiener philharmonic concert, will not be directed by renowned conductor Zubin Mehta in terms of his illness.

Program won’t be changed – you can hear Mozart symphony D major “Prague”, Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, with solo vocal part by Romanian soprano Ildiko Raimondi. This part part of Prague spring on 13th May, played in Smetana hall of Municipal house will be directed by front Austrian conductor Leopold Hager.

Leopold Hager is Mozart expert and is leader conductor in Wiener Volksoper. He conduct in recent years Don Giovanni in the Estates Theater in Prague or led Symphonic Orchestra of Capital City of Prague FOK.

Prague Spring starts in 20 days. 11th May – 3rd June 2006


Toll in Prague centre in 2008

Prague wants to fight against cars in centre of Prague. In 2008 starts testing project in historical part, in 2010 will be toll payed in whole central part of Prague.

It is not clear, how will be toll payed, there are more possibilities. like chips, satellite, or like in London through SMS, phone or the Internet. Model of toll in city centre was taken from London, where tolls are payed three years.

There is about 150 000 of cars in reserve of historical monuments and registered number of cars in Prague raised from 336 000 in 1990 to double in 2005.

It is clear that entering into centre will be much cheaper for inhabitants of centre, but precise numbers are not known at all.


50 CZK banknotes ends, coins will be ususal

Red 50 CZK, will be printed no more. Czech national bank ends printing, because it is less than three and half years, than Czech Republic will use euro. Therefore 50 CZK banknotes, as they will be used, they will be replaced by coins, which Czech national bank has large reserves.

If you are not familiarize with them, there are official information about them on CNB pages.

50 CZK banknotes will slowly disappear, as it is now with 20 CZK. They are rare now.


Angels of pedestrians and bikers

If you walked yesterday on zebra crossing, you could see an angel. Traffic in Prague was yesterday guarded by 32 angels with white wings and a respirator. They guarded selected communications and crossroads and they was crossing with pedestrians.

When you asked an angel, he or she simply answered:” I’m guarding angel of pedestrians and bikers and today I will rarely look after you.”

This action was made like reaction on dangerousness of some crossroads and zebra crossings and they want to give to drivers thing to think about their rude behaviour on roads. 61 pedestrians and bikers were killed last year, that is more by nine per cent than in year 2004.