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Prague guide

There is some blog of a traveller, greatly describing his way through Prague. There are some nice photos too. His way attracts at Palacky bridge he continues at Parizska street and ends on old Town Square.

At the top of “Paris Street” is the entrance into the magnificent Old Town Square, and I cannot describe how much I loved this part of Prague – as you walked into the entrance on the right hand side you were dwarfed by the stunning St. Nicolas Church, further to the right you could see the small market which gave away the smell of malted wine, candles and hot dogs – next to the market are two small stalls that sold food and hot malted wine, which was perfect if you needed to warm yourself up.

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Zetor Tractors celebrates 60th anniversary

Jede traktor
je to Zetor
jede do hor
orat brambor

(A tractor rides, it is Zetor, it rides to mountains plough potatoes.) says a song from Czech music band Vysací Zámek.

Zetor company, making tractors has 60th birthday. This specialized part of automobile industry was in former Czechoslovakia at world top level. Even 30 000 tractors were made in one year in best years. Most of them were exported and it is very interesting that in times, where was no freedom of trade with abroad, most of tractors were sold into Western world, not communistic East. It was because Zetors were hi-tech goods in there times and it was profitable to sold them to rich west.

Zetor has great history. Even Che Guevara, most known hero of revolution has a photo, where he sits at Zetor. Pub in Finland has name Zetor and in some Near east states word “zetor” replaced common word “tractor”.

Zetor almost was bankrupt in 1999, but new investor turn it. Now produces 6000 tractors a year, two new models will be built in next months and this year company wants to reach 3 per cent quota at USA market in middle output class. Gap in production of higher class is planned to be removed.


Basketball Final Four 2006 in FIVE days

Final Four, match of four best teams of European league starts this Friday at Prague Sazka Arena. Every year is tournament in different country and city. This year it is Czech Republic and Prague. Sazka arena is very well prepared. Year and a half of preparations and fifty millions CZK is cost for organisation Ceska sportovni (Czech sporting), which put together “biggest European basketball holiday”.

Although tournament is in Prague it was impossible to hope that Czech team will get to it. Basketball is not sport no.1 in CZ, so financial support is many times lesser than in another European countries. Best four are MACCABI TEL AVIV (Israel) and TAU CERAMICA (Spain) – first match, CSKA MOSKVA (Russia) and FC BARCELONA (Spain) – second match.

Ceska sportovni had to make a lot for this tournament: Let make and buy special equipment, adjust beds and showers for tall player or be prepared to set optimal temperature in hall and in dressing-rooms. It makes Final Four in Prague best equipped and prepared of all previous FF. It makes fastest sales of all too.

It was expected and now it is clear, that most visitors are abroad, especially from Greek and Israel. From total amount of 15 000 tickets rests 200 classic tickets and 50 top sites. Every tickets are sold in “packs” – tickets for every matches sold together. Price starts at 2 300 CZK and TOP VIP costs 42 000 CZK.

If you want to buy them, then continue to site of Sazkaticket.
Every other information should be at Ceska sportovni pages or at Euroleague sites.


Barrandov studios - future No.1 in moviemaking

Barrandov studios will expand. 4 000 square meters of new movie studio complex will make Barrandov studios second biggest studios in Europe and first in technical support. New complex will have soundproof premises, which Europe biggest studio – London Pinewood hasn’t.

Foundation-stone was set 20th April. Total cost of complex is more than one hundred thousands Czech crowns. This will be addition to original part from 1933 and three complexes built in time of Protectorate Czech and Moravia, where Czechoslovakia was taken by Hitler’s Germany.

Prague is very popular destination for movie makers, because here is very good technical and personal support with leading of Barrnadov studios, and it is much cheaper to travel from Hollywood to Czech Republic, shoot from movie as much as it gets and travel back, than do the whole movie in USA. In additional, Czech Republic has very much from intact history than other countries, so it is best place to make historical movies like From Hell with Johny Depp or Napoleon with Gerard Depardieu. Now is shoot James Bond in Prague and many other movies were and will be shoot.


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500 millions CZK for tram repairs this year

Reconstructions are awaited in Prague public transport. Modernization of fifty five trams will cost 412 millions CZK. This extend their lifetime for twenty years. It is much cheaper than buying new ones. Only seven new trams could be bought at same cost. Nevertheless Prague Public Transport Company wants buy new 20 trams to the end of year 2007.

Rest of investment will be used to repair big tram crossroads Ohrada, Palmovka and Vapenka. It is expected that repairs will start in summer, when is traditionally low traffic during holiday.


Styrsky auction record

Paintings of Czech author of surrealism, Jiri Styrsky was sold for record in Styrsky paintings 8,6 millions CZK. Until now most expensive Styrsky picture was Black Pierot auctioned off for five millions CZK. Starting price of new record picture named Circus Simonette and painted in 1928 was 2,8 millions CZK .

Auction was in Hilton hotel in Prague made by Gallery Art Prague. Second record was total profit from a sell of all Styrky pictures. It was 25,7 millions CZK.

Little happy hippo

Prague zoo has a new member: Little hippopotamus was born in Thursday night. Gender is not known, because it’s mother Maruska keeps her baby very well. It is her third young one, two previous one unfortunately did not survive. First in year 2004 was born dead, second one died a day after birth last year. Third one looks very hopefully and it is kept away from father Slavek, only with mother in their pond.

Maruska was born in Ostrava zoo in 1999, and it is common that first and second birth of hippo, which isn’t in group of experienced hippos, is not successful. Father Slavek is 21 years old and this young is his thirteen.

Pavilion of pachyderms was closed this weekend, caretakers wanted calmness for mother and little one.