Compact archive April 25, 2006

Prague's magic

There is another review about Prague. This traveler was in Prague for a week, so it is more colourful, I hope.

Prague is also a walking city, as my swollen feet can testify. Just get out of your hotel and walk, walk, walk. As I told Beloved, next time round I’ll bring a foot fetishist along. This was met with much indignation and sulking. We finally compromised – I got a foot rub after washing my feet and promising not to stuff my stinky socks in his face. Ah, love.

Rest of article is traditionally here.

Into metro with a bike

1st May means changes in transport of bikes in metro. Until now bikers had only one place where they can be with a bike – at last decking of last vehicle. There could be only two bikes.

Now two bikes can be transported at last decking of each vehicle. It means that one train can transport up to ten bikes. It is recommended, that bike should be at right side of metro next to the doors. But be warned that three stations – Hlavni nadrazi (Main station), Vysehrad and Rajska Zahrada are opening doors at right side.

Still you can’t ride on bike in metro area, you have to care about your surrounding, especially on stair and in time of aboard and exiting train.


Pearl Jam in Prague

Pearl Jam starts a world tour in May shortly after new album with single World Wide Suicide. Jam starts in Canada and it will visit Europe in time of summer holiday. They will visit Czech Republic 22th September 2006.

Pearl Jam is a legend of grunge style and from their start in year 1991 with album Ten they became one of most known bands with sixty millions sold albums. The new one is eight in a row and fans had to wait four years.

Pearl Jam visit in Prague this September is third one in Prague. First was in year 1996 with album No Code, in year 2000 it was Binaurual.

This time they will play in Sazka Arena. Tickets are not yet available, I will inform you.


Czech Republic has most stealers in Europe

It was stolen stolen in total 920 billions CZK in shops in last year In Europe Union. 13 billions was stolen in Czech Republic. Signal indicator is a per cent showing amount of stolen revenue.

Most of it has Czech Republic and Slovakia with 1,4 per cent. On a third place is Great Britain with 1,38. Smallest number of cost of stolen things has Germany with 1,07 and Austria with 0,95.

From Czech 13 billions customers stole 6 billions, employees 4,2 billions and suppliers stole 750 millions CZK. Rest of amount is because of errors inside of companies.

Most stolen is in Czech Republic electronics, alcohol, cosmetics or clothes. Favourite season for stealer is time before Christmas. Stealing is in some cases organised and they even use kids for stealing.


Zizkov celebrates

Today it is exactly 125 years when Zizkov was promoted to a town. It became in May 1881 by emperor Franz Joseph I. Zizkov has in that time more than 19 thousands citizens and was one of biggest municipality in Bohemia.

It is because tradition says that municipality can’t become town (city, ham or how could I name it) when it wants. In past, every municipality was just village, until ruler didn’t accept a suggestion to promote village to town. Town had many advantages and privileges what village hadn’t. It was honour to become a town. Even now, village has to fulfil a lot of conditions if it wants to be a town.

Celebrations of Zizkov starts on 22nd May and ends at the end of a week. As a part of celebrations you can get trough Zizkov in historical tram, to see ride of vintage cars, special football (soccer) match or lighting a Zizkov television broadcaster. It is also planned reconstruction of historical moment in 1881 and discussion about history of Zizkov with screen of historical materials.