Compact archive April 26, 2006

Charles IV. exhibition is sold out

Exhibition Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God is hopelessly sold out. Exhibition was very popular last year in New York Metropolitan museum, where had 170.000 visitors.

Interest about the exhibition in Prague is the same. Precisely, it is so popular that all tickets were sold two months before the end of the exhibition. 67.700 people have seen it and about 32.000 is awaited. The exhibition is from 16th February to 21st May.

Limited number of tickets is because there is a limit of daily visitors, because many of artifacts are fragile and even human heat or vapour from breath can damage them in such big amount.

It is impossible to length the exhibition because of contracts – many exhibits have to be returned or moved to other exhibitions. Exhibits come from many museums and states. Maybe the opening hours will be extended, but it is not certain. Now there is only one small chance how to visit the exhibiton: wait until someone will return their ticket or will lose their reservation. But it is rare.

Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God is showing culture and art in the reign of the last Luxembourgs 1347-1447. Charles IV. was Czech king and one of greatest Emperors of Europe, his work in Bohemia is still astounding: Charles Bridge, New Town, Karlstejn, Charles university and much more was built. He made Bohemia and Prague greatest, modern and prosper places from all Europe in these days. That’s why Charles IV. was voted as Biggest Czech by the Czech people.

Still, there are many following actions, and they can be visited without any problem. You can visit writings about Charles IV. and his family with many precious books from Archives of Czech Crown. It is unique too, because such a big exhibition hasn’t been made since the year 1978. Or you can visit the exhibition about every-day culture of Prague in the 14th century. There are some actions especially for kids. Another option is to visit the Haptic Exhibition. Many actions are also out of the city at castles. Try visiting Karlstejn, Krivokat or Tocnik.

More information about Charles IV. – Emperor by The Grace of God and accompanying events you can find on Official pages.


Students help policemen

Symbiosis between Prague police and students will be this summer again. This cooperation will be this year for the sixth time. Students will help with translation and they will supply information to tourist.

Prague uses mobile standpoints, where everybody can use the services of a policeman or a student. More than 14 000 tourists used this service last year. The number of mobile standpoints is increased every year. You can find 32 specially modified wagons in Prague this season.

Students work every weekend until July, during of school holiday every day from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. They have better salary than usual summer job (80 CZK per hour) and they have to be good in English or German and to know Prague very well. Thanks to this policemen have more time to do their job in Prague streets.


Book World Prague

This year it is 12th year of Book World, International Book Fair at traditional place – Prague Vystaviste (“Exhibiton grounds”) at Holesovice. It is from 4th to 7th May 2006 and central exposition is Latvia focused on Literatures of the North.

It is for professional as well for ordinary readers. Festival offers

numerous programmes for visitors: professional seminars and conferences, meetings with writers, author readings, presentations by publishers, and awards ceremonies for outstanding publishing and creative achievements. On a humorous note, the Translators Guild presents the annual Rack Anti-award—a prize for the worst translation of a foreign work into Czech.

4th May is reserved for press and for trade professionals. This day is entrance fee for visitors is 120,- CZK. From 5th to 7th standard admission for one day is 90 CZK. Children in age 6-18, seniors and students pays 45 CZK. Friday ans Saurday is opened from 9AM to 7PM, Sunday has opened from 9 AM to 6 PM.

More information you can find at official pages.

Rohan island will become more attractive

Rohan island, island which is not technically island, because is fully connected with a land, will change it’s face. Many years there was rest of old, now unused industrial zone with a batching plant as a most ugly part of unsightly part of inner Prague. Parking lots as an another part aren’t much better.

Now are anti-flooding measures complete for this part of the city and Rohan island may become better place. “Prague quarters Maniny, Karlin and Liben cam become modern parts of city with recreational green,” says director of Development Department of capital city of Prague Svetlana Kubikova.

It is planned to built at Rohan island flats with sports facility like swimming pools and with administrative buildings along waterfront main road.

Petrin attractions will be closed tomorrow

Two most known attractions at Petrin hill will be closed 26th April. It is Mirror Maze and Petrin lookout tower. These attractions are closed because of closed water supply.

Day after tomorrow both of them will be opened normally – from 10 AM to 9PM.
Third attraction- Stefanik observatory is opened as well as rest of the hill including a funicular.

Here are some photos of Petrin Hill.