Compact archive April 27, 2006

Memorial at Vitkov hill as a theater

The memorial at Vitkov hill looks more like a tomb than a memorial. And in fact is was. There embalmed body of communistic president Klement Gottwald was kept there as an reflection of Lenin corpse in Moscow Mausoleum. Unfortunately (or luckily) the corpse had to be buried, because embalming was made wrongly.

And this place, this crypt, where is even in hottest days cold as in the winter, this place will for some days from 16th May will be transformed into the theater. Each play will be at a different place, and even visitors can get to places which are not normally accessible.

A group of young artists named “Depressive Kids Deserving for Money” will use this space of memorial as a part of play.
You can see a performance by the German author Deya Loher Third Sector, Edgar Allan Poe’s game The Fall of the House of Usher, third will be a performance by Thomas Bernhard and last bu not least will be Caligula by Albert Camus.

Members of parliament suggest honours

Members of the Parliament suggested to the president 31 personalities for medals. Other important persons could be nominated by citizens through the Senate.

Members agreed on well known names. Jaroslava Moserova, a politician, a translator, a doctor and an unsuccessful candidate for president seat was suggested for Decoration of T.G.Masaryk (first president and founder of Czechoslovakia) in memoriam as well as other nine people, one of them in memoriam too.

Skier and winner of 30 kilometers run at Olympic games 2006 Katerina Neumannova with Vladimir Korner, scenarist and writer (for example the book about the life of doctor and humanist Jan Jesenius – Doctor of Dying Time) are suggested for Distinguished Service Medal.

However, the president Vaclav Klaus need not abide with their suggestions.

Art Nouveau in the Municipal House

Municipal house is one of the greatest examples of Art Nouveau in architecture. From April 26 to September 3, 2006 you can visit the exhibition called Art Nouveau in Croatia which is showing more than 1 000 exhibits.

They illustrate themes from architecture, painting, sculpture, graphic art, graphic design and artist crafts, which include furniture, metal, ceramics and glass design and the fashion of the time.

Admission is 100 CZK for adults, reduced (for students, seniors atc.) is 50 CZK. It is opened daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can to find out more about this exhibition at official pages.


Member of parliament was attacked

Parliamentarian Jiri Dolejs was attacked yesterday night. Vice chairman of Communistic Party Bohemia and Moravia was ambushed by three men when he was returning home.

Dolejs was knocked down and attackers were kicking him. Whole attack was about ten minutes long. Most injured is his right eye, which is swollen so much, that can’t be examined yet.

This attack was probably politically motivated, because attackers shouted things like “communistic pig”, and even worse. Dolejs was not robbed. Probably attackers waited for him.

Prague concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers is sold out

Concert of Red Hots on 16th June is sold out.

After ten years of waiting Czech fans will see and most importantly hear this renowned band. Their most famous arrangement with guitar player John Fruiscante, singer Anthony Kiedis, bass-guitarist Flea and drummer Chad Smith will come with albs Californication, By The Way and newest Stadium Arcadium.

Only hope how to get a ticket is to wait for some cancelled or uncollected reservation. But there is almost no chance.


Return of gas lamps

Gas lamps once were in Prague streets. And now lamps are returning. Light in old style is different from modern electric lamps and with old design of standards it gives more romance to Prague. Especially by night.

First gas lamps after 20 years appeared again in 2002. Now you can find them in Michalska, Vejvodova, Melantrichova and Uhelny trh streets. Big lamp-post will be functional in some days at Hradcanske square. It has to be repaired and restored. This one and another two-at Loretan street and Drazickeho square- look more like sculptural group than lamp-standard.

A light from gas lamps was possible after the restoration of gas pipelines at Celetna street and it is planned that whole King road will be under light of gas.

Another scandal of Czech Football league

Czech Football league decorated with corruption of referees, has a new scandal. Yesterday was the match between Slavia Prague and Slovan Liberec was an unbelievable process. THe whole team of Slavia abandoned the football pitch during standard playing time in the 69th minute. This happened for the last time in Czech football league history 86 years ago.

Their leave from the pitch was made as protest against referee Jaroslav Jara, who disqualified in 60th minute one Slavia player and in 68th another plus he ordered to kick a penalty. Liberec scored. After few moments the leading of Slavia sent it’s players to dressing-room.

Referee Jara didn’t know how to solve this situation, because there is no rule what to do, when whole the team exits the football pitch. Liberec players were ready to give thanks to audience and went home, but Slavia players returned after 20 minutes. Match was finished, Liberec won 3:1.

Slavia’s protest will be investigated, as well as punishment for Slavia and it’s behavior. Slavia accepted defeat, but they can’t accept referee Jara’s directing .


New law against the rowdies

Rowdies on sport matches, mostly football or ice hockey, will have to calm down. The new law is much harder than former one. Standard disorderliness is punished by condition. But rowdyism on sport matches will be now punished much harder.

Czech rowdies become more and more aggressive. Vandalism and violence is unforunately more frequent. On April 2004 fans of Banik Ostrava pulverized Zlin stadium for total cost 250 000 CZK. In year 2003 a fan of Bohemians got to football pitch and hit a referee with his fist.

Now hooligans can even have prohibited entrance to all matches to the rest of theis lifes or they can be imprisoned for two years. Camera systems on stadiums are more frequent and this will help to identify rioters, when they break the law and recognize them when they wants to get to stadium and it is prohibited for them.


DNA tests without agreement

Samples of DNA can be taken from convicted offenders, people under protective treatment, accused or suspected people without their permission. The House of Parliament accepted this proposal with agreement of all parties.

There will be some limitations. DNA can be taken from suspected only with agreement of a public prosecutor. Minister of the interior says that DNA tests will be used only in case of relevant crimes.
It is not planned to make a database of all citizens of the Czech Republic.

This change will make investigation faster and more effective. Other changes are for example preventive using of handcuffs or forced taking of fingerprints.


All dead swans had bird flu H5N1

Each of twelve dead swans had H5N1 type of virus, which is dangerous and also deadly for humans. Swans were found between 27th March and 14th April in southern Bohemia in the area of the Vltava river.

Tests are known once only now, because have to be done in more steps. Firstly, a bird has to be found and transported into a specialised veterinary. Secondly, veterinary identifies if the dead bird could be killed by bird flu. Thirdly, laboratory identifies, that the bird was killed by a bird flu of specific type like H5. And finally fourth, lab identifies the virus precisely – H5N1.

2288 dead birds were examined in the Czech Republic at the beginning of April. Only swans were infected. So there is no fear that Czech poultry, even from controlled zones can be contaminated.