Compact archive May 2, 2006

A woman was beaten by policeman

Katerina Jacques, number two of Green Party at Prague and the head of the government’s human rights section was beaten by policeman when she was protesting against neo-Nazi demonstration.

It is hard to describe it objectively, investigation is still on the way and results will be maybe at the end of this week, but there is some info.

Yesterday Katerina Jacques with friends, her kids and party colleagues followed ultra-right movement National Resistance demonstration march with anti-Nazi banner.

The rest of an incident is not same. There is police version and version by Jacques and their friends.

Jacques says that she was attacked by furious policeman and brutally arrested, the police says that Jaques didn’t obey police order and she had to be arrested with force.

Here are links to English-written articles of this case.
Czech News Agency – Ceske noviny
Radio Prague
A video of this incident by British lists -Michal Vlk
Photos of this incident by Michal Vlk

Interior Minister Frantisek Bublan says that the policeman was set off duty and Bublan says that policeman behaviour was most probably inadequate.


Prague news 2nd May

Twelve Prague fountains and drinking posts are functional from yesterday. Consumption of water is more than 10 000 cubic meters and total cost is two millions Czech Crowns a year.

Two agamas zajsanas was hatched in Prague Zoo. These little lizards lives only in surrounding of threatened Zajsan lake in Kazachstan.

Five meters high Mozart’s bust will be temporarily raised tomorrow about at 6 P.M. at Letna on place where a huge statue of Stalin once was. It is part of celebration of 250th W.A.Mozart birth anniversary. You can see there fragments of Mozart’s work and more.

New champion of Czech Football League is FC Slovan Liberec. A draw with team of Most was enough to win the cup. They won two rounds before the end of league.


1st May in Prague

Late evening, on the first of May
-The twilit May – the time of love.
Meltingly called the turtle-dove,
Where rich and sweet pinewoods lay.
-Karel Hynek Macha

1st May is in Czech Republic Day of Lovers (more than cold st.Valentine’s day) as well as world-wide Labour Day. But it looks like that all political parties continues in a tradition of communistic days- to connect this day with a political meeting and presentation of their party.

So in time when girls were kissed under blooming cherry-trees, Communistic Party of Czech and Moravia has a meeting near Krizik fountain at the morning, as well as Czech Social Democratic Party in the afternoon, Green Party, Christian Democrats and Civic Democrats were guests at Letna (more at this article).

You can also find two announced demonstrations in Prague streets.
The first were members of the National Resistance, ultra-right association, the second were traditional enemies of skin-heads – Anarchists of with their anti-Nazi banners and watchwords.

About 300 people on an each side were surrounded during march by police cordon. Places common for march of both groups were strictly separated. Thanks to police work, no battle between two groups of radical was possible- only some tomatoes or empty plastic bottles flew in the air.

Air tickets almost for free

Smart Wings and SkyEurope are two biggest low cost air companies acting in Czech Republic. Their competition war between them has a big positive influence to customer’s pockets.

SkyEurope lowered cost of a ticket to 290.- CZK without taxes.
Smart Wings has a good answer for challenger’s move: Their cost is 190.- CZK. But SkyEurope don’t surrender.

A newest offer of SkyEurope is for customers almost unbelievable. Every flight, which Smart Wings cancel, Sky Europe will as a compensation offer flight at same destination for 1,- CZK. Customers will have to pay only airport charge. It is reaction for some cancelled Smart Wings flights in April and May.

Smart Wings as a reaction did the same-free flight if SkyEurope cancels one of their flights. A Press Secretary of SkyEurope says, that this offer is useless, because SkyEurope won’t cancel a single flight.

Official pages of Smart Wings and SkyEurope.


Mercury in metro

About 1,5 deciliters of mercury was found in a metro station I.P. Pavlova yesterday morning at about 9 AM. It was in an entry of a metro station. The station was for two hours closed, metro trains didn’t stop at the station.

Specialized fire brigade found out that an unknown substance is mercury and firemen started to vacuum mercury with a specialized device-a vacuum pump. Than the place was decontaminated.

Amount of mercury was at large area, because passengers kicked in mercury into large space. Mercury as only one liquid metal makes large drops which lay on a surface or they can easily roll on it. Mercury is a toxic substance by swallow, breathing mercury vapours or by simply touch.

Police has a suspect for crime of a public threat. An investigation continues, witnesses are questioned, because a camera system don’t cover an area where mercury was spilt.